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I was listening to Relics of Orr recently and Greibach brought up an argument I’ve been having with Allona for quite some time. It’s Greibach’s opinion (and mine) that Arenanet was probably never going to bring back Super Adventure Box. But Allona along with many others seems to think they always had plans to bring it back but hadn’t announced anything and weren’t talking about it and everyone else just jumped to conclusions.

I guess I have to explain my reasoning by talking about how Arenanet answers questions.

In my opinion if Arenanet says something along the lines of “it’s something we’d like to do in the future” or an equivalent sentence then that’s code for they’re not working on it and not planning on working on it. As a blogger following Guild Wars 2 since 2009, I’ve read that sentence countless times, and to go back now and find every example would be a herculean task. However I do happen to have a bunch of current examples.

We really want all players to be able to experience as much of the Living World as possible at one point, but I don’t have more details to give you, including a possible timeline.

This was Stephane Lo Presti on retrofitting the first season of the Living Story so that players can go back and experience it. Personally I don’t ever see it happening, it seems like a super complicated thing to take content designed to be played by hundreds and alter it to be playable for groups of 5. The vagueness of wanting to do it but having no timeline totally fits the Arenanet codetalk for having no plans to do it.

Also I’m sure they’re well aware of the demand for build templates, but I don’t think they’re working on that either.

It’s a system we have on our list of things that we hope to add to the game at some point.

They’d vaguely like to work on it and there is no timeline. Couldn’t be more clear cut if you ask me, they’re not currently working on this. Of course I’m not saying they’ll never work on it, just that they’re not currently working on it, and unlikely to work on it any time soon.

Or how about capes? A lot of people (crazy people) want capes.

It’s something that we are trying to work on, we actually have folks who are in their free time working on that project right now.

Colin Johanson’s vagueness and lack of timeline definitely fits the framework I’m talking about. It’s super complicated and you’re only “trying” to work on it? There’s no official timeline because people are only working on it in their free time? This is not a thing that will happen. I could further go on an entire rant about capes (I won’t) but whether or not capes should be in the game they’re not a high priority project.

no capes

So when they said in an interview…

Devon Carver: You want to… you want to deliver the news?

Matt Wuerffel: Sure. Yeah, I mean, when we are talking about the Living World and the Living Story, you can see that we are moving towards a much more focused narrative, and that is focused on your relationship with Braham and Rox and some of the other characters that we have introduced. And that means that there is less, one, there is less space to do something where you kind of take a break and say: ‘And now for something completely different’ – which is what Super Adventure Box was. I think the other part of it is that we look very carefully at how much people played and how much people enjoyed certain portions of content that we put out, and so that also weighs into the factor of ‘Well, okay, what are we going to do, and when are we going to bring back things? What do we do, how much time do we put into different festivals, Halloween and Wintersday.’ And so, Super Adventure Box has a ton of people that were really excited about it, and it also has that difficulty of, it is something that’s really different from Guild Wars 2 in a lot of ways, and it doesn’t easily fit into the narrative structure of Living World. And so, I think it would be very unlikely that you would see it as part of a Living World season release, as to whether or not we come back to it, whether or not in some other form, you know, I can’t really say, I don’t know how likely that is and that is really all I can say about it.

Look at all that subtext. “You want to deliver the news?” As if Matt were about to deliver a death notice to a worried mother. They go on to note that they’re moving towards a more focused narrative and that SAB is in the complete opposite direction. Then Matt gets into a virtual litany of reasons as to why they might not bring it back. It’s different than the rest of Guild Wars 2, it doesn’t fit with Living Story, it doesn’t fit the narrative structure, they have to decide what to spend time on (which makes it seem like according to their internal numbers maybe SAB wasn’t as popular as the vocal minority might suggest) and even says it’s unlikely to be released as part of the Living Story. You know, the living story, AKA the way the vast majority of their content is released.

And people are still under the impression they were maybe going to bring it back? No, no they weren’t. Which is why even the more informed fans got a little cranky.

Basically what I’m trying to say is, if Arenanet doesn’t have plans to do something but haven’t ruled it out, they’re vague and a little misleading. If they have no plans to do something and pretty much have ruled it out, they itemize their reasoning for you.

Of course the great thing about Arenanet is that people… gave feedback… and they listened. Super Adventure Box has been confirmed to return… eventually. And while I don’t think Arenanet is working on some projects right now, I’m not saying they won’t. They’re currently working on an expansion in my opinion. So who knows what kind of features will come with that.

But as for Super Adventure Box? Nah. They weren’t going to bring it back.



  1. I completely agree they had no one working on SAB and likely no real timeline as to when they would, because they weren’t going to include it in LW; I just really do think that they planned on it coming back at some point.

    Our feud continues… 🙂

    • Well I don’t know how you can stare at the sun and not see the light from it.

      • 😛

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