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Tillion from Dragon Season tweeted that he might start playing in WvW if this link comes true. Essentially it’s a plea for Arenanet to better motivate people to defend objectives, instead of just zerging around and taking them. It’s probably the biggest problem with WvW. A lack of diverse tactics, play-styles or options. Nothing beats the zerg and the zerg doesn’t defend.

And while I could drone on about how to fix the zerg, or how you can’t really fix the zerg, I’d rather talk about Guild Missions in WvW, and how they don’t exist.

There is a whole section of guild upgrades devoted to WvW and most hardcore WvW players don’t even go to PvE, so they don’t have access to guild commendations or anything of the sort. Why aren’t there guild missions in WvW to take/hold a keep, tower, or camp? Certainly this could help address the problem of defending objectives, though obviously it would not be anything close to a full solution. As an added bonus however, I think it would encourage more people from PvE to explore WvW.

To get into specifics, I think you would design these WvW missions similar to the other guild missions. Lower tiers would have simple objectives, e.g. take a camp and hold it for ten minutes. Higher tiers would have much more difficult objectives, e.g. take a keep and hold it for an hour.

Some of the mechanics for this already exist. You can “claim” towers and keeps, and there are events for defending towers and keeps. Seems like a no-brainer really.

I’m sure there are all kinds of potential problems with it. If the mechanic were to rest on Guild Claiming, how do you stop people from tagging along and claiming the objective before you do? How does one guild defend against the above mentioned dreaded zerg? If a camp is the objective, doesn’t that make it even harder to defend with no walls? What if nobody even attacks the tower you’ve taken, how boring would that be, and wouldn’t you just be handing out guild commendations for nothing? Which towers should be the objectives, and which camps/keeps? If it’s made to be any camp or keep the guild chooses it could lead to some fairly easy objectives.

Aside from Guild Missions motivating people to hold objectives instead of just waiting for the zerg to leave, I’d say you could have a Daily Defend for WvW, maybe improve the rewards, or perhaps somehow make it easier to defend against zergs.


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