My Quaggan Aviator Mail Carrier Arrived

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A number of community people were sent out a load of shirts, lanyards, pins and whatnot from Arenanet recently and I was among the happy chosen. I received two shirts and a lanyard.


I am being bribed to adore Guild Wars 2 and I am LOVING it.

Of course I wasn’t the only one to get anything. Relics of Orr (who’ve had major shakeups with their website and itunes subs (so you’ll have to resubscribe)) got some things as well. Spirit sent me a photo of the stuff they got while we were gushing about it in private like a couple of little girls.


DragonSeason is having a contest which ends pretty soon, the first of more to come, where they give away some of what they got.

Due to my relationship with Guild Wars Reporter I know they got some things too and are planning a giveaway of some type soon, or at least before the expansion. Check out my latest with them, episode 147.

And a lot of other people got things too, Verene of course tweeted about hers.

I’m a little jealous that everyone got theirs at least 2 weeks before me but yay free swag! Ugh I just said swag.

I have to admit I’m mighty tempted to just keep the shirts and lanyard but I might have a contest at some point. What do you guys think?

Thanks Anet!

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