Where To Find Jumping Puzzles

Lion’s Arch – Urmaug’s Secret, Weyandt’s Revenge, Troll’s End

Formerly without reward or noted in achievements Urmaug’s Secret is found in Postern Ward on the east side of the city. The closest waypoint is Lion’s Shadow Inn from which you would head northeast.

There is a cave behind this waterfall with a few NPCs.

No reward but kind of fun anyway.

Weyandt’s Revenge is found near the southeast of the map. Head up to the windmill and find yourself a bale of hay. The closest waypoint is Farshore waypoint.

This shot is taken at a distance, find your way up to the windmill in the shot.

Quick tip: Check out the speed buff NPC that’s close by the waypoint, then head up the nearby stairs.

Troll’s End is closer to the center of the city, but you’ll have to take a roundabout path to get there. You’ll want to start from the Grand Piazza, head over the northeastern bridge and follow the cliff face until you reach a catwalk on the left. Follow the catwalk to the vista and the puzzle essentially begins right there. Closest suggested waypoint would be the Portal Hub Plaza waypoint.

You can see the mystic forge below and the plank leading to the vista to the left, but neither have anything to do with the puzzle.

You have to think like Mario for this one.

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  1. […] Hunter’s Insight Jumping Puzzle Location Guide http://huntersinsight.com/where-to-find-jumping-puzzles/ […]

  2. How do you do this puzzle? I spent 2 hours trying to figure it out…

    • Was talking about the Bloodtide Coast puzzle! ^^^^^

      • Uh I don’t want to spoil anything so I’m just going to say follow instructions closely.

        • I know I’m missing something fundamental and it’s driving me crazy! I relent and was hoping you could shed something a bit more concrete.

        • Oh dear god I figured it out. I got trolled by the game >.>

          • I’ve managed to open the portal but when I go through, it always ports me to random locations on the map 😛
            How do I make it port me to the correct location (on top of the island^^)

  3. no clue on what to do on next part ://

  4. lets see…
    I can enter the water cage
    open the portal
    but no clue on what to do next…its the painel and coordinates or other thing?

  5. I’m wondering if my server is broken! :C

  6. Sorry folks, I really am trying to keep things spoiler free. So patience, follow instructions very closely, and read the numbers off that last data recorder inside the big cylinder. If someone you’re with makes it to the end, tell them to *stay there*.

  7. These are great, Hunter. Just enough to tease and let us figure the rest out on our own. If people want a step by step-well-YouTube, folks.

    • Youtube is a good way to find puzzles too but damn if they don’t spoil the living hell out of the whole thing.

  8. I think I found another future puzzle in Gendarran. If you go to Vigil Keep, stand on the north side of the bridge and look at the cliffside, you can spot a dead goat, which is what caught my attention. If you look closely, there’s a cave behind the goat, and a set of ledges that would be perfect to get there if we could only jump high enough to reach the first one. However it looks like another path would work once we can get to the asura gate. Here are a couple screenshots to demonstrate: http://imgur.com/jQbO6,Q6ZjW

    • Oh thanks salv, I’ll look into it.

      • I can now confirm that if you can get to the asura gate you’re good to go. There’s a chest and a boss in the cavern, but no achievement pops up at the moment. I don’t want to say too much since you don’t give detailed instructions here, and you have to glitch your way there for the time being.

        • Unfortunately i did not choose vigil so it may be a while before i can properly check this out

  9. There is another puzzle in Frostgorge Sound. In the area Shattered Ice Floe. You can find it by going to Slough of Despond waypoint and heading directly left. It is located slightly underwater in the wall.

    • I’m adding puzzles as I progress through the game so puzzles from the top level zones are incoming but they’ll have to wait until I do get there. 🙂

  10. Do you think you could add a section for all of the names of the achievements, so that you can check where the achievement is?

    • I’ll think about it. I’ve still got 2 more puzzles from the achievements to post, so not until after that at least.

  11. […] Hunter’s Insight — Where To Find Jumping Puzzles. “This puzzle will end up being found by most people looking for the vista and skill point. Overall the puzzle is in the southeast of Straights, but southwest of Fort Trinity. Starting southwest of the island the vista and skill point are situated on. The closest waypoints are Lone Post or Broken Spit but they are often contested. Fort Trinity waypoint is often the most reliable choice.” [Raphia: Hunter continues to add to his jumping puzzle guide, or as I like to think of it "the places to avoid" guide.] […]

  12. is there an achievement with the water one in straits of devestation?

    • Nope, just a chest.

  13. […] that one. However, if you’re not JP-challenged like me, you can probably benefit from this compilation of Jumping Puzzle locations maintained on Hunter’s […]

  14. In Southshore there’s another jumping puzzle with a small chest on top of the boat in the northeast corner, I think it’s called the Pride WP

    • Thanks for the tip but I’m only including official jumping puzzles, not vistas, hidden chests, festival puzzles or the like.

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