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But I don’t think I worry about it the same way other people do.

For now the problem is this: Magic Find is not a useful stat to have on gear. While that is an acceptable loss for some people it has only negative consequences in group play.

As such, people have been complaining about the nature of magic find for some time now. Even I noted how some fellow guildies had been building magic find sets and bringing them to dungeons.

Recently Colin Johanson said this.

Some fun ideas in here, we’re also actively discussing ways on how we’d best like to alleviate having to make players choose between having better stats, or using magic find. It’s not a choice that’s great for game play and there isn’t really anything that fun about it, even more so when group composition is taken into account. Ideally we’d also like to keep the ability to slowly build your magic find over time, but doing this at the cost of using better stats isn’t the right way to do that.

No ETA on any changes here, just want to point out we agree there is an issue here that goes against what we want Gw2 to be, and is something we want to address.

So Arenanet is clearly aware that although Guild Wars 2 was essentially built around encouraging more people to play together, Magic Find somewhat encourages people to contribute less than others.

I agree with all of this, but I have a few problems.

First of all most of the people who want magic find removed or changed probably aren’t affected much by magic find.

The only time I run into magic find users these days is when I PUG or farm. Now if I’m farming, what do I care? And like any sane MMO player I keep pugging to a minimum.

And even then, what percentage of people use magic find? Surely the number of people leeching their way through PUG groups is a small percentage of the player population.

And what difference is there between an incompetent player, a player with poor gear, and a player with a full magic find set?

Ultimately if you are expecting optimal play out of a PUG group, you are deluded.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, is it that big a deal? Personally I don’t feel like I need further direction from Arenanet on what to do about magic find. I don’t need them hand-holding me every step of the way to make sure I’m contributing. There is plenty enough of that already.

Despite all that, I agree magic find isn’t ideal. Which is why I’m slightly worried about the statement above. They’re thinking about changing magic find.

As it is now, I can avoid PUGs or have a quiet word with a guild member or friend and tell them to not bring magic find gear. Problem solved socially.

How would Arenanet go about it however? After much familiarity with Arenanet I find myself worrying. I’ve come to the conclusion that no, they aren’t that great at balancing anything. They don’t mind grind as much as they say they do. They aren’t particularly generous with drops.

A number of solutions have been suggested (group magic find, complete removal, gear check, lockpicks, increased drop rates) but I fear any solution would end up being worse than the problem. All for a flaw that probably doesn’t effect as many people as its critics think it does.



  1. I worry, and have worried about magic find for a while but not so much based on the grouping issues. To me, and as you noted at the end, it’s more how absolutely appalling the drop rates are for meaningful items and crafting bits that make people want to take these sets to feel a bit more rewarded. You need these often enough in dungeons, and fractals to make it worthwhile and I can kind of understand that even though i rarely run them.

    It seems before they even think about changing magic find they need to improve this aspect… and yeh, there is a lot more grind then i though there was going to be..or if not grind an extremely low chance at things of importance.

    • Drop rates are pretty terrible and arenanet has been slow to reward people properly particularly in the early days. You’re probably right that improved drop rates would be a better solution. For me all I’d need would be better drops from chests in dungeons. They’re unaffected by MF anyway so I think they’d be a good motivation.

  2. My farmer toons (warrior and ranger) have two sets of armor: a seriours combat one (berserker for ranger and knight for the warrior) and a magic find one. It too have two diferent greatswords (one is magic find). I just swap gear when that toon need go to tougher battle (like the Orr temples) or go to a dungeon or go to wvw. Sometimes I want a macro for change gear faster.

    Not sure what Anet will implement for substitute magic find. Not sure too how much time that will need (I think Anet too do’nt know how much time they need for change magic find). I agree that something need change. I just hope they change the magic find gear I have to something usefull.

    • I’m not really advocating change so much as I recognize that magic find is flawed, and I’m not against changing it. I have a magic find set too, so I honestly am a little concerned that i’m going to end up with a set of gear that is worthless.

  3. There’s still the problem of feeling gimped on an individual level. I gave up on magic find because the gains seemed minimal compared to the damage reduction. What good is a slightly improved chance of drops when you’re killing so much less? I guess that’s not a problem for Orr farmers because everything drops so quickly but what of those of us who’d like to know we’re making the best of our game play elsewhere?

    It doesn’t make sense on armor. It should come from food, banners, etc. AND be improved. Right now you pretty much have to go all out for even a slight improvement. Like they said, it’s not fun choosing between stats or magic find. I don’t want to play the numbers game. I just want to play, and get the most out of my time and effort.

    • Right now the current meta pretty much has every single profession using berserkers stats with no other stat sets offering the same advantage of killing things quickly. Since no other stat sets make sense on armour lets remove all stat sets, because its no fun choosing between sets when there is only one choice.

      See how that works?

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