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I’m trying to get back into the regular swing of posting so I suppose I should comment on the new WvW map Edge of the Mists.

Overall I’m honestly surprised at the quality of it. It addresses a lot of my personal concerns regarding WvW, has plenty of new mechanics to make things more interesting, it’s beautiful and fun to explore, and I think it makes the PvP more interesting in a few ways.

To start with, my long term gripe with WvW is all the running. You run here, you run there, depending on what’s going on you won’t necessarily run into other zergs. Just take camp, take tower, take camp, take tower. The distances between locations alone are enough to drive me crazy.

In EOTM everything seems much closer together. I can’t exactly measure out the distances but it certainly feels like less of a chore. A lot of the supply generators are much closer to towers or keeps. Not that that is even a concern most of the time since if you own the generator that is closest, it feeds the supply depot inside the tower or keep with supply automagically.

And as someone who likes defending things that means a huge improvement over other WvW maps since siege weapons can be built quickly. Not only that but cannon and mortar emplacements appear when you take a location and can be built if you haven’t brought blueprints. It’s a great way to encourage defense. I hate being inside a BL or EB tower with no siege or supply and being able to do absolutely nothing. With these new mechanics one person can build multiple siege before an enemy zerg shows up, and with multiple doors to most places, allies can get in and help out while a place is under attack.

Another change that makes things interesting is the inability to upgrade doors and walls. That really pushes the responsibility for defense on to building siege and keeping scouts and defenders at the locations you want to keep. What does upgrading doors really do but make people spend more time butting their heads against a wall. PvDoor as they say.

And I really enjoy some of the special mechanics in each respective area, though some could be more useful. For instance I don’t think the Air Grenades from the airport are particularly great but I like the Altar’s tranformation into a ball of lightning that can knock people around. I haven’t had as much of a chance to check out the devourer transformation or wurm tunnels from Badlands to comment, but I do like all of the Overgrowth mechanics and virtually none of the Frostreach ones. Koda’s Armour (a 10% reduction in damage acquired at forge) is nice but I feel like it’s such a pain to go collect.

And I guess that leads into a bunch of other things I don’t like, mostly small things, mostly stuff that doesn’t detract from the fact that I really like the map overall.

I don’t like how the keep waypoint is both never available and not useful anyway. It’s way too easy to make the thing contested, a few roamers just wandering by the vicinity of the walls sets it off. It may as well not even be there, at least in the case of Frostreach. In that part of the map if you’re going to collect supply and get Koda’s Armour it ends up being pretty much the same distance from either wp.

I realize that red team is usually the low scorer, needs the most help, but I feel like they have a big advantage on this map. More so than in the other WvW maps. Better unique mechanics, easier to defend, and a simplistic layout. Frostreach is like the minotaur’s labyrinth compared to Overgrowth. Part of me applauds that move, red typically needs help, but part of me is annoyed by the momentary lapses I have in sense of direction while in Frostreach. I actually really like Frostreach, it’s way more interesting, but organizing elsewhere must be so much easier.

Another thing I’m not a fan of is just how often you can get knocked off the side. It just bugs me that one person with one skill can take out multiple people if they so wish and in so many places.

Also some places are insanely easy to defend. As an example Inferno’s Needle with proper siege and an organized group has little hope of being taken, and the walk around leaves such ample time to prepare that I’ve seen groups fight over it for an hour, the only way to take the place is by surprise.

Which sort of leads into my final gripe, the layout. I’m not talking about the confusing aspect of some paths here, I’m talking about stuff like Frostreach keep. God forbid you lose Frostreach, because retaking it might not be worth your effort. Anyone holding that keep has better access to supply than you do, and it takes them less time to get to it. They can destroy access points to the keep easily, and they can make you go through 3 doors on the most direct route inside, unless you want to go through the zig zag layout that is a death trap. In my opinion you should always have some form of advantage to retake your own keep, but the number of times I’ve seen a pro group just dominating it is silly.

It’s a great map with big improvements for WvW that I hope are transferred over to the other maps or into new maps as soon as possible. Unfortunately I think we all know that won’t come for a while, which is a damn shame.


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