Why Guesting is Important

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I was pretty disappointed that guesting wasn’t going to be in at launch. It’s a big feature to me, but having free transfers has certainly been an acceptable compromise. Also I’ve actually managed to play with others on overflow servers and do a dungeon run with people on other servers since it doesn’t seem to matter what server you’re on in a dungeon.

Guesting will become more important again once overflow servers begin to disappear as is already happening.

Anyway guesting was never really for primarily PvE players like me anyway. The need for it comes from World vs World. Being able to naturally transfer around servers would upset the player balance in that part of the game. People would naturally tend towards winning servers instead of sticking it out with the server they settled on.

Which brings me to the problems my own server has been having.

I guess I’ll have to start from the beginning. My guild is friendly with some guilds who are friendly with some guilds who wanted to create a successful World vs World community. They bought the server’s domain name, set up a forum, formed an alliance, invited everyone to particpate and a lot of people ended up on our server.

Initially our server had essentially been doing very well. We’d won every match up by quite a bit. The problem was we were doing too well, the queues for World vs World were hours long. You’d be damn lucky to be able to form a guild group let alone play with someone you know.

At this point people started to grumble but the heads of the alliance advised everyone to stick it out since it was still the first week and queues were bound to die down. Maybe it was random, or maybe because the matchup system is working, we were then matched up against other successful WvW servers.

We did not do so well.

This seemed to be the catalyst to make these WvW guilds start to panic. Several large and well known guilds have left, including the guild that went so far as to buy the domain name.

Ask them and they’ll start complaining that escorting dolyak groups were out of control. Ask them and they’ll say that if you were just in WvW to explore or screw around you should leave so that they could play WvW. Ask them and they’ll say the queues were just too long.

But if you ask me, suddenly dolyak farming has disappeared (Edit: yeah because they took out the rewards apparently) from WvW on my server. If you ask me, everyone has a right to join in WvW, it isn’t your server, its ours. And if you ask me WvW went from me not even being able to get in to me playing whenever I want.

We’re getting crushed though. We’re being matched up against top servers who have guilds like Goon Squad when we really don’t warrant it.

I’m not saying people can’t play where they want, or that long queues weren’t frustrating or painful. I’m just saying if you want to build a stable community, leave a legacy, try giving it more than a week.

And that is why guesting will be important in the future. To stop nonsense like this. Entire alliances shifting where they play on a whim.

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