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I was in the mumble for Relics of Orr talking with my guildies when Trivierre, one of the some time hosts for the show, mentioned that the new release kind of reminded her of launch. I keep thinking about how interesting that is.

What I think she was getting at was that heady, eager feeling of exploring a new world, encountering new characters, discovering new content and doing all that in a social setting with friends.

Most games only have a one time short period where everyone is playing it, everyone is enjoying it, talking about it, nerdgasming over it. If it’s an MMO maybe you get a second breath of life with an expansion or major update.

In Guild Wars 2, I’ve been getting that feeling a lot.

A monthly update schedule at first, and now a two week cadence, have made for numerous points in the games history where people start flooding into new content like ravenous carnivores intent on their next meal. I don’t think this happens with every update, but certainly far more often than any other MMO I’ve ever played.

It feels kind of like launch. Almost a perpetual launch state. Not quite of course. We’re still a year in and some of the annoyances are too big to ignore, some of the mechanics too familiar to be excited by again. But it’s so interesting that a year in, that we have even a hint of that launch feeling.



  1. Culling removal helps a lot with this feeling did it not?

    • Yeah it definitely adds even more to the feeling of being surrounded by a lively healthy game.

      • Culling removal and new event that have invasion to diferent zones each hour…

        I think the players that will try the game free next weekend will ask “but this game was not dead? how it is possible there are so many people playing it?”

        • GW2 for me has far fewer of those type of people in the game than I’ve seen in other games.

  2. I get the same feeling from guild chat these last couple of months.

    I took a break a while back.. when the game felt like there was nothing to it beyond “Maw up!”, “Worm pre!”, “Shat!”, “Teq 50%!” and running from world boss to world boss.

    But since I returned round about Bazaar of the Four Winds time, it’s been totally different. Chat has been dominated by people doing new content and talking about new content.

    Didn’t occur to me to think “it’s like launch time!” but now that you mention it, it is!

    • There has definitely been some lulls in activity, some content updates are better than others, but I think arenanet shows they can keep pumping up activity with new releases.

  3. I don’t know, I do like and appreciate the two week updates, however, that being said, sometimes it seems too much too fast. But it’s a fine line and anet will never make everyone happy. I suppose it’s better to have too much than too little, but I myself miss out on a lot of stuff due to lack of time, or even logging on after an update and being a little overwhelmed. Like stimulus overload.

    • I sort of agree. My wife and I have serious problems keeping up with the 2 week cycle because we have a lot of real life responsibilities. Selfishly, it would be nice if it was 3 weeks to a month.

      • I sympathize and agree. 2 weeks is too fast. I have friends who are die hard fans of guild wars 2 and they just do not have the time to spend on the content. People with jobs, kids, a life, don’t have time.

    • I wish it wasn’t every 2 weeks, its a little much. Anyone with a job would have a terrible time keeping up and I think arenanet may have trouble with alienating people who can’t play games 24/7.

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