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Since before Guild Wars 2 was launched people have speculated about what weapons we would be able to use. Imagination was our only limit.

Now, some 11 months after launch, we’ve grown used to our skills and the weapons each class uses. We’re more aware of the weaknesses in each class, what they lack, and what people would look forward to. I think we can begin to theorize more accurately on what weapons we might use in the future based on that knowledge.

And with the mid year update from Colin’s blog and interviews in MMORPG.com and other places, we know that they’re looking to add new skills.


We’ll begin regularly adding new skills and traits to the game for each profession to expand your characters and builds!


What’s more is that the team is also working very hard on finding a way to make it so that every profession has access to every weapon…

That’s a lot of skills and I don’t think we can count on them ever actually accomplishing the goal of adding every weapon to every profession, but I do think we can count on some of the more obvious choices.

But for now I just want to talk about the engineer.


Starting with existing weapons there is a call for more melee options for the engineer. Most speculation seems to revolve around the hammer. Thematically it fits with engineer and currently only the warrior and guardian use the weapon. I imagine the skills would mostly have to center around crowd control, a medium class would need to avoid damage, but the engineer is very technologically orientated. Straight-forward generic hammer skills that don’t involve some technological gizmo or scientific achievement wouldn’t work. I would imagine similar results to other hammer skills, but different methods.

There is also the possibiity that Arenanet considers the hammer to be far too heavy and big for a more technological and nerdy themed class. One doesn’t necessarily picture a real life engineer in anything but horn-tipped glasses and a white collared shirt with a pocket protector. I don’t see a medium class character having the physical strength to launch foes with a traditional hammer. One of the reasons I expect a more technological take on it.


Unfortunately engineers already thwack enemies with a wrench using the Tool Kit. I’m not sure how likely it is to add another one-handed weapon that might end up doing some of the same things. Partnering mace with a shield would give you a very similar skill set to Tool Kit.

It already is the mace option. Just check out this preview image of Fixer Upper, an exotic named mace and contrast that with what I’m holding, the Tool Kit wrench.


On a side note Tool Kit has some pretty interesting gameplay options (take a look at this excellent Toolkit spec video) but it isn’t very popular. I think the main problem is, obviously, that engineers (or any class really) don’t do too well in melee range. While skill one and skill 3 are decent in the Tool-kit, I don’t think the auto-stacks enough vulnerability. Skill two doesn’t have good durations for the bleed or cripple, which is a common problem in my opinion for engineer condition durations.


With a little imagination you could potentially put any weapon in the hands of an engineer, as long as it has a tech themed feel to it. Then again with kits, it’s hard to imagine what would fit as a weapon when a kit probably already does the job. What would a torch skill do that the Flamethrower Kit doesn’t already handle?

That’s what makes the focus interesting to me. There is no readily obvious answer. But the energy coming off a focus reminds me of asura and the eternal alchemy. Surely if we build a gizmo that harnesses that power, we’d have a cool off-hand.

Shield and pistol have crowd control on off-hand, so I’d want to go more offensive or utility. There’s no obvious answer here, just something I’d like to see.


New weapons are always welcome, and for an engineer, aside from new kits, the only thing I can imagine that truly fits is a crossbow. Whether this crossbow is two-handed or perhaps a one-handed mini-crossbow doesn’t matter to me but here’s some things I’d like to see it do.

I think a crossbow themed after an engineer would be an excellent place to try out some kind of taser and other electricity themed skills. Shoot out a line and electrify your target, perhaps stunning them. Some kind of electrical net, although I think that moves into net turret territory. Maybe it could shoot out a net that acts as a wall, similar to the underwater skill or guardian walls. I suppose a crossbow would be a good place to add a skill that brings opponents to you, though I personally prefer ranged on engineer.

There are some small problems of course, skills leeching into already existing skills like poison dart volley which already fires darts in a crossbow like fashion.


I guess that’s about as wide ranging as my speculation is going to get. I did try writing this post about 2 months ago and thankfully didn’t have to change too much.



  1. I always thought it was an odd oversight to not give the Engineer a hammer.

    • Well I don’t know, battle hammers never struck me as a medium class thing but yes you have a point.

      • Hammer skills: Toss Gadget (throws hammer at them while screaming ‘you broke it, you fix it’), Whack Stupid User (uses the handle only), Hard Reset (presses red button on hammers handle – it was working a second ago…), Recompile (throws hammer over shoulder high in the air for big aoe damage), Take Hammer Home (its the engineers hammer and you can’t see it work but it does work)… bit low on dps but its fun to use.

  2. […] stats. Maybe that’s a hint that pistol/pistol mesmer will be possible soon… *dreams* 😉 Hunter’s Insight also talks about this… I agree that I would really love to see my engineer with a […]

  3. I want a portal gun and a plasma cannon…

    And maybe that sonic blasters from Molten Alliance and dredges…

    • Some fair ideas but I think they’d have to be kits, since pistols and rifles are already taken.

  4. I know this is mostly focused on the Engineer, but when you quoted about every class having every weapon I couldn’t stop thinking about that on the Elementalist. And how many more skills that would entail. Not including the combo skills. I doubt they’ll do it for them though, right?

    • Yeah, that would be quite the undertaking. I can see new offhands easily enough, maybe a new main hand, but one new two handed weapon is 20 new skills. That’s a lot.

  5. “I think the main problem is, obviously, that engineers (or any class really) don’t do too well in melee range.”

    I come at this from an opposite perspective. Almost every class, in my opinion, is best at melee range. And engineer is the class I have found that is perhaps the best at melee out of the bunch of 8. That toolkit is seriously powerful when well used. It never goes off my action bar, and my engineer frequently takes on near tank like duties in groups with it while putting out a lot of confusion damage.

    • When I said that I was thinking mostly of dungeons, and melee is typically not a good idea in dungeons.

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