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Oh for I have heard the clamouring masses. The outcries and pleas for a live blogging of Sea of Sorrows, the 3rd novel in the Guild Wars novel trilogy. And behold! I have come.

Yeah. Nobody is looking for me to do this.

It has been a long wait. Ghosts of Ascalon (which I reviewed here, and live blogged here and here) was released in the summer of 2010, 3 years ago. Edge of Destiny (which I reviewed here, and live blogged here and here) was released a mere 6 months later. We’ve had a bit of Guild Wars 2 lore here and there, what with the release of the game, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been waiting for this for a long time.

GoA was definitely my favourite of the previous two books. The characters were complex, Dougal Keane was actually somewhat of an anti-hero. Edge of Destiny was action packed but lacking in character development. Certainly I didn’t feel the climactic sequence was justified by the characterization.

So Ree Soesbee, Arenanet employee, and fairly well known fantasy writer has her work cut out for her.

A word on what to expect. I obviously won’t finish the book in one sitting, and I typically update every 5 or so minutes with thoughts. I’m on Atlantic Standard Time, 1 hour ahead of EST. Also, you should expect spoilers.

Time to Begin.

Pre notes – Looking through the preview page I begin to have a feeling I’m going to be looking up sailing terminology. Just what is a gunwale? The top edge of a side of a boat folks.

Pre notes – I can’t swim.

Pre notes – A quick look through the timeline to remind me of the era. The book supposedly takes place around the rising of orr, that’s about 1219 AE, Eir forms Destiny’s Edge in 1319, Guild Wars 2 starts 5 years after that. Cool.

4:00pm AST – I guess we’re starting with a little poem, oh wait, a sea shanty.

4:04 – Ah the introduction of the main character, important. Thorough here except that he’s still in adolescence. Suggesting of a years long story, or maybe just a brief visit to his childhood.

4:10 – Well I guess this is where that Polla doll comes in.

4:12 – I don’t think I’ve heard much of the royal descendants aside from Jennah. This era has a king.

4:14 – I’m really hoping that there isn’t some new call for a mermaid race.

4:19 – Gee I wonder if I’m not meant to like the mother.

4:26 – Well that was sad.

4:30 – Still weirds me out to read references to game terminology in a book. Call outs to dwayna or grenth for instance.

4:39 – Ah so they are going to Kaineng. Was wondering what was taking so long to get around to what port they were headed to. Still I would have preferred a port that added to lore instead of some place Guild Wars players have been to a million times.

4:43 – Not that I’m under the impression they’ll actually get there.

4:48 – As a reader I prefer less predictable interactions amongst characters. Some of these situations are a little cliche, but there is still plenty more book, hopefully I’m proven wrong.

4:51 – At least it’s written well. And I do love the idioms in the GW2 novels. By bear’s butt and I swear by Grenth’s knucklebones.

5:00 – You know, big teeth, claws, four ears, fuzzy killing machine.

5:03 – Wait, which war was Cobiah’s father in?

5:14 – So they get to Kaineng and there are only vague descriptions sigh. Now they’re headed to Orr, which will probably lead to the preview page. Maybe I shouldn’t have read it.

5:17 – Great description of looking over the rooftops of Orrian buildings while sailing along. Great to see the book touching on Malchor as well.

5:26 – Months of open ocean to cross to Cantha. Good idea of distance there I guess.

5:29 – Constellation names. The Vizier’s Tower, and Grenth’s Eye has 4 spokes. Reminds me of the telescope in the Jotun Arah path.

5:32 – I may have taken a brief moment to watch a video of a bulldog scared of its own farts.

5:34 – Lots of interesting astronomy tidbits. Dwayna’s Heart seems to be Tyria’s version of the Morning/Evening star. Which is actually Venus to us… a planet in the Tyrian universe?

5:52 – Never felt like I got a good image of the sea monster. Wondering if the battle with it is what awakened Zhaitan. Great imagery of the rise of Orr.

6:00 – Engineer, birth of a profession.

6:05 – Lots of me wondering just how this relationship is going to work out. Charr are still ostensibly at war with humans, or may as well be. At least they’re eating fish and not humans? And why on earth would the charr have a navy?

6:09 – Okay well that paragraph answered those questions.

6:10 – I’ve heard Port Stalwart mentioned before, not sure where.

6:14 – Over a hundred years is too long a time to go from an experimental iron-sides to still having wooden ships in GW2. You’d think the tech would have spread. Then again they do have airships so what do I know.

6:27 – A rotary paddle wheel. Makes sense but it amused me.

6:32 – Macha is my new favourite asura.

6:47 – I guess I expected something to be left of Lion’s Arch. Aside from one pirate ship.

6:58 – I was all set to criticize the logic of putting a bombard on a ship like that. Macha is doing it for me.

7:07 – Most of the time I don’t get how charr are so much more powerful than humans. If that’s true it doesn’t make sense to me that humans could have taken ascalon in the first place, or put up much of a fight even with the great wall. Certainly doesn’t make sense in light of Arenanet’s racial balance.

7:18 – To grenth’s realm of torment, is not the most fluid idiom I’ve ever heard.

7:26 – Reading kind of slowly today. Wonder how much more I’ll read. Into Act 2 now though, time shifted and has aged Cobiah at this point.

7:35 – Hope they explain just where Cobiah conjures his ship from.

7:37 – Ah the Capricorn. Pretty sure I read something about the ship recently in game. One of those new Marriner monuments or something.

7:38 – Freed an Istani djinn that bestowed enchantments on the Capricorn eh. Hoping it’s not Zommoros or whatever his name is.

7:43 – Still wondering where Port Stalwart actually is. I think Forgall Kernsson or maybe Tybalt comments on how the town is destroyed by an undead attack.

7:52 – Sykox shaking water from his fur is pretty cute.

7:56 – Future GW2 skin, the bosun pin.

7:58 – An elementalist standing on the surface of the water. Too bad we can’t do that in game. At least it makes more sense than Jesus doing it.

8:11 – Reading slower than usual. In any case, the whole Capricorn scenario has been pretty amusing so far.

8:26 – Saw the attack on the port coming, should have figured it would be the indomitable.

8:34 – Didn’t take long for recently killed guards to start rising.

8:47 – Harbinger can be found in the seas of Malchor’s Leap. Interesting to see it turn up here.

8:47 – Okay going to have to call it. Only made it 167 pages in. Thanks for reading. Or not reading if you want to avoid spoilers. Will have to finish this tomorrow… maybe. It’s a 400 page novel so we’ll see how far I get.

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