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There needs to be an I Heart WordPress Image

I’ve been blogging here for about 8 months now. I do precious little to advertise my blog or get people to come here. I think about it more like, if I’m a good writer, people will come. And while some people do come, I’m sure it could be more popular if I actually put that whole effort thing in to it. Still, I’m enjoying it.

I used to have a blog on a similar site to wordpress, called modblog. It became unstable and shut down, taking with it hundreds of my posts, and I stopped blogging.

I don’t have much artistic talent, so when I picked the theme, I wanted something clean and simple. I’m pretty incapable of coming up with my own header or background, so those have remained as plain as possible. The themes that are gaining in popularity with the big splash pages and featured articles, and tons of clutter really annoy me. Are they a corporate merchandise store or a blog?

Is anyone else having issues with adding images and hitting the preview button?

Anyway I was goingg to track how I was doing at the 6 month mark but totally put it off. The statistics page at WordPress is pretty addictive, but I’m not sure if others follow it closely. I check it almost every day, and always check out who has referred here, what posts people like, what links people bother to click on. I might be a little OCD at times.

A few things bug me about my stats. My all time top search, is a certain wascally wabbit, who I will not help continue his supremacy by mentioning his name. Make one damn reference to him in one post about MMO malfunctions and Google goes nuts. There are over 4k searches for him. Facepalm is a distant second. Only 2 MMO searches round out my top ten, Runes of Magic and Guild Wars 2.

My top referrers are all due to a couple of specific posts. The Obey vs Dismantle viral campaign summary, and the fan art post. Guild Wars Guru, Guru2, the unofficial wiki, and the German Online Welten. WordPress’ Runes of Magic tag and Guild Wars 2 tag are pretty high up, as well as my #1 commenter MMOGC.

My top post is my shameful secret. I made a post early on about exploits you can find in Runes of Magic. I knew them all, and posted in depth about them. Usually after they had been fixed, but, that’s not why it’s popular. The Wabbit is. It’s twice as popular as my homepage. Most of my top posts are about RoM, Elite Skills, More Elite Skills, More Exploits, a post about RoM guild drama. The only 2 posts in the top ten not concerned with RoM are my Classes of Guild Wars 2, and my OvD page.

8 of my top ten clicks are all about the War in Kryta, with that link taking the top spot. One of the other 2 is the runes of magic tag, the other is this image of possible Guild Wars 2 armour.

I’ve got around 25k hits, my busiest day was 890, the day I posted the Fan Art. Yesterday I got 514 hits, but that’s slightly busier than normal. 246 posts, 331 comments. Aksimet has protected me from 183 spam comments. Only about 3 have gotten past it.

That’s about all. I would prefer that my most recent posts were more popular than some search fodder, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. I’m getting slightly bored with this theme, but then again, I don’t know what I’d switch to. I might put effort into a header at some point, its the easiest thing to change, but I don’t know when I’ll get around to it. I hope this didn’t bore you guys too much, but I guess I wanted some record of how the blog was doing for future reference. Do you guys pay this much attention to your stats?

Posted It Anyway: Gargamel

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Dear Internet,

Normally when Hollywood sets about to create a blasphemic rendition of my youthful memories on their screens, I block it out completely. Take for instance the two absolutely terrible, the second one was actually kind of racist, Transformer movies. G.I.Joe didn’t even look good enough to go see, and it had Sienna Miller, and a red head, and I Love Redheads!

There have been countless examples similar to this. Yet when I saw the included image, I have to admit, Hank Azaria makes for a damn good Gargamel.

In conclusion, the Smurfs movie had better be quality. Also Hollywood, please stop taking a dump on my childhood.

Yours Truly, Hunter.

I Posted It Anyway Too

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All For You

Dear Internet

In my ongoing attempts to humiliate and dehumanize other websites, in particular The, I keep stealing their content and posting it as my own.

Recently I came across yet another small piece of content that I wished to cannibalize.

It’s a website that turns any website you submit into the 1996, made by a 13 year old, version.

As you can see, I submitted my blog, and was dazzled by the results. This is why Geocities rocked. If you think about it, they were on board the social web before anybody else. It’s just too bad so many truly terrible websites were created under their watchful gaze.

I’ve brought this to the attention of the internet so that tragedies like those of 1990’s can never be repeated.

Sincerely Yours, Hunter.

P.S. Those are some bitching MIDI files

I Posted It Anyway

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Dear Internet

I was cruising through the AVClub the other day and came across their Great Job Internet! column. They linked to Instants!

Basically it’s a sound effects button page, but that makes it sound boring.

What it is really, is a nerdgasm website. Star Wars, Zelda, Youtube, HIMYM, The Simpsons, and more all put into sound bites and clickable through an arcade button interface.

You can also click on the text above the button to figure out where it comes from if you aren’t familiar with the sound.

My favourites are the two Drama buttons. Do you know how hard it is to describe to a random person which drama sound you’re thinking of if you can’t mimic it right, or forget how it goes?

Anyway they’re always adding new ones, and I think taking out old ones. It’s just one of those do nothing websites that I like, but doesn’t really belong on my blog. So I Posted it anyway.

With Love, Hunter

P.S. Do not hit “EPIC?!”

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