Sea of Sorrows: Live Blog Part 2

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So I read for about 4 or 5 hours yesterday and only got about 167 pages in. Whether or not I finish the book today I probably won’t do a live blog part 3.

Certainly plenty of interesting things in the live blog yesterday, but I don’t know if I’m attached to any of the characters but Macha who I think is being a bit too nice.

Anyway, on with the show.

4:00 – Isaye and Cobiah sure get chummy fast.

4:04 – Would also like to know where Port Noble is.

4:08 – Now predicting people requesting ackle-denth be added to Guild Wars 2 in some way.

4:13 – Surprised we haven’t heard more about Baede.

4:17 – The wreckage of the ring of fire islands? Why would there be wreckage, or am I overthinking that?

4:28 – Feels like they forgot about the capricorn real fast after that zombie attack.

4:32 – Verahd is a big shout out to the original Guild Wars I feel. What with the tattoos and sigils and what not.

4:40 – Finally, some norn. What took so long.

4:45 – Really liking the introduction of the guardian here. Kind of annoying that Macha is the only one that knows anything of any importance. Oh there’s a new type of magic? Macha knows. Oh there’s a secret transport of gold going on? Macha knows. There’s a way to determine lattitude? Macha knows.

4:52 – Ah Captain Moran, of Moran Memorial fame I presume.

4:52 – Which brings up a thought, are any of the names of these characters on the Moran Memorial?

5:01 – How does one make the sign of dwayna in the air. Should be an emote.

5:02 – Their sacrifice will be remembered in the halls of the Zaishen? That’s a thing apparently. I mean the Zaishen still exist, there are even some Zaishen NPCs in LA but I think the lore needs to be fleshed out around them more.

5:07 – Cobiah has raided the xunlai warehouses on Lake Bounty. Nie job. Wish I knew where any of this stuff was. edit: Genderren Fields.

5:22 – So the Harbinger doesn’t seem completely destroyed yet, I guess that explains why it’s sunk far closer to Malchor’s. Was beginning to wonder.

5:26 – You’d think someone would mention to the norn, members of the Priory researching the undead, something about Cobiah being there when Orr rose. Just saying. SoS is full of convenient silences and miraculous coincidences.

5:30 – Or maybe they did sink Harbinger? I guess I didn’t read closely enough.

5:35 – So Lion’s Arch is built on King Baede’s stolen gold.

5:43 – Interesting having 7 years pass and the town is essentially built, hearing about their problems.

5:45 – Recognized the name Brother Bilshan immediately, he’s in GW1. Can’t be accurate though, that would make him extremely old.

6:02 – I’ve been reading about the internal politics of Lion’s Arch. It has not been completely uninteresting, but there is little to comment on.

6:09 – One of my favourite insults is mouth-breather.

6:21 – Yomm gets a lot of focus here. Yomm’s Merchantile is a point of interest in LA.

6:29 – Cobiah is kind of a dirtbag at times. Pirates.

6:37 – Kind of picturing Verahd using the elementalist tornado skill.

6:40 – The gw2 wiki reminds me why the name blipp sounds familiar.

6:45 – Too many repeated asura names. First blipp, now flax.

6:49 – This isn’t really a criticism, but sometimes I just get a little tired of the unrelenting references to charr viciousness. Of course the charr’s ship name is Brutality.

6:57 – If mesmers can pull off this many illusions it makes me wonder why they don’t have as many stealth skills as thieves.

7:00 – Sonic screwdriver.

7:06 – I didn’t think Grimjaw was a genius or anything but attack Orr? For what purpose? I don’t get it.

7:26 – A fairly compelling, intrigue laden, run of pages. I like how the clues are there for anyone to find them.

7:34 – Cobiah bites charr ears! I was actually waiting for that.

7:41 – Hey everybody! Guess what? I found the bomb!

7:56 – A ranger pricess trained by the Tyrian Explorer’s Society. Glad to see that organization has slightly more to do than stalk me and send me letters.

8:00 – Good to see several mentions of attempts at peace by charr/humans only for those attempts to be squashed in some way. Builds up Ghosts of Ascalon.

8:11 – Always glad to read more about the lineage and get into who these people were. Edair sounds like quite the villain.

Okay I think that’s enough for today, if I choose to make more notes, I’ll add them to the bottom of this post. Thanks for reading.


  1. bilshan isn’t the only character you’ll find in the book that would be ‘quite old’ 🙂 sad to hear u might not do it for the whole book.

    • Yeah definitely some unlikely names but I’m going to assume they’re just coincidental or the same name but different people.

      • No, I’m talking about an actual character from gw1 in the book. One which has had a decent amount of theorizing done about them and their actions post gw1. Dunno if u’ve finished the book, but the character was towards the end.

  2. “Certainly plenty of interesting things in the live blog yesterday, but I don’t know if I’m attached to any of the characters but Macha who I think is being a bit too nice.”

    Yeah… that doesn’t last. Lets just say I’m surprised there is a part of town named after her, given what happens later on. 🙂

    • Yeah I had the same thought.

      • So… nevermind… Got further in the book. Won’t say why, but it will be very obvious why they kept that place named for her.

  3. At least give us your thoughts about the book when you finish it! To me it was a cool book, the best of the lot so far. I really enjoyed it. I’ve gone back to the game and had a look around, haven’t done the hunt thingo but it certainly added a lot to the game for me. Thank you Ree Soesbee.

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