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You see that post title? I named this post as that because I think that if Arenanet handed out titles to bloggers and one of those was for naming blog posts, “Blog Post Titler” would be the epic title I’d receive.

With Season 2 of Guild Wars 2’s living story approaching I was talking with my good friend Spirit, lamenting what I feel is a lack of good titles. While there are some to choose from, particularly if you played Guild Wars 1 and have access to them from the Hall of Monuments, I’m just underwhelmed by the blandness and directness of most Guild Wars 2 titles. I’m also a little annoyed that Season 1 of the living story never really took advantage of the opportunity to implement lots more when there was ample content to do so.

If we examine Master Carver that ought to give you an idea of why I’m a little underwhelmed. Easy to get and boring. I have to imagine the person who created it had a wide selection of options that they presented to their boss and bossperson says, “No no no! This is all wrong! If you wear this title people have to KNOW you carved 150 fucking pumpkins!”

There are many others I have a problem with as well, bland and unimaginative. The achievement track titles, respected achiever, acclaimed achiever, was anyone even trying? The Guild Wars achievement track for titles beats these over the head with a heavy moldy bag. Even just taking out the word “achiever” would have improved these titles ten fold. Respected. Acclaimed. Heralded. Three great titles.

I’m not saying there aren’t good titles in Guild Wars 2, there are. I like Applied Jumping, Golden, some of the living story titles, PvP titles, and the WvW titles are a whole other discussion (the length and time to get these are ridiculous last I checked) but I think the majority of titles are really lacking.

They don’t seem like a resource heavy addition to the game, so I have to wonder why we’re getting so few and so many like Apprentice Toymaker and Journeyman Toymaker. Gee, do you think the 3rd Wintersday title will be Master Toymaker?

Titles could be so much fun and reward players for playing the full breadth of the game.

Why isn’t there one for jumping puzzles? I’ve done every single puzzle, have every achievement, but nothing aside from the completely unrelated Super Adventure Box title.

Do you mean to tell me if I manage to kill 1000 giants in Guild Wars 2 I don’t get a title?

We could derive titles from achievement names. As an example lets take Speedy Reader in Ebonhawke or History Buff in Lion’s Arch. Lots of names for achievements could transition well.

We’re practically given titles in the personal story in Guild Wars 2, but we can’t wear them. Hero of Shaemoor, Slayer of Issormir, each race has one of these if I recall correctly.

And each race has tons of terminology and ranks that would work well. They could be attained through a mix of methods. Perhaps if you have unlocked certain Seraph skins, participated in various centaur related meta events, completed Centaur Slayer, and map completed various human zones, you could be given titles related to human lore. Seraph Guard, Seraph Sergeant, or Militia Fighter. This can translate through to the other races as well, Peacemakers, Valiants, Wolfborn (sorta), and Adamant Guard.

If I choose to help the Quaggan in personal story, I could be Little Barracuda, or if I help the Hylek, Champion of the Sun God.

We could refer to our allegiances as well. Iron Legion, Commoner, Synergetics, Raven, Dusk, there’s a few possibilities that could be bestowed on us from character creation. There are also the orders and our rank within the orders. Magister of the Priory, Lightbringer, Warmaster, or Commander of the Pact. How are these not titles!?

Thankfully living story gives us plenty of opportunities to improve, although that was simply not the case in Season One.

So many missed opportunities. We killed Scarlet, and we got Hero of Lion’s Arch, which is decent. But why not reward people who completed more than just the meta? How about Colour Coordinated for those who completed some of the more difficult aspects of the Scarlet fight? How about Whack-a-mole for completing a task during the Molten Facility? Puppeteer for the Marionette meta, Agony Resistant for being a high level in Fractals of the Mists.

I have no idea what to expect in Season 2 in July (well maybe a few guesses) but now is the perfect time to step up your game Arenanet.

First off we’re taking on dragon #2, so lets start with the most bad-ass title Guild Wars 2 could ever have. Dragon Slayer. My vision for that track would be incremental, awarding a new title after killing each dragon, maybe starting with Dragon’s Bane or Zhaitan’s Doom and finally ending with Dragon Slayer, or Savior of Tyria. Optimistic I’m sure.

Since Arenanet has said that future story arcs will be permanent (omfg ty) and achievements will be less about completing the meta achievements (sweeeeet) and more about completing difficult tasks, I’m hoping titles will get the same 2nd look during season 2.

Since I have no knowledge of the upcoming content its impossible to make suggestions. But.

A season 2 long track that incrementally increases with each new story arc would be interesting.

Adding to that, an individual title for each story arc. They don’t have to be rewarded upon completion of something terribly difficult, or monumentally epic. Just a reward acknowledging that yeah, I did that story arc.

But what about rewards for those terribly difficult tasks? You’ve already named the achievement itself, where is the attached title?

My main problem is pretty obvious. They are far too literal and unimaginative.

Miniature Collector. Do you know how I got that title? I think that you do. Why is it Fashion Collector and not Fashionista, Fashion Police, Fashion Diva, Fashion anything but the most boring possible description. Heralded Achiever, does that have something to do with achievements? I don’t know! Geez Arenanet, stop heaping these feelings of epic accomplishment and great effort on me with all these clever and fun titles. Are they all supposed to appeal to every player? Because that’s a recipe for bad times.

Heck, I’m not saying they have to be 100% awesome, just not bare-bones literal interpretations. I would even appreciate some literal or very content specific titles if we had a lot more of them. But we get so few and they are all so generic. Arenanet, is it necessary to be stingy with something that has no effect on the economy, doesn’t clutter up the bank, can’t be used as a currency?

PS: I hereby bestow upon Spirit the title of Blog Post Helper. Nobody gets a better title than me Spirit. Nobody.



  1. My favorite titles in Guild Wars 1 are still the consumable titles. Connoisseur of Confectionaries, Life of the Party, and Incorrigible Ale-Hound? Those are just awesome. The Gamer track was also pretty hilarious.

    The titles in GW2 aren’t as good though, yeah. There’s a few good ones outside of the HOM titles (which are the best by far), but the rest…they’re just uninspired.

    • A lot of titles in Guild Wars 1 seemed like you could wear them for fun, and in Guild Wars 2 its like a statement of fact.

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