Hunters Insight is an experience scroll in Guild Wars, I’m not actually egotistical enough to suggest I’m insightful. Really I’m just a gamer trying to relieve some boredom. I’ve had blogs before, and enjoy blogging.

I used to read mmorpg blogs hoping they’d mention my favourite game, Guild Wars, but blogs were few and far between for it. LiveJournal’s collective didn’t really fulfill my needs. I’ve seen how good blogs about other online games can be, and while I can’t promise the same quality, I’ll try.

Contact me by leaving a comment on this page.

Yes. my hair is messy.


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  1. Hi, I messaged you a few days ago, but thought I would try again in case you didn’t see it or if you did and just deleted it, another shot.

    I’m looking for advertising for my new forum GW2Versus.com which features a full list of server forums and concentrates on PvP and World vs World.

    We just opened last week and are looking for exposure, so please let me know what ad types you can offer and your prices. I’d prefer an article ad with 1 link back to the site, but I’m open to other ads also.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    • sorry, i don’t do that.

  2. Please send me an email. Thank you.

  3. Howdy,

    Do you offer guest blogs? I’d love to write a guest blog entry about the Elementalist in GW2.


    • I’ve done one guest post and it was a friend of mine who i know pretty well. You should check out Talktyria.net and ask about submitting to them, they are pretty pro guest post.

  4. How does the Underwater puzzle in bloodtide coast work? :C

  5. Good to see some folks fighting back against this disease good hunting, I’m now following your blog too 🙂

  6. I think your Twitter account’s been compromised. I just received a spontaneous shortened link that led to spam. >.>

  7. Hey. I come across your blog and likes the content. Not sure why you are not getting more comments. Maybe people dont want to comment as much these days?

    I run Operation Offers and we work with blogs and help owners monetize their content by providing niche related advertising.

    Would like to work with you, if you are still blogging. Let me know. or you can sign up at http://www.operationoffers.com

    you can also email me at admin@operationoffers.com if you want to chat as well.

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