Viddy Well: Awesome Trailers Are Awesome

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No Guild Wars 2 news? Sate your thirst on other nerd interests.

I like comic books.

I like fantasy. And yeah, Natalie Portman’s bum, I’m a man, I can say that.

Short skirts and guns.

Scott Pilgrim vs My Eyeballs

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I settled into my seat in a surprisingly busy theater. The local chain is only showing Scott Pilgrim once a night, couple that with the cheap Tuesday night tickets (7 bucks) and surprisingly it was mostly full. I had read about the box office woes of the movie (60 million to make, but only having grossed 20 so far) and had half expected to enjoy the movie in silence.

I was 15 minutes early so of course I was subject to the various ads, which immediately gave me the feeling this would not be a good night. There was a public service announcement about going back to school, I noticed most of the people in the theater were barely above half my age, and various chocolate bar and candy ads aimed at tweens. Great.

The previews started. Often for me this is the best part of a movie, particularly if the movie stinks, so I watched with intense scrutiny. The new Bruce Willis “Reds” movie could be watchable, especially with Helen Mirren. I could watch Prime Suspect, particularly the last season over and over.

Finally the movie began. The Other Guys starring Will Farrel and Mark Wahlberg.

Wait. What.

Apparently they forgot to switch the reel over from the 7 o’clock showing.

Sitting through 2 sets of previews is a boon to a person like me, but it still ended up starting the actual movie 40 minutes late. I can be pretty prickly so starting my movie late is not a good thing.

I guess it just didn’t matter though. Scott Pilgrim is wicked awesome.

Early on I almost instantly recognized a song that was playing. I couldn’t quite place it. “I’ve liked you for a thousand years, a thousand years”. Later on Scott Pilgrim wears a t-shirt that says Plumtree. I’ve seen them in clubs like a dozen times. Halifax’s own. They even go on to play Go! by Plumtree as well.

As to the actual movie, I have to admit, I didn’t think the acting was particularly strong. Does that even matter in a movie like this? No.

The visuals were fantastic, I loved them. You rarely see a movie so fully invest itself in the visual ideas of its source material. Sin City I think was the first to do this, followed by a few other comic book movies. Usually you just get crap like Fantastic Four with Jessica Alba. Does that adaption of the comic book sit right with anyone?

The visual style isn’t the only thing to like of course. There is the humour. I’ve yet to read the comic book, blasphemy I know. Unfortunately that means I’m not sure how funny the comic is in relation to the movie, but the movie is quite funny. Sure there are kind of lazy pee jokes, like when Scott empties his pee bar. The audience laughed but I don’t think it was that funny. There are other pee jokes though, and I did laugh at those. I tend to not laugh at bodily function humour, it seems so junior high to me. Yet there it is.

The continual odes to geek culture were truly impressive. Video game sound effects, references, and visual gags require a second viewing I think.

I loved the characters. Well written and while not necessarily deep, the large cast complements the story instead of holding it back. Some of the situations ring true as well, I mean its a fantastical comic book story but, heart break and humiliation go hand in hand with break ups. Super villain induced or not.

I think the most impressive thing about the whole movie is how easily it splices a sort of romantic comedy with a super hero comic book. I like that real world situations are told through a fantasy epic adventure story. It pulls it off really well. I’ve always thought that Spiderman’s best stories, or his best villains anyway, weren’t just random strangers but the people he knew in real life. Docr Ock or Doc Connors as scientists Peter respected, Flash Thompson as a bully, Eddie Brock as a rival photographer.

Scott Pilgrim does exactly that. It takes the real world problems of dealing with break ups and ex’s, turns them into hyperbole and metaphor and not coincidentally a great movie.

Is it wrong that I sort of wanted Knives to end up with Scott at the end? Or wait maybe I just want to end up with Knives in the end. She is so frickin adorable.

Ladies and gentlemen of the nerd world. If you do not see Scott Pilgrim, you shame us both sir. Good Day.

The Mighty Thor

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My favourite mythology is greek. Its just so extensive and relatable with good stories and epic tales. I close second has always been Norse mythology. Hell Tolkien based some of his ideas on it. If you like Norse mythology at all, Thor is probably your hero. The ultimate bad ass god. Well, if we’re not counting Zeus as serial rapist, murderer, etc.

I knew this existed, but I didn’t know how far it was into production.

Natalie Portman is in this? Anthony Hopkins? How did I not hear about that?

Viddy Well: Sucker Punch

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I like Zack Snyder’s movies. I do. They’re more akin to the types of movies I want to see than what Hollywood normally produces. However there are generally some flaws with the mans work. Take for instance the amazing trailer for Sucker Punch below.

Looks amazing doesn’t it? Most of his films do. I remember watching 300, and for the first half of the film I was awed by the visuals so much I didn’t notice some of the problems. While there is an epic feeling, there is no connection to the characters. Snyder concentrates on how things look, not on good acting or emotional resonance. The 2nd half of 300 sort of starts to crack. The amazing visuals are gone and you’re left with repetitive fight sequences, one liners, macho homo-erotic symbolism, and the emptiness of hollow characterization.

It’s similar with The Watchmen. Reading the comic book, which obviously is a lot more detailed and longer, but I felt more connected to the characters. Malin Akerman is beautiful but not a good enough actress to pull off Silk Spectre. There was a lot of emotion in the comic book and virtually none in the movie.

Getting back to Sucker Punch, it looks good but when I analyze what I’m seeing it seems to be an obvious 14 year old’s wet dream. Hot girls, demons, dragons, guns, war, ninjas, explosions, special effects. I just think he should level up abilities like actor crafting instead of illusion arts.

Harry Effin Potter

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Harry Potter is a bit of a mixed bag for me. I read the books, and I marveled at the depth of the lore, even if it was mostly silly. J.K. Rowling is a pretty imaginative person and I respect the series for that.

No it isn’t lost on me that the series was written for children.

Potter has faults as well. For anyone over the age of 12 its a simplistic read, there is a lot of repetition, Harry himself is a bit of a douche in some of the later books, and I think the entire series could have been better off with less Quidditch.

The movies started off pretty terrible too. Poor acting and directed entirely for children.

Thing is, both the books and the movies improved over time. The books were written for more mature audiences, and the direction and acting greatly improved in later Potter movies.

Which is why I kind of liked seeing the following trailer pop up yesterday.

Ready? Fight!

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Actually I guess that title is not the same franchise as what I’m talking about. To be honest I’m not a fan of the gritty feeling in the short below, or the gore. Nevertheless I felt compelled to post it because, I can’t help feeling that maybe this was the Mortal Kombat movie they should have made in 1995. Instead of this travesty.

It’s not a trailer by the way, it’s more a short film trying to drum up investors for a “rebirth” of the franchise. It’s got Spawn AND Seven of Nine. Nerd wet dream already.

Scott Pilgrim Vs Looking Wicked

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Scott Pilgrim Wins!

Mass Effect Movie

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Male or Female Lead?

I’ve long abhorred movies based on video games. We all have, haven’t we? How many solid films have truly been made based on them? I’m not going to discuss the main culprit for my fears, he’s infamous anyway. But today is a day for fluttering. I’ve discovered news of a Mass Effect film.

Possibly. Legendary Pictures bought the rights to Mass Effect. Now they’re a decent studio. They’ve made some bad ass wicked films in the past. Everything from, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, Watchmen, to the first half of 300.

On the negative side they made 10,000 B.C. and Lady in the Water.

On the up side they’re in the process of making, Jonax Hex, a new Superman, Inception, the WoW movie, and the next Batman.

On the downside they’re making the next Godzilla, a live action Bleach, and various non-great sounding films.

The producers of the film don’t give me a giant amount of hope. From Gamasutra.

Producing the Mass Effect film are Legendary’s Thomas Tull — the founder of the now-defunct video game company Brash Entertainment — and Jon Jashni, along with Avi and Ari Arad. Serving as executive producers on the film are BioWare heads Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk and Mass Effect executive producer Casey Hudson.

Doesn’t sound like a whole lot of film experience there other than Jon Jashni and Thomas tull, who’ve had hands in a lot of Legendary Pictures films. Avi Arad has had his hands on virtually every Marvel Comics property to hit big or small screens but, that’s no guarantee of anything. His brother, no offense to the guy, not quite as successful. Which leaves a bunch of people who don’t know how to make movies.

Personally rather than see a movie crush everything that is in the Intellectual Property as they so often do, I would rather see a well done television series done in the style of Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, or hell even Stargate: Universe. How else would you support the cast of characters from the game?

Check out Legendary Pictures full filmography here. Thanks to Ten Ton Hammer here. Thanks to Stropp here.

Posted It Anyway: Gargamel

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Dear Internet,

Normally when Hollywood sets about to create a blasphemic rendition of my youthful memories on their screens, I block it out completely. Take for instance the two absolutely terrible, the second one was actually kind of racist, Transformer movies. G.I.Joe didn’t even look good enough to go see, and it had Sienna Miller, and a red head, and I Love Redheads!

There have been countless examples similar to this. Yet when I saw the included image, I have to admit, Hank Azaria makes for a damn good Gargamel.

In conclusion, the Smurfs movie had better be quality. Also Hollywood, please stop taking a dump on my childhood.

Yours Truly, Hunter.

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