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So I was planning on doing temple runs with my guild and the question was put to me, “How much money do you make?” And I realized after all this time that I don’t actually know. While I know it is a good way to get ectos other assorted materials, I hadn’t thought much about what I actually get out of it. There are plenty of ways to make money in Guild Wars 2, are Temple Runs one of them?

So tonight I monitored how much silver I made total from selling all grey material, blues and greens. I salvaged my cloth, didn’t deposit any collectibles, left my rares temporarily unsalvaged, didn’t open my Gilded Coffers or Heavy Moldy Bags.

We did Melandru first, but I missed the precious 2nd beacon farm event, which likely would have increased my profits. Followed by Lyssa, from which little drops to begin with, but again we didn’t have to do pre-events, she was already in progress. Then Eye of Zhaitan after which we proceeded to the northern invasion pre-events for Balthazar. Following that, Arah (post Warmaster Chan event which is still crazy broken due to scaling) then the Priest of Grenth and its subsequent chest event. Followed by the final event at Dwayna, unfortunately missing the Historian Vermoth champ farming event. This took about an hour and a half, which is around average these days.

I did all this with a good amount of Magic Find. Food up at all times, a booster for the first hour, a banner for the majority of the events and guild buff as well, so I probably had close to 275% at times but around 225% magic for the rest.

I made about 1g20s from the grey, blues and green, and the event rewards.

I only received 4 T6 trophy materials, which is the big disappointment for me. I mean come on, no wonder the prices for these are so out of control if I can spend an hour and a half playing with an insane amount of magic find in the toughest area in the game and only get 4 of them. Profit would be 1.57g minus taxes.

I also picked up 26 T5 trophies, 8 of which were incandescent dust. This works out to about 74s.

I salvaged about 36 silk scraps, which works out to around 82s.

I looted 16 rares. If I were to simply sell these on the auction house that would equal, before taxes, approximately 8.78g. I’m going to salvage these however and get 11 ectos worth just over 4g, along with other materials worth around 60s.

I’ll also open the 27 Heavy Moldy Bags, and 6 Large Moldy Bags. This works out to about 1.6g in materials before taxes on the AH. Unfortunately I again received a paltry amount of T6, one Vial of Powerful Blood.

Opening 16 champ boxes gives me just 2 more T6. Ugh. But adding up everything I sell, T5, silk, gossamer, greens, and other items comes to about 2.2g before taxes.

Now keep in mind I’ve been rounding numbers up and down to make the numbers easier to read and deal with, and I’m not even interested in a scientific result here, just a big ballpark figure, but I came out around 14 or 15g ahead of the game after taxes, if I had sold the rares instead of salvaging them. It’s much closer to 10g with salvaged rares. That’s also keeping in mind that I would have had to sell everything, and not keep the silk, the gossamer, the T6, the T5, or anything else. If I do keep those materials, I come out with very little gold overall but plenty in materials.


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  1. Here I was, just for a second, thinking that it was going to be something like this: “I had never thought about how much gold I got; I was doing it because it was fun”.

    Which is why I do stuff, and probably why I haven’t logged in for some time.

    Nice feature pack and all, but I got to say; the stuff they have fixed is pretty much irrelevant when compared to my current meagre game time. You going to comment on it, I hope you like it?

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