The Coward’s Guide to Getting Your WvW Meta

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I don’t play a lot of World vs World but I probably play more than most PvE players. The first time the WvW season came around I was pretty interested in getting the meta achievements done for it. Unfortunately my interest wore out pretty quickly. A lot of the achievements were quite a grind, even for regular players, and I get pretty bored with all the running around so it didn’t end up getting completed.

This time around, I’m already verging on completion and know a few people who’ve finished already. The achievements are far less grindy, you need fewer of them, and the rewards are better too.

The thing is I’m not a roamer, I don’t seek out battle. I’d rather warp back to my keep then be caught out on my own and have to fight. So this is a guide for those who don’t PvP or PvDoor and still want those sweet sweet achievement points.

Step One: Log in

You have now completed the easiest WvW Tournament Season 2 achievement. Okay maybe I’m overstating it a bit, but you only have to kill 10 people to complete Mists Invasion Defender. In a zerg that will take less than 10 minutes if you’re unlucky. Just find a commander, and start killing people.

Step Two: Spend Badges

The number of badges you have to spend is actually quite low. 250. If you’ve got any amount of achievements you’ve probably gained thousands of badges of honor, and hopefully you haven’t already spent them. The perfect achievement for cowards, spend your way out of danger.

My advice, get an exotic piece of gear or two for an alt.

You get a lot of badges of honor in the new World vs World casual map Edge of the Mists, from chests and drops, so stick to that if you need to save up.

Step Three: Jump

Shinies in the Sky requires you to complete one of the borderlands jumping puzzles. There are numerous ways to do this with as little frustration as possible. Personally I wait for there to be as little activity on my home borderlands as possible, with as much territory taken by my server as possible. A sea of friendly objectives would likely deter enemies from camping a borderlands JP, and obviously means there are few invaders on the map anyway.

You could always grab some friends or your guild and go en masse as well.

The BL JPs are pretty inactive most of the time, so just don’t go during prime time and you’ll be fine.

Step Four: Also Jump

Obsidian Leaper in the Mists is the other jumping puzzle achievement.

My favourite thing to do here is to hang out in Obsidian Sanctum and just wait for a friendly mesmer to start porting people up from the water to near the end of the puzzle. It’s a long puzzle and a favourite of trolls so the likelihood of getting ganked here is higher than in a borderlands puzzle.

If you insist on going through the hard way, there are a few things that can mitigate difficulty. There are 3 stealth fountains you can use that give you 4 minutes of stealth. That will get you through large portions of the puzzle without trouble. Here’s a video showing the locations of the fountains.

Generally speaking I always let canaries run ahead of me to see if there will be trouble. And safety in numbers, do this with people.

Step Five: Ruin Things

This is great if your server has full control of your Borderlands Garrison, the keep directly south of spawn. Ruins are pretty dead most of the time, they’re seeing a bit of action now due to the achievement, but generally speaking you can make your way to these capture points with impunity.

The best part is you can see people coming from a mile away for the most part, and simply warp back to Garrison. From Garrison you can exit directly south and jump in the water just a stone’s throw to 2 nearby ruin locations.

Another bonus is that you can kill sentries along the way, if you’re working on that achievement.

One downside is how immensely boring it is, although that might be better than seeing some action for us cowards.

Step Six: Join a Zerg

I’m sorry, I know you’re a corward, but at some point to get this meta you are going to have to kill a whole whack of people. The best way to do that is to follow a zerg. My recommendation is to use whatever weapon and character you are most comfortable with but you would be helped if you choose to use an AoE skill set or a ranged weapon of some sort.

Tagging enemy players is the name of this game, so don’t be too proud or or too noble to tag a player who is already downed.

You only need 300 players total, which really isn’t that much overall. I could see a novice WvW player getting 300 kills in a few days at maximum if they devoted their time.

Step Seven: Edge of the Mists

If you’re going to zerg I’d recommend starting with Edge of the Mists. You can snag Towers, sentries, supply generators, invaders and most importantly for cowards like you and I, special objectives. Special objectives only require that you defeat a champion to capture the point, so even under the worst circumstances where an enemy zerg has taken all your objectives, you simply wait for the zerg to leave, Righteous Indignation to wear off, and capture 3 special objectives.

You only need 40, and if you’ve got a good zerg you’ll be capturing special objectives all the time in Edge of the Mists along with other possible achievement tracks.

Step Eight: NPC Killer

We’re cowards so we don’t like fighting other players, so what is the next best thing? Killing guards for the Guard Slayer achievement. It’s really easy in EOTM with probably twice the number of roaming guards, champions, and sentries, as anywhere else, though you probably won’t have an issue in WvW proper either.

Step Nine: Choose Your Own Adventure

Whilst cowering in a corner and completing all these other achievements you’ll likely gain a lot of progress on several different tracks. So it’ll be up to you to bravely choose which final achievement to go after.

Towers will likely be as easy to gain as special objectives, you need the same number and would likely get plenty of towers while going after special objectives.

Taking your own keep in EOTM after the map has become a karma train at night for wvw players is pretty easy. No effort is spent on defense most of the time so it gets taken pretty easily! We are not the only cowards! Hooray!

And of course you’ll take any number of sentries, supply camps, supply generators throughout your zerg, so really you have a lot of options here.

Step Ten: We All Gotta Die Someday

Death is a constant for living beings, and we have to come to terms with that. So I’m sorry but you’re going to have to take StoneMist Castle. It is the easiest way. You only need to take SM 3 times and for some servers that will happen in just one play session.

For low population servers which have been matched up against a bunch of dicks who decided to abandon their high ranking server because they weren’t doing so great and go beat up on smaller servers, it will be slightly harder.

Be sure to tailor your 10 achievements to your own taste. Enjoy the WvW tournament from the safety of skulking around, hiding, using others as human shields and generally running away!


  1. EoTM is the first thing that came to my mind. Most people who finished with in days did so via EoTM. It’s pretty much WvW on fast forward. The best thing is to try and hit it right at the start of a match and board the train from the get go.

    • Yeah. It’s definitely easier because of the lack of any kind of defense, particularly at night. And virtually anything you do counts as well so, its pretty good.

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