It’s Okay To Not Like Things

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Something a lot of MMO fans could stand to learn or remember. Including myself.


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It can only be attributable to human error.

I noticed on Twitter (groan) that poppyshock from I Have Touched The Sky linked You plug in your website and it analyzes it, telling you various things about your blog or at least, you’re writing style.

While it’s not as interesting as I Write Like… I did find myself compelled and so I plugged in my URL. It only tells you about age, gender, mood, and tone, and even then doesn’t get as specific as I might like.

Apparently the options for mood are only happy or upset.

Anyway here’s mine, and I didn’t find the results overly satisfying. I’m not between the ages of 36 and 50 and it seems to barely register that I’m male at all. If that wasn’t emasculating enough my mood is usually happy and I’m very personal in my posts.

Viddy Well: Auto Tune The News

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I’m beginning to really love these guys, creative, funny, and musically talented. My only complaint? Too short.

Your Lack Of Funds Disturbs Me

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You know what. Times are hard. There’s this whole financial crises, you can’t get a loan to save your life, getting credit is impossible. If you made a big investment right before the banking crises, like say for instance building 2 space stations the size of a small moon that can pulverize entire planets into oblivion, you’re in trouble.

I assume that’s why Darth Vader is robbing banks.

Don't worry, No Disintegrations!

Viddy Well: These Anti-Piracy Ads Are Getting Really Mean

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I’ve heaped praise on The IT Crowd in the past, and while the style of this opening sequence from their second season isn’t repeated often it is an example of just how good this show can be.

I Write Like

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Taking the blog world by storm is the latest craze. Who do you write like? Just take your latest blog post, plug it in over here and boom, you’ll find out who you emulate.

I write like
James Joyce

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Having never read more than an excerpt from Ulysses I can’t say whether or not I actually write like James Joyce. I do find it vaguely insulting somehow that my style is reminiscent of someone born in the 19th century.

Apparently it only has about a dozen possible authors.

Who do my fellow bloggers write like?

Since everyone seems to be curious as to just how many authors I’d thought I’d update this with all the writers I’ve seen. I plugged in a different entry and got J.K. Rowling btw.

j.k. rowling
james joyce
stephen king
kurt vonnegut
dan brown
Chuck Palahniuk
H.P. Lovecraft
Raymond Chandler <- i would have loved to have gotten this
Mario Puzo
Ian Fleming
Margaret Mitchell
Margaret Atwood
David Foster Wallace
J. D. Salinger
Isaac Asimov
Arthur C. Clark
Nicholas Sparks
Charles Dickens
Agatha christie
Vladimir Nabokov
Edgar Allan Poe
Ursula K. Le Guin
Douglas Adams
Robert Louis Stevenson
P. G. Wodehouse
J.R.R. Tolkien
William Gibson

Thanks for the last 4 mmogc.

Apparently there’s a lot. I give up counting :(. And when I say a lot, I mean there’s a bunch more but I’m not going to continue adding them.

Viddy Well: Rainbows And Other Miracles

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I don’t know whether to ridicule people who are awed by the natural beauty and wonders of the world or be awed by them myself. I’ve seen a large portion of North America and enjoy the outdoors, but this guy makes me look like either I’m a grinch or a chump for not appreciating nature on his level. All I know is the rainbow doesn’t impress me, but this guy’s appreciation of it does.

I’m not sure, but I think he started to cry.

Then there are people who take something relatively benign and make something out of it. Should I appreciate beautiful harmonies, or dismiss it because its autotunes, its goofy, and its just some weirdness on youtube.

All of this reminds me of how much fun I had laughing at the ICP song “Miracles” on this very blog not so long ago. Am I a cynic simply for not being awed by what you could describe as mundane every day life?

Fredo LIVES!!!

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Why are you giving me the secret signal to shut up?

Perhaps one of my all time favourite television shows, and certainly one of my favourite sitcoms of all time is the amazing “The IT Crowd“. It airs on Channel 4 in England.

Its premise is straight forward. 2 IT nerds work in the basement of a large corporation. In the first episode a woman who knows nothing about IT gets the job as their boss. Hilarity ensues.

The thing is its so farcical and satirical that it becomes much more than a show about office workers. Everything from nerd culture to Russian cinema is put to the coals. I love this show so much.

I love everything about it from the opening credits and music to the bizarre tangents the show often goes on. Everyone I have suggested the show to has loved it. The first episode is just the tip of the ice berg, and I think the funniest episode is in the 3rd season 4th episode, but I have many favourites.

Anyway, I just watched the first episode of the brand new 4th season. Illegally of course. Any other IT Crowd fans out there?

Viddy Well: All Your Oil Are Belong To U.S.

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Putting aside politics, what is it with the United States and the old Joan Collins Special? That is to say, the royal screw job, as it were. They’re either shooting themselves in the foot, shooting their other foot, shooting someone elses foot, or generally just shooting people. The last 10 years have been nothing but angst for them whether it be their fault or not.

This is funny though!

Ready? Fight!

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Actually I guess that title is not the same franchise as what I’m talking about. To be honest I’m not a fan of the gritty feeling in the short below, or the gore. Nevertheless I felt compelled to post it because, I can’t help feeling that maybe this was the Mortal Kombat movie they should have made in 1995. Instead of this travesty.

It’s not a trailer by the way, it’s more a short film trying to drum up investors for a “rebirth” of the franchise. It’s got Spawn AND Seven of Nine. Nerd wet dream already.

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