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So as a follow up to what I was saying in my last post about boosters, I think I was getting at in the end is that nobody wants to spend money on something that only lasts an hour. Or 24 hours, or even 2 weeks. People want account unlocks that they can use on every character… forever.

Which is part of why I really like the new mail carrier skin (looking forward to more in the future) we can buy, you can put it on every character. That’s part of the reason I bought a Finisher even though I rarely get to use it, it will always be there and enabled on every character. The one thing I’ve bought the most of in Guild Wars 2 is probably bank slots, and character slots. Account upgrades are what most people are looking for.

I don’t know if armour sets and mini sales have gone up since they were made account wide but they’re certainly a more attractive option for me. I imagine if they had a positive effect on sales we’ll be getting more account wide stuff. *holds breath*

I admit to having bought a Copper-fed Salvage-o-matic, a Royal Terrace Pass, and the odd item here and there, but I can count on my fingers what I’ve bought that wasn’t account wide. I wonder what ungodly amount of money I might have spent if everything were an account wide unlock.

Would I have bought dye kits? Dye kits as they are now are stupid. They are an RNG rip-off and anybody who spends money on them should be ashamed of themselves. If Arenanet wants to sell us dye options then why not sell us the exclusive colours directly? Why should I pay real money for something I can get for a couple silver on the auction house? Ridiculous. There is some poor sap dye collector out there spending hundreds of dollars and gold just trying to pick up an awful, yet exclusive, puke green.

And then there are the weapon sets as well. Black Lion Keys are, simply put, a casino. I find them immoral and shameful. I’m sure they’re the most profitable thing Arenanet has in the Gem Store and thus something they can’t justify removing, but I urge them to do so. Players should be able to just buy a Black Lion Claim ticket directly. Anything less is just down to one pure motive, greed.

I guess you could argue the RNG aspect is fun? A lot of people have fun gambling, but the one thing just about every lottery, every craps table, every card game, and every raffle have in common is that you lose more often than you win. Way more. Losing isn’t fun. And gambling shouldn’t be in Guild Wars 2.

Don’t get me wrong, I highly appreciate that skins are account bound now, that dyes are account bound, but why isn’t pretty much everything? You know what would spike the sales of the Royal Terrace Pass and the Copper-Fed? Making it so each character can pick up a copy from an NPC. Or how about a riding broom, or a harp, or a home portal stone.

Frankly what is the point in having most of the stuff on the gem store only on ONE character?

PS: Upgrade Extractor is still the worst thing on the gem store outside the RNG boxes.


  1. While I agree with most of it. The only thing I’d love to mention is Swim Booster to counter your Upgrade Extractor comment (which is 2nd worst and super overpriced). Good read ^_^

    • Yeah swim booster isn’t high up on my list of good items. I think I made a remark about it on my booster post. 🙂

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