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As a follow up to my post about bank slots, I said I’d make a post about my collection tabs. I think I’ll skip which miniatures I have, and crafting materials tend to have a less involved story for how I got them, but I’ll still hold to the same basic format as the previous post.

Common crafting materials.


As you can see right away I’ve been trying to fill my collection tabs to maximum. I’m the rare type of player who feels a weird obligation to max these things out. Obviously with some types of drops this is harder to do, but with common crafting materials it’s entirely plausible.

Anything not at maximum capacity at this point is due to my efforts in ascended crafting, in particular silk, leathers, elder wood. Most of these are naturally collected, but when crafting I’m not above buying cheap materials.

Hardest things to fill, for me especially while trying to max crafting professions, are soft wood and iron. But at least I can go out and gather those, the leathers and cloths are what bother most people I think, since they mostly only come from drops and bags.

Fine crafting materials.


Tier 1 and tier 5 fine crafting materials are the easiest materials to fill to 250 I would say. After maxing out every crafting profession, sometimes multiple times, the mid-tier materials have been hard to fill. At one point I was buying out cheap mid level container bag drops off the auction house. I wanted to see if Rare Crafting Materials (as in the next tab down) dropped enough to make them a good investment. Typically they don’t (I certainly got lucky with the spike in linen prices but as I saved the linen, I didn’t profit abundantly) but, it certainly helped fill up some of these slots, not to mention fill out linen and some of my leathers. It was a good deal before everybody figured out it was a good way to get linen.

I would say the main reason my tier 6 materials are as robust as they are right now, even after maxing out some ascended crafting professions, is due to Mystic Clovers. I’ve been using the 10 clover recipe which has been remarkably rewarding, but perhaps I was just lucky.

A few oddities worth mentioning. My engraved totems sit at about 11. These do not appear in any bags, drop only from 4 mobs in two zones, and currently sit at about 2.50 on the auction house. Wish I had more, don’t understand why they’re quite that rare compared to every other item in this tab. I’ve been doing the karka queen on a regular basis so I’d say I have quite a few shells compared to most. And if you don’t have a full stack of watchwork sprockets, I don’t know what you were doing wrong during the Scarlet invasions.

Rare crafting materials.


This is a collection tab I’ve resigned to never filling to capacity. Unless I buy everything in it. As you can see I have small numbers of the low level shards, fragments, and slivers. Some are rare drops, some from bags I bought. Cores and lodestones come from all manner of sources, dungeons, orrian jewelry boxes, champ boxes, chests, you name it. I’d probably have more of all of these except I foolishly use them towards crafting on occasion. It’s never worth it but I do it anyway to level up.

I also gave away many of my charged lodestones and cores to people who were looking to make a legendary with those, since they’re quite expensive and I’m a fucking great guy.

I used to sell the vile essence and putrid essence and only recently stopped in order to fill them to capacity.

The ectos are technically at capacity for the moment if anyone saw the bank account post. I keep the slot mostly empty so that I can deposit at will.

The large skulls were something I happened to speculate on, long ago, when their price dropped a bit. Should probably buy the remaining 12 as I’ll never get them as drops.

I’m slowly turning my extra quartz into charged quartz, but I’ll probably never max those out either.

The obsidian at one point was far more than maxed out. I had at least 350 or more from saving up my karma potions and using karma boosts while buying orrian jewelry boxes, it was such a good haul. Those have gone away due to Mystic Clovers and ascended crafting.

I do dailies and monthlies regularly so I have plenty of mystic coins.

My first full stack of pristine toxic spore samples was a tedious amount of farming.

I suppose I could spend the karma on 250 sun beads. For the longest time I didn’t think they were even in the game, but they’re a karma heart item in Sparkfly Fen.

Ascended crafting materials.


Right so, another tab I’ll likely never fill. Except maybe the bloodstone dust and bricks. The only empty slots are the future ascended jewelry materials (I assume) and the only full slot is thermocatalytic reagent. I would say the only reason I have as much dark matter as I do is that I salvaged many of the exotic weapons I made with huntsman when leveling it to 500.



The majority of jewels in here came through gathering, with a small percentage through bags. Thanks to mining orichalcum and ancient wood (and nodes in their vicinity) on a regular basis I can easily max out tier 5 and tier 6 jewels. I did have to go out of my way to harvest a lot of coral to max both those out, and it will be a long time before I max out anything in the low and mid tier ranks, but the only thing I don’t think I’ll be able to max out is azurite, as it’s now only available from one fractal.

It’s funny to think I only have this many pearls because I wanted to max out clams in my food tab, or how I maxed out opal crystals long ago because I farmed the temple of lyssa for charged lodestones and cores a few times. I wonder how much those passion flowers are worth? 26 gold.

Cooking materials.


A lot of these came fairly easily. I think stuff like carrots, mushrooms, blueberries, it was just a matter of not selling them when I got them. Other things I outright bought with karma or cash, because essentially that’s the only way to get them. The only things you won’t see maxed out are either karma items I haven’t gotten around to buying or materials that are rare as all hell.

For instance, yams. They’re so rare I don’t even remember where to get them, I have to wiki them right now to tell you they are from root vegetables in Hirathi Highlands (1 zone!) and bags of pilfered goods.

If it’s near an ori or ancient node however, I likely have plenty of them. All of the high level harvesting nodes whether they’re rare or not from turnips to snow truffles to passion fruit, if it’s commonly close by I’ll harvest it. Seaweed mostly came out of my pursuit of coral however, and items that only come from specific patches had to be targeted until they were done, cauliflower, lettuce, sugar pumpkins, and I’m currently working on spinach and cabbage.

Lemongrass is yet another rare one, but in pursuit of it I’ve managed to max out my cayenne pepper and start selling it for profit, along with work towards coriander seed.

Oranges were a very common drop from one of the types of bags I had been buying.

Leeks and green onions are by far my most hated materials, worthless but always nearby.

Festive materials.


I actually think that they give out way too much candy corn and too little of the other Halloween materials. You have to really want to farm that stuff or just buy it, which isn’t fun for some people. And you can see how they repeat that mistake with Wintersday items too, plenty of Giant presents but no small or medium ones unless you aim for them, which I did.

It’s at the point where a great reward would be High-Quality Plastic fangs (which take 1000 plastic fangs to make) would be a good reward. Only they don’t give them out as rewards.

It’ll take a long time to fill some of these out, and likely never for the rare and exotic versions.

And the rest is mini’s which is even less interesting than the above.


  1. Hum. Why don’t you buy Collection Expanders? They are relatively cheap and so convenient. You could expand collection stacks up to 1000 pieces per stack. Cool.

    • Under no circumstances do I want to make more work for myself. I don’t have any need for more space, don’t want to spend the gold/money, don’t see any reason to.

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