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In case I’m right, spoiler alert. But what are the chances really.

So I was reading Will’s post about E and how we should definitely be seeing a resolution to just who this person is and realized I have my own theories I should probably blog about. Of course I’m a bit more speculative and like to predict things so I guess I’m more interested in figuring out who E is before it’s revealed.

I’ve been thinking for a while that E must be either Evon Gnashblade or Ellen Kiel, that much must be pretty obvious to everyone. What I don’t think is obvious is that up until the election of Ellen it was probably an open question to Arenanet as to who E would turn out to be. As someone on reddit put it, it’s a veritable shroedinger’s cat situation, E was both possibilities, until the election.

The election isn’t just important because we chose a candidate though, it’s important due to the machinations of Scarlet. Scarlet’s plan, as made more clear during the Dead End Bar instance recently, was to create an opening on the council and fill that spot with Mai Trin, her lackey. Mai Trin would have gone on to weaken Lion’s Arch defenses and otherwise cause disruption. And so Theo Ashford was killed, but Mai Trin was captured and her plans foiled, supposedly.

But what if Scarlet is one step ahead? She succeeded in creating an open spot on the council, and a new captain was elected. Ellen was in charge of security at Dragon’s Bash, where Theo Ashford was killed, and she now captains a commandeered Aetherblade ship. Now we’re moving towards endgame which seems to be centered around Lion’s Arch. Pretty convenient.

And Evon? Well he’s plenty skeptical of Ellen Kiel’s priorities. “Kiel’s playing in the Mists while her leash-holder, Magnus, has the best Lionguard out in Caledon Forest. We’re undefended here.” Has Ellen used her influence to leave Lion’s Arch wide open? Evon’s concern is for Lion’s Arch, it seems pretty likely to me that he is E.

As Will says, why write something into the story without using it. E served one purpose, to start an independent investigation into Scarlet, one that operated outside the scope of the Lionguard perhaps? Evon might have to operate anonymously due to his status as head of the Black Lion Trading Company to avoid a conflict of interest or avoid endangering himself.

I don’t know if any of this is right. Frankly Arenanet has to keep things relatively simple because a lot of players miss plot points that the rest of us take for granted. They could be broadcasting their story from a loudspeaker in game and it would still go over many peoples heads. It would be nice if the living story were as complex as I’m giving it credit for, but in all likelihood Ellen is as she seems, a hero. But it would be so awesome if she weren’t.

As for Scarlet, I’ve got my own theories about who or what is in her head.




  1. I’ve gotta say: before I scrapped it in favour of my current (fact-lite) post, I had written half an article saying exactly that – Kiel has now engineered herself a position of power and is directing the LA defenses to the skies when the first danger is surely from below!
    The only thing we succeeded in doing during Dragon Bash was capturing Mai Trin (who has now, conveniently, escaped from Lionguard custody).

    I scrapped the article because I couldn’t find a way to put it as clearly as you did.

    Wanna join me in standing guard outside Kiel’s office?

    • In addition:

      If she is, indeed, taking charge of Lion’s Arch’s air defenses, then what is stopping her sabotaging them?
      Then she is the only Captain (I believe) in possession of an airship.

    • If you keep in mind that *we* did all the work at southsun where ellen kiel first got all the attention, it really shows how devious she is.

  2. I personally think that E is actually Evon AND Ellen, simply because their relationship is kinda… weird.

    If you follow Ellen around Lion’s Arch, you’ll see her going from the captain’s bar all the way to the BLTP, where she briefly meets with Evon. Evon sits on his perch all day and just moves from time to time to meet Ellen.

    So either Ellen is under influence of Evon for some reason (she’s the one that waits for him, not the other way around) or both may be working together on something.

    • The thing that makes me think they’re not working together is the anonymity. Why would they need to be anonymous? Unless for safety reasons, concealing their involvement from someone.

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