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What is this whole Scarlet thing about anyway? I’ve got my silly theory about Ellen Kiel, but it didn’t really dig into what Scarlet is attempting to do. There are a few different possibilities and I haven’t read any spoilers or much of any other theories, so I’m sure I’ll be wrong in the end, but it’s fun to try to figure things out.

Yeah it’s another completely speculation filled post based on lore, but what are you going to do? Spoilers ahead? Maybe?

I guess we start as far back as we can go. I don’t mean all the training Scarlet partook in however, we can skip that. That’s all just to illustrate the point that she’s quite clever. I’m more interested in other evidence like the Journal you got from the code fragments during Origins of Madness. She doesn’t seem to have completely rejected the pale tree at this point, as she is seeing a mender about her nightmares, but she somehow has drawn the attention of a powerful entity.

I wake from nightmares—screaming, confused, and scared. It’s getting wOrse. I’ve decided to talk to a mender. I’ve probably just been working too hard.

Every night, the same terrors. It never changes. The mender was unable to help Me, and I feel like I’m losing control of myself.

When the nightmare starts, an entity calls to me. I run—run into a sea of dArkness. But no matter how hard I try to escape, it keeps calling me.

I’m trying not to sleep—too scareD to even close my eyes… So scared. Whispers come from the forest all night long, calling me, taunting me, possessing me.

Tonight, I saw it. I started into the abyss, anD it stared back at me. So much power. I don’t know what’s real and what isn’t anymore.

Control of my world, of myself, is slipping through my hands. And yet, I’m no longer scared.

It communicated with me through images of death, destruction, and destiny. I must know more. I must confront it and put an end to this madness.

That’s when she goes off to confront said entity via Omadd in What Scarlet Saw.

There’s a couple conclusions we can draw from the short story.

What Scarlet craves most is independence, to forge her own destiny.

“My people don’t have to take what we’re given, or be what we were “born to be.” No people do. We can change the rules… well, I can. And I’m going to.”

The prevailing theory is that the Pale Tree is much alike to Glint, in that it is a minion of a dragon that has broken free of its control. And that the Pale Tree created sylvari to fight dragons. Sylvari resistance to corruption being evidence towards this.

An insurmountable challenge is rising, and my people have been called to meet it. We are compelled by our creator to do so.

“But I reject that call. I reject the notion that that I must choose the Dream or be lost to Nightmare. The forces that push us this way or that can be redirected. They can be set against one another to the detriment of both, and now I know how.”

She doesn’t want to be for the dragons or against them, but set both sides against each other. Can she maintain her sanity and her independence after confronting the entity? Marjory doesn’t think so after reviewing some of the evidence gathered at the Dead End Bar.

Scarlet Briar: Ever since I came out of Omadd’s machine, you’ve been taking credit for my ideas. They are mine! Not yours.
Scarlet Briar: Let me be clear. I’m not doing this for you; I’m doing it for me. Nobody tells me what to do. Not ever.
Scarlet Briar: It’s not true. None of it. I don’t have to listen to you. Get out of my head!
Marjory Delaqua: I wonder if the voices in her head are real? What if what she saw in Omadd’s machine grabbed hold of her?
Marjory Delaqua: Scarlet rejected the Pale Tree because she wanted independence. What if Omadd’s machine cost her that?
Marjory Delaqua: Ironic that she rejected the Pale Tree to exert her independence, only to lose it to something else.

Scarlet and the entities endgame seem to align with each other. Is that because the entity has manipulated her or because they seek the same thing?

Okay so obviously, spoiler alert, the entity must be a dragon. Obviously. We know that powerful entities like the Pale Tree have a cognitive presence in the Eternal Alchemy and we already suspect that the Pale Tree is a dragon minion. So what other creatures could be found and confronted there but dragons?

And what do dragons want? They want to consume magic. The Zhaitan storyline made that very clear, particularly the mouths that fed the dragon, and the asura professor that proved that magic levels are lower due to dragons. Thaumanova helped her figure out where the ley lines were, and the probes helped her figure out where the magic was most powerful. So this entity wants Scarlet to drill into Lion’s Arch towards a crossing of ley lines, a source of powerful magic. The dragon wants to eat Lion’s Arch, for lack of a better description. But what does Scarlet want?

Is she so far gone that she can’t see that the dragon is manipulating her, or does she have plans of her own? Does she want to tap that power herself? Use it to become all powerful, perhaps a dragon herself? Or does she want to use it to destroy the dragons, and therefore end the cycle of destruction that they have wrought?

And which dragon is this? I think the answer can be sussed out. Which dragon would have more of a connection with a sylvari than any other? The dragon that created the Pale Tree, the dragon of forests and jungles. Scarlet even mentions that “whispers come from the forest”. So in a word, Mordremoth.

So yeah. Scarlet. I think she seems like she wants to change the world, maybe even for the better, but she doesn’t give a fig if anybody dies in order for her to achieve her goals. She’s crazy, but I don’t like to dismiss characters motivations just because they’re crazy. Sometimes crazy people think they’re the hero, or that they’re doing the right thing. Maybe Scarlet thinks that. Or maybe the dragon, whichever one it is, is in full control.

Obviously there are some big spoilers floating around the ether, I’ve avoided them as best I can, but I’m sure some of this is already known to be wrong. But personally I think this is a lot more fun than already knowing the answers.


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