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Amongst all the Dragon Bash goings-on several things about the next update have begun to leak. Aside from the main theme of what’s coming up, steampunk, the most interesting update for me and my friends will likely be the new sets of armour.

The first new sets of armour since launch.

This is something that I know a few people have been waiting on for quite some time though I myself have been mostly content. I say mostly content because there are of course a few valid complaints about armour.

Too many medium sets have trench coats. I’m sure you’ll be disappointed to know that trend does not stop with these new sets.

All head wear makes you bald. I’m not sure what they could do about this exactly but I admit it looks odd.

Not enough variety in style or design, something I’m happy to say these sets add to.

Anyway here are some previews using some of the codes that have spread amongst the gaming populace. Keep in mind it’s possible these sets are not done, though I’d wager they’re close to it.



Something strange people immediately started to notice with these new sets, the genders vary more wildly than with most other armour sets. They don’t look much alike at all, as you can see.

I really like the male vest, tie, gears and straps on the male version here. It’s just too bad that it doesn’t seem to match the rest of the set. One of the best single pieces in the game in my opinion.

The female helm is strangely reminiscent to me of a rastacap. I wonder at it’s actual inspiration.

The male light set seems to be aristocratic or scientific in nature. The female set seems more adventuresome, less nerdy to me.



Don’t get me wrong, it’s one of the best trench coats in the game, well done, stylish and looks good. But it’s a trench coat. We already have a few in the game for medium classes. Personally I would have much preferred the male vest for light to have been a medium coat.

The female medium goes back to a very classy feel, right in the thick of steampunk. The helm speaks of baldness, as I attempted to note earlier.

Both medium sets are very pilot-like, but I think the male is more of a fighter pilot set and the female more of an officer on a ship.



For me the male set somehow reminds me of Elder Scrolls dwarven mechanical contraptions. Right down to the gears and feather plumes IIRC.

They’re very toy soldier-esque and different from most other heavy sets but from my perspective the female set is quite an oddity. Almost every heavy set tries to show off the defensive nature of the armour, a heavy metallic look and feel (or, barring that, how big the boobs of the female character are) that this armour doesn’t seem to have. A bit refreshing actually.

So yeah. New armour incoming apparently. Which only leaves one question. How will these armour sets be obtainable?

I’m not really looking forward to the options here. So far Arenanet have dropped skins mostly in two ways. Gambling or bought on the auction house. Black Lion Chests, Consortium chests, Dragon Coffers, whatever, you have to buy them or buy keys for just a chance, a terribly poor chance, of getting them to drop. Or you can spend hundreds of gold at times to buy a skin on the auction house.

Neither in my opinion are fun or necessary to fund Arenanet through the gem store.

I haven’t managed to get wintersday skins, sclerite skins, jade skins, Halloween skins or any other special skins for that matter through naturally playing the game. But I’m not bitter.

These are full armour sets however, a far cry from weapon skins. Perhaps they will be introduced in another manner, for example directly from the gem store. To me that would be a whole lot more acceptable than this insane random number generator bullshit Arenanet seems to love so much.

Or at least it would be more acceptable if I could buy a skin from the gem store and have it permanently available to me. The current system of having to buy the same skin again if it’s destroyed is a little backwards considering the original Guild Wars had better functionality but I guess that leads into a discussion of just how much town clothes are broken and why I can’t wear town clothes in battle (because it would break immersion it’s said, but then shortbows that shoot rainbow unciorns, cargo short hotpants, and aviator sunglasses, those don’t break immersion at all) and then we’re really off on a rant here.

Best just to finish up and move along. To the world of tomorrow!



  1. To me it seems that the female heavy armor could switch places with medium and it would be a better fit. I like the male variety more and wish they would have stuck with the female version being more similar. As most of my avatars are female, I guess I’m just being really picky. >>

    • I agree that a few of these sets could switch with each other without anyone really noticing, though I think I like the female versions more than you.

  2. The answer to the immersion-breaking dilemma is to remove all the unicorn-firing bow effects etc, not to make things even worse by allowing Town Clothes in combat. That’s not going to happen, sadly.

    • Taht armor appear be breaking the immersion, but I want see what is the lore that come together with the “sky pirates”. Tyria changed a lot after 250 years and they are creating new factions as the “Molten Alliance”. Tehre are some things I do’nt saw solved until now, mostly who helped to create the Molten Alliance and exactly what the Consrotiium wants. I can just wait and see how the “sky pirates” piece join at the general puzzle.

      • Oh god, please lets not pretend there’s any lore or story being made here. It’s all “just for fun” now days. WOWs becoming more and more interesting by the day.

        On the positive side, all they need to do is one or two more updates like all the other updates and you wont need to hear from me anymore. I’ll be done hoping for a more GW experience. Pity they didn’t make a better GW, at first I thought GW2 was a better WOW, and a worse GW. Now I am not even sure it managed that.

        Interesting armours for someone I am sure, not me though. Happily the best armours, that I’ve like anyway, have been the crafted ones. Though I’d eventually would like human tier 3 for my ele. Still waiting for my mesmers slip though… how hard is that? I bet there going to mention some stuff about being hard to put on a char. Char wrecking my game again – capes.

        • WoW is that game losing 1 million subscripters each quarter? How much time for it go F2P?

      • Yeah me too, the story hasn’t been super compelling but there are definitely some questions I want answered and I’ve liked a few of the things they’ve done.

        • Ok, after I completed the first story instance yesterday, I noted something


          where the “sky pirates” get an asura golem? they are humans with asuran thecnology?

          /end spoiler

          • And reading Anet guide to event
            they say that golems are inquest
            /end spoiler

    • Personally i don’t feel immersed in video games at all as I play, with goals in mind that aren’t very immersive, like farming up so many tokens for this set of armour, or grinding on holo mobs, or doing zone completion. Immersion isn’t really something I’m going for after I’m done with the story.

      • Absolutely agree, this isn’t story content; it’s designed to give you something to do to bring you back in and spend some cash (or gold). I think I might be done till the next expansion.

        I tested just doing the minimum to get my loot from the achievements this time around. Didn’t take long at all. Mostly enjoyed it, next event I’ll leave it to the last second they seem to make each of the achievements easier near the end. If I do need to grind it seems its easier to do near the end too (less competition)… and I get to get the whole story as I go instead of in dribs and drabs. I also feel no need to spend gold on it as I am just there to do my story and get out; instead of the compulsion to “get everything!”

        I’ll give this method a shot with the next story “bunch”.

  3. The hat did remind me a bit of a Bobo Shanti turban. But I need to see it in game.

    That said I -DID- see these armor sets in game last night. They were on the NPCs of the LA solo instance. That makes me worry that these might be NPC only sets we will never see on characters.

    • Well as far as I know you can’t normally preview NPC armour sets, so that leads me to believe they won’t be npc only. Plus there are a few other clues floating around that we’ll see them.

      • I hope so, we desperately need new armor sets. 🙂

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