A Dragon Eating It’s Own Tail

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Arenanet have changed the dailies a few times since launch and a couple months ago there was a major overhaul. I think one of the main objectives with these changes was to get people moving into areas of the game people have forgotten about or avoided in the past. Specific tasks in specific areas instead of a la carte options that allow a lot of choice. There were a lot of varied opinions however, some people outright hating the change, many pleased by the streamlining, and me, I thought it was a waste of effort and that Arenanet could better spend their time on other projects that need work.

You know, a use for karma, a better Hero menu User Interface, ascended cooking and ascended jewelry, reworking the RNG aspects of the gem store so that they aren’t a giant rip off.

Anything but yet another rework of dailies, something that was pretty much fine the way it was.

But there’s no use crying over spilt dolyak milk, we’ve got new dailies. Have I been enjoying them?

Actually, yes, I suppose so. Arenanet has moved the goal posts, reorganized my objectives, I’ve got busy work to do! But not just any busy work, this busy work is different busy work than the busy work I was doing before! It’s “new content” without any actual new content and they’ve bribed us with rewards to accept it.

And it worked. I think I do dailies as often as ever, which after 2 and a half years just should not be the case.

I think part of it is that the new dailies take far less time to do. Some players have complained that dailies now force them to log into certain characters so that they can go to certain zones and that this takes more time. I’m not even remotely slowed by this issue, as someone with 4 or 5 world completions and comfortable playing any profession at any time, I can go wherever, whenever. And unlike those that pinch every penny, I don’t mind throwing silver at the problem. Shiverpeak Vista daily combined with Orr Event Completer and Kryta Forager? Waypoint, waypoint, waypoint, done.

Others don’t like the crowds when the daily directs you to a specific zone. I admit it can be challenging to find an event if all you do is wander around waiting for an event to come to you, but again I just warp to an event the moment someone pings a waypoint in map chat. I don’t have modern PC or a solid state drive for fast loading and I do okay. And I like seeing some of the lesser visited zones clogged with hordes of players, the only other time that has happened was the Scarlet Invasions during Living Story season 1. It’s fun when everyone plays together, he said with an obviousness as bright as the sun.

I have to admit I just don’t understand or sympathize with the complaints about the system. Some people miss monthlies. Really? Those could be a real pain in the butt if you have a real life with real responsibilities. I know many people who found it a struggle and would miss out month after month because of crazy weird shit like having a job or kids. Sure if you’re a power player you could often finish them without trying, and in that way it was fine, but often there were specific things you would never normally do and it took time, effort, and gold to finish them.

I like better rewards for less work. The login rewards are literally the barest of minimum effort. You get more achievement points, more laurels than previously, and certainly a wider variety of goods. Daily rewards are much better too. An extra pristine relic from the daily fractal, an extra rare item from the daily world boss, the rewards make so much more sense now, making sure you’re rewarded for the specific activity you’ve been doing.

Hell, I think they over did the rewards actually. I mean they already seem to have removed the daily exotic crafter, which rewarded 3 ectos, and at the end of every month you get +2% gold find from login rewards. If I were a betting man I’d say that will be changed before long, by the end of the year I’ll have around 36% (from 12% in the previous 2 years) gold find, which is nothing compared to magic find I suppose but I digress.

All this seems moot anyway. I feel like it won’t be long before Arenanet decides we all need new carrots to chase after, especially with an expansion incoming. I wonder how much Heart of Thorns influenced the design of these new dailies, how they’ll change to suit HoT, if at all. And what happens when they revamp the dailies again? Do the rewards just keep getting better and better for less and less work? Have dailies entered a vicious cycle which will eventually consume itself like the ouroboros?


  1. This hits right on the mark.

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