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I was thinking about ascended crafting the other day and it seems pretty likely we’ll have ascended jewelry before too long, we’ve had the Xunlai Electrum Ingot storage space for ages. What I haven’t seen a hint of is ascended cooking. Surely there will be some form of ascended foods right?

Well the short answer is not necessarily. There are no ascended potions from artificer, and no ascended crafting storage spaces for anything that looks like food. Which is a damn shame really, ascended potions and foods could be a way of fixing a bunch of things that I don’t like or are missing from foods and potions.

For instance I want longer lasting food and potions. Most level 80 items last 30 minutes, but I think the majority of content in Guild Wars 2 tends to last longer than a half hour. I’d like to see more foods with 45 minute and 1 hour timers. This could be a way to progress cooking up to 500, with 45 minute recipes helping people get to 450, and 1 hour recipes at 500.

Then again I wonder what effect the Metabolic Primer cash shop item would have on that idea. It specifically makes foods last longer. Great for those 12 hour gameplay sessions. I joke, but yeah, I’ve done that.

Another thing I’d like to see foods and potions do is shed the experience gain. The vast majority give you +10% experience, +15% experience, no experience gain at all, or a very few give +5% karma. I think there is a lot of room to grow here.

First of all why not open up the number of foods that boost karma? The few that do universally also give +Healing Power. There are plenty of stats people might want to use with a karma food. Not to mention with significant nerfs to karma gain, there would be no harm in more karma foods.

And why not expand on the number of things these foods might boost. Omnomberry Bars boost gold find, along with a small number of other foods. But we could also add percentage gains to such things as World XP, Guild Influence, a Gathering Bonus maybe even agony resistance. I’m sure there’s quite a few other stat combinations and proc possibilities that could be used as well. There is no lack of experience in Guild Wars 2 so I’d definitely like to see more variety.

On a more speculative note, most high level foods have 2 stats and an xp boost. Would there be more room for celestial foods, for 3 stats and a boost, other combinations? More Dragon’s Revelry Starcake please.

Finally I think trays, pots, and feasts could probably be cleaned up a bit, with more affordable recipes, and a larger variety of choice. Not to mention so little documentation, I can’t even find Pot of Meat and Winter Vegetable Stew on the wiki. Can we throw some of the recipes out as a reward once in a while? The recipe for Pot of Orrian Truffle Soup costs over 4g for the Bottles of Elonian Wine alone.

And of course, why are there no kegs for potions? Why can’t I share my potion wealth without having to organize who sends what potion to who due to in game mail suppression. And why don’t potions count towards the Thirst Slayer achievement? And Metabolic Primer doesn’t work on potions? Potions really get the short end of the stick. Ridiculous.

I don’t see any reason cooking shouldn’t be given the ascended treatment, or why potions have been left out.

There are plenty of food and potions that could use a kick in the pants in the demand department. Ascended cooking would certainly mean an opportunity to start consuming cooking materials. For example I think potions could use a daily feast type daily. There must be hundreds of thousands of potions selling below the costs of their production, he said without having done a single minute of any actual research at all. Although I doubt higher grade potion ingredients really need a jump start to their prices.

I’m sure lovers of this particular crafting profession are keen to see some action. To be honest I’m keen to make some money off of price spikes since my cooking tab is nearly full. That doesn’t mean I’m not 100% behind it on principle of course. Come on Arenanet, don’t forget about cooking and potions.

Final post script, perfect opportunity to add Fishing to the game!? Probably not.



  1. I like the exp boost on foods – whenever I’m leveling a character I make sure to have some sort of cheap food and potion on hand for that alone. However, I do certainly agree that there’s a lot of room to play around with things other than just exp boost. I’d also like to see more stat boost combos available out of foods – the spread that exists is pretty good, but sometimes I just can’t find the right thing I want and have to settle for something else.

    • And even if you do find the right stat combo it can be prohibitively expensive. But as for xp boosts, I feel like I have no use for them even at lower levels since i concentrate on world completion and personal story to level.

      • I usually use dailies and events to level (or doing things like going into LA on my level 48 warrior), so the xp boost helps because I’m always going to wind up killing things.

        The costs for some of the foods are insane.

  2. I wonder if it shouldn’t be craftable inscriptions instead? Most likely if it’s ascended, it should be non-consumable, otherwise it’ll be insanely expensive (since you can’t trade ascended and I have the feeling that ANet wouldn’t want cooking ascended to be tradeable either).

    I know food is useful, but I honestly rarely touch food (probably because I live my time in Tyria dead broke). Either way, cooking shouldn’t be neglected on the ascended crafting, but I’m just not sure it should be consumable. You know they’re going to require quite a bit. Maybe it’ll be account-bound replenishing food?

    • Cooking is all about consumable items so I have to assume thats exactly what it will be, as for trading, with trays and feasts and pots that really isn’t an issue, but I don’t think there is any rule that says we can’t trade ascended food. Its hardly the same thing as ascended armour.

      • If it is tradeable, I wonder how painful it will be to craft? I’m finding Ascendeds already pretty extensive (which isn’t a complaint). Perhaps they do have something pretty impressive up their sleeves? Would it be extreme buffs that last a long time? Would it be buffs that manage to boost stats an extraordinary amount? I don’t know. I’d be very curious what they dream up, because I’m believing it’s in the works.

  3. How about ascended dyes? When you’ve spent so much gold on your ascended armor, surely you’d want to add extra super special dyes. ^^

    • Now THAT sounds like a great idea to me!

    • There can’t be that many more dye colours can there? There were 400 at launch, don’t know how many now.

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