A Booster Post For Some Reason

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I’ve been meaning to post about the gem store for ages, and I probably have more than one post in me about it. But it changes so often and I’ve said so much about it in the past that it’s hard to find the motivation. I’ve talked my arse off about this game over the past few years, it’s hard to say anything I haven’t said before, even if it’s about new content. And frankly it makes no sense to talk about the gem store when I haven’t made a single post about Dry Top or the Silverwastes and what I like and dislike about them.

But here we go.

I don’t understand what they’re doing with boosters. I haven’t since launch. I’ve probably talked about it before.

They give them out for free all the time. Achievement chests mostly, the odd reward here and there. I’ve built up my supply of boosters from Black Lion Chest farming so I probably have more than most. I have plenty, but, I still think they’re overpriced on the gem store.

The main thing is they only last an hour, and a lot of their benefits are not that great considering their cost. They have varying levels of usefulness and cost effectiveness. Some are downright useless, some I highly recommend having on hand.

Boosters that give experience are, in my opinion, not a good use of a booster. Experience is plentiful and easy to come by in Guild Wars 2 so if you’re going to use one make sure you are downright desperate for XP. Would I pay for an XP booster, a crafting booster, a killstreak booster? Never. Not at their current gem cost. An hour of 50% XP for 20g or almost 2 dollars? No thanks.

A karma booster costs 75 gems (half the cost of a crafting booster or a magic find booster) and is the same cost as a swimming speed booster. Huh? I don’t understand that. And I don’t understand you can justify 10g for 1 hour of swimming speed, it’s absolutely awful.

I think what I’d do to improve boosters is to reduce their cost or increase their duration. Why would anyone spend money on something that only lasts an hour? Keep giving out your 1 hour boosters but start selling boosters that last a day, or no screw that, make them last for a week or two weeks. People would actually pay money for that.

I like using Karma boosters, I use Magic Find boosters more than any other and I would highly recommend to anyone that if you go into WvW to use a World XP booster, but I can’t recommend buying any of these. I hate to cut myself off at the legs but we get so many boosters for free you’d be a bloody (rich) fool to buy any. Which seems like a shame. I mean I want to support the game, I want the game to have viable sources of income, and boosters are just not one of those.

Boosters have their own panel in the gem store but I bet they’re the lowest selling items there.

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