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My boring gathering routines.

With Ascended crafting the profitability of gathering has shot up over the past few months and I’ve been spending a lot of my time doing that. I find it relaxing and sometimes contribute to my servers page over at What strikes me as interesting is the large number of ways one could spend their time gathering and still make money, instead of it being a total waste of time in lower levels as in some games.

Probably the best way to gather is to park all the alt characters you don’t use in an area with tightly packed orichalcum, ancient, or other valuable nodes and just log into them one by one to gather what you can.

Although efficient, I tend to find that boring, so I usually wander around on my thief, sometimes just following the GW2nodes map, sometimes branching out. My thief is ideal due to being able to stealth into a mobbed up area and then just leave without being slowed down by CC or combat movement speeds. I’ve also put all my infinite mining tools on my thief due to this.

Of course I tend to get tempted by nearby nodes quite a bit. I mean so many nodes are valuable these days. If I’m in Orr, why wouldn’t I go get that omnomberry? Orrian Truffles, ghost pepper, and lotus are all decently profitable. I’ll even go for coral most of the time. They don’t sell at all on the AH, but a green coral tentacle is a guarenteed 1s, and a coral orb is 2s. Most of the time that’s more money than a mithril or cypress node.

If I go to Southsun for the ori or ancient, why wouldn’t I go after passion fruit and passion flowers? The fruit is selling at over 1s and it’s tightly packed near pearl islet. If I can find a Blooming node, that is 20s right there. Yet I never see anyone else gathering in the area. There are usually 3 or 4 Blooming nodes in the zone, but the place is deserted on the Northern Shiverpeaks server.

A popular place with Twit Guild is a location in Mount Maelstrom they like to call “The Patch”. It’s a reliable location for 4 or 5 verdant herb nodes southwest of the Crucible of Eternity. Vanilla is the big attraction, which can make a quick trip there worth around 30s if you’re lucky. Myself I actually start a bit west, near Ashen waypoint, travel north, then south, collecting hard wood and platinum (if I need it) along with verdant and mature herbs, down along the coast to the artichoke (80c) patch, then turn north towards “The Patch”. It usually turns out pretty well, though sometimes all I come away with is tarragon (40c).

A few weeks ago when I really needed to stock up on platinum I started going to northwest Sparkfly Fen a lot. Between the cauliflower patch (worthless but I usually gather when I see a patch because I see it as an opportunity to try for an unidentified dye) and the vista to the south there is a chance for as many as 3 rich platinum nodes to spawn. There’s always one, and sometimes a few regular nodes. Platinum is at about 2s, not super expensive but if you spend your money in the AH when you could be gathering it for free, that’s the reason you’re poor.

Lately I’ve been pretty low on softwood, and looking all over Tyria has yielded few results for large numbers of softwood in a small radius. There doesn’t seem to be anything reliable from one server reset to the next when all the nodes relocate. I’ve ended up going to Forlorn Gates waypoint outside Ebonhawke quite a bit. It’s not great but it’s more reliable than any other location I’ve found thus far. I’ll start there and head northeast eventually ending up in the grape patch in ogre territory to the southeast. Old Gate waypoint in Diessa is a possibility but it’s a bit hit or miss. I’m still looking for a good spot.

Another thing I’ve been doing lately that Shongaqu turned me on to was gathering from herb patches in northeast Straits of Devestation. Start at Fort Trinity and go north and west, you’ll run into a lot of asparagus, herbs, cayenne pepper and artichoke. I have a strange OCD obsession with filling my collection storage to 250 (no I’m not getting the collection expander. Crazy, but not that crazy) and some of the things here are on my list of things to get. It’s a pretty quick run so I’ve been doing it quite a bit. The more profitable aspects are the cayenne pepper and coriander seed, both selling around 4.5s, and the lemongrass (although much rarer) at 13s.

About the only other spot I go to on a regular basis is the Terra Carorunda waypoint in northeast Blazeridge Steppes. I spiral out from that waypoint in a clockwise direction collecting kale, zucchinis, seasoned wood, but mostly iron and herbs. I can get chili peppers, dill sprigs, and plenty of other rare and profitable herbs.

Probably the most surprising things to me that are still worth gathering are carrots and onions. They’re the most basic vegetables, found everywhere, only one crafting profession uses them, and yet they’re still worth around 1s each. I don’t know any really lucrative gathering spots for them, aside from maybe just north of Lion’s Arch where I sometimes get my Daily Variety done.

I think a lot of people don’t check in on prices a lot, so they don’t see when things happen like the cooking recipe that became really popular and spiked carrots up to 3s a while back. That and it’s so common in other games for low level materials to become a worthless waste of time. I guess another reason people don’t take advantage of these profitable situations is because overall gathering is pretty boring. Well, perhaps that’s the main reason.


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