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So far I’ve done two Guild Bounties, one with I Can OutTweet a Centaur, one with Relics of Orr, and I’m sure another soon with Hamstorm Nation. The experience has been a bit varied.

I don’t think Twit Guild had a single problem getting together the karma to unlock Guild Bounties. It sounded like they have karma to spare, but I can’t really check on that easily since I’m not on Jade Quarry. They were also very well organized. We were split up into two squads, there are two bounties at tier 1, a commander leading each. Everyone grouped into parties as well. When the bounties were activated one commander took one zone and the rest went to the other. We split into different vent channels and got to work.

We probably should have had a more concrete plan on just how to scour the zone for our prey, but we ended up just randomly warping around and running along some of the paths that our bounty takes. I say some, because in Iron Marches the bounty has an extensive path that doubles back, does figure eights, and is generally confusing. Once spotted, we were pinged the closest waypoint in chat, by the time I got there, someone had already talked to the NPC to activate the fight.

Finding these guys means searching the entire zone so it took us 10 minutes of our 15 minute time limit to find the bounty, a charr prisoner that has permanent swiftness. There were about 15 of us and half of us were downed by the time we had her at half health. With half of us down she started to run away again. We got everybody up, snared her, and finished her off with time to spare.

I didn’t realize until afterwards that the other team had beaten their bounty more quickly in Genderren Fields. Altogether it went by very quickly, and I didn’t feel a sense of accomplishment unfortunately. I was a guest on JQ and got credit for an event but as a guest was not able to reap the rewards of Guild Bounties.

I did get some rewards for the RO bounty however, they are on my server and I am a member. There were fewer people attending the RO bounty, probably 20 or so compared to the 30 Twit had on hand. And that was with a bunch of people from PIG jumping in to get credit. Still everything seemed to go smoothly. I was fortunate enough to discover our target in Mount Maelstrom after a bit of running around, even after a guildie must have run right past him without seeing him.

The other team in RO must have discovered their bounty very quickly actually because by the time I had found him in Mount Maelstrom, some of them started warping in from Lornar’s Pass.

I got 2 commendations, 50 silver, 2 rares, and RO got 15 merits.

PIG is a different story altogether. Despite running dungeons constantly, being somewhat active every night, around 10 people logging in daily, 83 members logging in once in a while and having everything but Art of War level 5 unlocked we were still left unable to start working on Guild Missions. First of all, we don’t world vs world much. That meant we had no need to unlock Art of War level 5, which is fine because we had saved 40k influence. Why bounties are in that tree remains a logical mystery, but I did see on the forums a few days beforehand that it needed to be unlocked, so a couple days after the patch it was ready. Except that we were left with a 30k influence deficit if we wanted to unlock Guild Bounties, a cost of 50k influence itself.

There isn’t currently a place for small guilds to take part in Guild Missions. I see that as a big oversight. Despite what a lot of people on forums and blogs might say about small guilds (a bunch of nasty, immature, bullshit) this isn’t their fault. Some people prefer small guilds and some people despite their best efforts can’t grow theirs. But the fanboys defend Arenanet on the grounds that you should just join a larger guild. Well there is something to be said for a small guilds morale. Personally I think people would rather play with people they know rather than being some anonymous random in a giant guild. Not to mention the fact it becomes increasingly harder to start a new guild or grow your small one when people find out you can’t do Guild Missions. Especially seeing members of your small guild, maybe even the guild leader, repping other guilds to get in on Guild Bounties. I don’t want to even start in on guesting or think about the consequences of moving servers.

Why does everything Arenanet introduce have to have some exorbitant cost attached? Halloween exotics, Black Lion Chest skins, Mystic Forge recipes. Does it always have to be about the material/gold/influence/karma sink? Particularly when it’s not an item I’m after, but content?

Anyway, I could not currently afford to contribute to the 60g someone in PIG must have plopped down to just outright buy the influence necessary to begin building bounties, but we’re about 16 hours away from completion. We’ve invited RO members to join up so they can take advantage of our bounties when they’re ready and in the future we’ll be coordinating which Guild Missions to unlock first, with them taking Treks or Rush and us doing Puzzles or whatever.

Overall Guild Bounties are… good, but with a limited shelf life as far as interest goes. They go by way too quickly, and require a lot of coordination for such a short challenge. But I guess that’s why there are other types of missions. I’m pretty lucky to be involved with multiple guilds doing them so far, and I don’t deny PIG is pretty lucky to have so few active members and as much influence as we have, but I certainly have empathy for anyone who doesn’t. Unlike some.



  1. Thanks for the glimpse into part of the game I may not ever see. Im in a very small guild- just 3 of us, and I like it that way . You wont see any complaining from me though. I look at the guild missions as an additional to motivate/allow members to play together, I dont need extra motivation, I have been playing MMOs with the same person for 7 years now.
    I still hope in the future updates they do decide to include something for the smaller guilds, however, I can imagine their are challeges in making content obtainable for the small guilds without making it a “quickie loot run” for larger guilds.

    • Getting people to play together is great, which is why I’m against the exorbitant costs. Preventing small guilds from experiencing the content and even breaking up smaller guilds so that arenanet can provide long term goals is just… the wrong way to do it.

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