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I have now joined the ranks of the many thousands of people who’ve acquired shiny footprints, unique weapon skins, rare sound effects and the envy of absolutely everyone in existence.

Quip is mine.

It was a long and arduous labour filled with many disappointments and a few moments of triumph. There is much to be said about it all. I started working on it almost at launch. For the average player such as myself it takes a lot of work, gold, and perseverance to get everything you need for a legendary.

The first thing I managed to finish was the Gift of Mastery. I had been methodically completing each zone as I passed through them, leaving only a few zones uncompleted by the time I reached Cursed Shore and finished the story. World vs World was another challenge. If you have any kind of fight on your hands in the mists you’ll have difficulty getting points of interest. I waited for an opportune time, my server was dominating the other two, and zipped around to get what I needed. I had 100% world completion within the first month or so. Everything else would be a challenge by comparison.

For instance badges of honor. I had spent enough time in WvW to gather about 200 of them simply from looting enemies, but my badges really started to accumulate once I started doing the Eternal Battlegrounds jumping puzzle on a daily basis on multiple characters. Around the same time I finished up badges I also got, the Gift of Wood (requiring 1000 planks of various wood), the Gift of Entertainment (requiring 500 tokens from Caudecus Manor), around 200 skill points and enough karma to buy my first 250 obsidian shards.

My first 250 obsidian shards. Those cost me over 500k karma. I would need a couple hundred more to eventually finish off my Mystic Clovers.

I didn’t finish those for a long time afterward, sometime in January I was still saving up ectos. I needed 250 just for the Gift of Fortune then another 200 at least to successfully craft 77 Mystic Clovers. This took a very long time. Drops for rares have been pretty terrible up until the last couple of months which meant ectos were consistently my biggest impediment to finally getting Quip.

But they weren’t the only impediment. Tier 6 crafting materials were definitely one of the bigger problems. I just finished getting stacks of powerful blood, elaborate totems, vicious claws, and armored scales today.

Which left me with two problems. I needed enough money for 100 Icy Runestones, 1 gold each. I needed enough money for the Chaos Gun, the precursor. After months and months of farming and saving I had about 330 gold. The Chaos Gun was going for 280 last week, but dropped to 220 today thanks to the new drop rates from dragon boss chests.

Reflecting on it all, it’s a shame about some of the requirements. Generally speaking the chance of getting the precursor you’re looking for, or any precursor, is just awful. Whether we’re talking about drops from the open world, buying it off the auction house or throwing exotics into the mystic forge and hoping for the best, it’s all extremely unsatisfying and I hope future generations have something better to look forward to.

I can’t say Mystic Clovers are a lot of fun either. It’s simply forcing people to gamble, not an optional mistake like with black lion chests.

Quip itself is a mixed blessing. I love the aura I give off and I can’t help but laugh at the trail of confetti footprints, streamer/daisies/confetti skill effects or the pop and whirring sound effects it gives off. But my god is it ugly. And couldn’t I just have colored footsteps like everybody else?

But I did like seeing the world, including World vs World. I did like the variety of activities I was made to do, from running dungeons to gathering to dailies to the Balthazar event chain. The whole ordeal took me from one side of Tyria to the other. Legendary.



  1. Grats, though I’d would never have called you average; and now you’ve proven it!

    • I suppose. Thanks.

  2. Congrats! I didn’t have the willpower to finish mine so my hat doe off to you.

    • If you think of it as more of a very long term project, that might help.

  3. Grats man.

    Legendaries are a labour of love. I have found it tough to keep motivated to continue the grind btu can slowly see things coming together. Gold seemslike it will be the biggest barrier for me so far :/

    • Gold was definitely the barrier to beat. Started saving on day one almost and only saved enough recently.

  4. Congrats!
    After reading about all that is needed to get these, I am impressed every time someone shows one off.
    Ive got my eye on the longbow as a long term goal. Im thinking 5 year plan….:)

    • It certainly helps if you think about it as a long term goal, not something you need right now, otherwise you’ll be likely to give up on it half way through.

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