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Guild Wars 2 is getting a new zone. I don’t think Arenanet is being particularly sly with how they’ve hinted at it.


I think Verene has a pretty good idea of the general location of the portal and the new zone in general, but I’m more interested in thinking about what’s going to be in that zone. New mobs? New mechanics? New Jumping puzzle? Plenty of speculation to be had.

I think my feelings can be summed up in a tweet I sent a few months back.

The end of Scarlet pretty much spelled it out anyway. Even if we hadn’t had a graphic representation a power surge that races past asuran settings to awaken a great big eye, we’d have the epilogue scene where Marjory’s sister just happens to be headed out west as well. None too subtle.

As far as my opinions on what will be in a new zone, nothing has really changed since my previous speculative post on new zones.

But with a firmer grasp on a future destination, I’m ready to be slightly more specific (and of course proven wrong within days) and name things.

I think we’ll have new mobs that have been corrupted by Mordremoth. Likely corrupted with an earthy jungle-like theme. Thorns, lots of thorns. For me these creatures will likely be Thorn Stalkers and other plant life forms from the original Guild Wars, both corrupted and uncorrupted. Ibolga, Oakhearts, Tangled Seeds, etc.

Perhaps we’ll also see our first corrupted centaurs, we know that undead centaurs have been considered in the past. Along with more regular centaurs of course.

What I’m most hopeful for are brand new never before seen mobs of some type, similar to the twisted nightmares introduced during the Scarlet Invasions. Arenanet seems to have a talent for designing some pretty incredible mobs so I am prepared to be even more impressed by anything new they come up with.

What I’m most interested in speculating about however are sylvari. Would a dragon that possibly has links to the origins of sylvari have the ability to control them much like it may have controlled Scarlet? Will more sylvari sway under Mordremoth’s influence or even be corrupted? If not the Pale Tree’s sylvari, what about the other sylvari hinted at through Malyck’s storyline or the Nightmare Court? I’d love to see some of these avenues explored.

As I’ve said before, I think the content will generally be of a higher level, with more difficulty, and more complex mob mechanics. Not to mention a lot of opportunities to use all the new finishers they keep putting on the gem store.

As for content, I’m expecting meta events that push across the full length of the zone but I’m hoping for some of the complexity of their more recent world boss changes. Just plain fighting won’t be interesting to me, so I’m hoping for more intricate events.

Obviously the main story will revolve around the B Iconic characters they’ve created, but I think the Pact will play a large role in the zone itself. Events will probably revolve around their research, intelligence, and combat operations in the area.

I’m also expecting a mix of jungles and desert, obviously. I mean it’s the maguuma and the maguuma wastes. The teaser video clearly shows a lot of desert area, which I’ve noted plenty of times on the blog isn’t currently present in Guild Wars 2. Either way, one thing we can count on is that the beauty of it all will be unparallelled in the MMO community.

If I’m hoping for anything else from a new zone, it’s probably making Tyria a more consistent place. Like making one time only recipes and materials available on a more permanent basis. Azurite and watchwork sprockets come to mind. Runes and sigils like Sigil of Generosity or other unaffordable items. Ascended jewelry crafting would be nice, or more ways to get things that you can only get in very specific ways.

Anyway, time will tell. Hopefully this post isn’t just me treading over the same territory once again.



  1. Some really exciting ideas here, particularly with regards to the new enemies that we might come to face. Thorn Stalkers and Orrian Centaurs look fantastic!

    • To be honest I was thinking more along the lines of a thorned centaur of some kind, corrupted by Mordremoth.

  2. Greatly looking forward to Season 2, hopefully the content will be a bit more substantial like a new zone.

    • The content in the new zone needs to be pretty captivating to get people back in, so I’m hopeful.

      • The build up has worked for me haha

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  4. I’ve been surprised that we haven’t had any lead into the new series, and we haven’t had a document from Anet stating how much more awesome this year is going to be and why… so I am scared…

    Lets hope it starts like a brand new captivating book, and not a new TV series introducing things slowly in the first show… I also hope that just being able to replay it isn’t the only change they have made from the previous year.

    Not long now! Excited. Sort of like when we got an update to GW1, but not quite as excited.

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