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One of the great improvements to Guild Wars 2 over the past month was the update to several world boss chests. Completing a world boss now means you’re guaranteed at least one rare and as many as 3. This is an improvement over dungeon chests, personal story rewards, or just about any other loot in the game. Fractals had been one of the most profitable activity for me on a daily basis, now it’s going to world boss events.

And it’s not just the high level temple events in Orr either. World bosses in low level zones are also very generous. Here’s a list on reddit detailing which chests have the improved drop rates. Everything from The Maw meta event in Wayfarer to Taidha Covington in Bloodtide Coast.

And of course these new drop rates have created huge shifts in what people in Guild Wars 2 are doing. Dragon bosses in particular have gone from something done occasionally for some, to a must for virtually everyone playing. Overflow servers for Frostgorge Sound, Blazeridge Steppes, and Queensdale are now a regular occurrence. I haven’t seen this many overflow servers outside of Lion’s Arch since launch. And where Lion’s Arch has had overflow servers since the introduction of Fractals of the Mists, suddenly I can visit my own servers Lion’s Arch with ease.

But with change always comes discontent. Some of the more populous servers have extensive overflow issues with native server populations unable to get in on their own dragon spawns. A lot of blame for this has gone to guests. Using sites like Guild Wars Temple, with its very useful dragon timers, guests have the ability to show up to dragons in advance of their spawn. While I admit that guesting may contribute to the problem, I’m certain the actual cause of overflow servers for most is that their own populations recognize the potential for loot and are showing up en masse.

There are more legitimate concerns, in my opinion, than guests.

For instance the poor mechanics of many major world boss events. Several bosses are so quick and easy to kill as to make the whole endeavour laughable.

The Shadow Behemoth (finally available, thank you for that) lasts at most two stages before being killed. He barely uses some of his special skills, his adds die in moments, his big red circles barely hit anyone. Didn’t he used to do a thing where he sticks his fingers into the ground and they come out and attack people? Haven’t seen that in a while.

The Maw also takes only moments to kill. One of the events is to kill a totem which does not take long or have any kind of return attack, or maybe it does and is killed too quickly. The other events take mere moments and you have to struggle to tag each event. The final boss also dies in moments, despite the cool as hell ice tornado.

The Shatner works great, if you’re on the right side of him. If you’re on the left he does not attack you or significantly damage you in any way. He dies very quickly.

Tequatl has never been very interesting, but it’s not as big of a joke as some other events. It still works the way it did before huge numbers of people started showing up, but it never felt like it worked the way it should. The big laser should be required to defeat him, the poison spread over a wider area, with more bloated risen, fears, and other attacks.

Jormag probably works best out of all the dragons. On my low population server he still requires at least two rounds to get him to move to the secondary location. People still need to work together, at least somewhat. There is a spot at the 2nd location where a lot of people just stand and fire at him. Kind of wish that was gone. He can still be overwhelmed with numbers, just not as bad as some of the other bosses.

I think out of all the buffed chests the Orr temples probably work the best, despite a few problems. Malchor could probably put up more of a fight. I wish you couldn’t push the final fight with Dwayna into a wall. Lyssa goes down way too fast without her daze. The transform Melandru has could be reworked I think. But generally speaking Balthazar and Grenth work pretty well with a few good chances for failure, unlike Dwayna.

Of course all of this has had a major impact on the economy. The price of ectos has gone from about 38s before the patch to about 24s yesterday. I’m sure the major sigil and major runes markets are in a bit of disarray as well.

Altogether I’d say it’s way too easy to complete most of the events tied to these new buffed chests. I hate to say it, but I smell a nerf incoming. Whether that nerf is to the loot itself or a reworking of mechanics, difficulty, timing, or limit to how often you can participate is hard to say. A nerf to loot would be super easy and super effective. But in the long run a rework of mechanics would be much healthier for the game. Unfortunately that would probably be quite a bit of work.

I guess we’ll see what happens.



  1. Probably the most likely and sensible nerf would be to change to “one chest per character per day” cap to “one chest per account per day”. Wouldn’t touch the average casual player, but would cut the flow of rares to the hardcore farmers, like the guy in my guild who boasts of getting 30+ world boss chests every day, across all his alts and all the boss events.

    • Yeah this would probably be easier to implement than anything else really, they already have the limits for characters.

  2. The same patch that introduced the new loot rules also included this:

    ” Event Scaling

    A new test version of our advanced event scaling algorithm has been applied to four high-level, regularly played events to help us monitor the feasibility of this system in the live environment. This new scaling algorithm dynamically increases the difficulty of events by using the current system of increasing the difficulty of existing creatures, while also adding a new system that substitutes creatures of lower difficulty with different creatures as the event scales up. If successful, this system will be slowly extended to other events across the game during 2013. ”

    Presumably when that’s rolled out across the entire game things will be a bit more balanced. Personally I am 100% fine with things as they are now. Getting good loot for minimum effort in a big, cheerful, bantering zerg is far more entertaining and fun than any “challenging” version will ever be.

    I think you could make an entire MMO based on this concept. Look at how people are responding to it now then compare that with what they are doing it for. When they’ve farmed all their rares and bought/made all their exotics and even Legendaries, what exactly are they going to do with them that they can’t do already in what they’re wearing right now? It’s not like GW2 has a ton of content gated behind a gear check…

    • I don’t know, maybe that will be a viable or maybe not. I’m pretty sure the scaling was put in place on non-world boss events, penitent, shelters, and to be honest I’m not sure which other events. Grenths mechanics were reworked in general, so i’m not sure if the scaling was applied to him. I think a general rework of dragons, temples, etc are in need in general. Just throwing vets and champions in doesn’t seem like that great a fix.

      As for the loot, I’m thrilled that I’m getting rares from world bosses, but do I think that will last? no.

  3. Hunter, I don’t think they will nerf the chest loot. If they make it, can be as carson63000 said above, they can make the chests be one account per day.

    The devs have the intention to make the zones have more players. They said it. They want level 80 players wander all zones. So, I think it will be non-productive nerf the chests now they get the result they wanted. They need be too much stupid for nerf the thing that get them what they want. Well, they can prove be that stupid, but I hope they are not…

    My guess they will follow the path of harder work: revamp the boss fights for make them more dificult. If something, they just revamped Ascalon dungeon bosses, so they just started the process of change all bosses fights.. However, they will need time (6 months? one year?) for revamp all dungeon bosses, all story instances and all world bosses and dragons…

    • Well as I see it, making chests less available to people is a nerf, so I’m going to call my prediction correct. As for revamping boss fights, maybe they will in the long run, they certainly need the work.

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    • Nice to meet you too alice.

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