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One of the few things we know about the November 4th update, the first notable update in 3 months, is a screen shot of a zone portal near the Brisban Wildland’s Fort Vandal. So where is that going to take us? I’m sure someone else out there has gone through the possibilities of where we’re going, if not recently then just before Dry Top was released. In any case I thought I’d briefly cover it myself.

So what are our possibilities here? The last time a screen shot of a portal was posted by Arenanet we were given Dry Top. The only other firm clue we have is a blurb from their latest post.

As we go on this journey we’ll learn dark secrets of Tyria’s past, venture into stories with roots deep in the very heart of Guild Wars lore, and visit places that have only been rumored to exist.

That last part is what gets everyone’s attention. A lot of clear allusions to things we probably saw in the original Guild Wars. But what are we talking about? Mursaat cities? We never saw anything of the sort in GW1, but that last cutscene sure seemed to reference a city of some sort. Or does it allude to settlements we’ve seen before? Here’s the old Guild Wars map and the new.



So the only thing close by that deeply relates to Tyrian lore and otherwise fit our criteria as a place that we’d likely be interested in going to, is probably the Bloodstone. And a dragon would assuredly be drawn to that.

So that leaves a few questions if we are indeed going to be visiting the Bloodstone. Is it another part of Dry Top being released just as previous areas in the zone were gradually unlocked? Maybe it’s not even a zone, perhaps its a dungeon however unlikely. Perhaps it is in fact an entirely new zone. What form is this content going to take?

The Silverwood was lush, green, and hilled. Bloodstone Fen was partially desert and somewhat swampy. But the Maguuma Wastes are named that for a reason and the current fogged map in that area is pretty brown with a blue splotch. So I would guess more desert, less red rock canyons, less verticality, with a watery oasis in there. Or hell, I don’t know, it could be completely underground, I have no idea.

The content, as acknowledged in a recent Points of Interest episode, would likely follow a similar pattern to Dry Top. The zone would have to work together completing events to drive a central goal for all players. In Dry Top that’s a set of rewards involving a weapon set, cooking recipes, lockpicks for chests, and other related items. I could guess that any new zone could have something similar, although I think Arenanet tends to be original enough that it won’t be an exact copy. An NPC with favour unlocking new items and discounts is done. I assume they’ve got a twist in mind, perhaps involving unlocking some World Boss once a certain plateau is achieved or something of that nature. Can you imagine if everyone who showed up to defeat Tequatl first had to participate in 20 minutes of completing various events? It’s not as though people don’t already wait around for a half hour just to be in a good zone with Teq.

I could be completely wrong. Maybe they’re going to delve into Shining Blade history, as their initial headquarters was in the Maguuma Jungle. Maybe Quarrel Falls is the locations of legend. I doubt we’ll see Mursaat, but who knows. Ultimately I have no clue. A new zone seems likely and visiting the Bloodstone seems inevitable. Beyond that, I’ll have to wait 2 weeks.

I wonder what’s been going on at the Bloodstone for 250 years?

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