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I’ve spent most of the past couple months relentlessly running dungeons. January’s update allowing people to run FotM together inspired a bit of a binge on that dungeon and at this point I’ve got a few ascended items, backpiece, two rings, and amulet. None are infused as of yet, but it struck me that I wasn’t sure I wanted to bother getting them infused.

I’m kind of sick of fractals and I don’t see the point of getting more agony resistance if I don’t want to run fractals. Not only that but what is up with the stat sets? Why do no ascended items match any previous stat set? The more ascended gear I get the more it pushes me away from the stats I want to use, which I guess is the point, they want us to diversify our builds. But there are so few ascended items that simply don’t have magic find, let alone useful stats for me. The problem is it’s pushing me to change other gear to adjust for the stats I’m losing and I don’t think I should have to replace unrelated gear just so I can wear ascended. As a workaround I’ve been storing ascended gear in my inventory unless I’m doing fractals but the more ascended gear they release the less that is going to work.

The January release was great for such a small update but February looks far more promising. A lot of content that isn’t dungeons. That should make me happy. Guild Missions could help solve a lot of problems with cohesive group activities. I’m a little disappointed that from interviews it sounds like you get split up into different zones for some of the content, a guild flooding a particular zone sounds far more interesting to me, but generally speaking it looks and sounds really fun and the below video is very impressive.

From the Arenanet article linked above, I think I’m most interested in the jumping puzzle. I can only think of a few jumping puzzles where a little group coordination is helpful, Caledon Forest for example, and those puzzles tend to be some of the most memorable.

One thing I’m looking forward to is finding out about the rewards for all this content. I feel like the reduced waypoint costs and other guild tree rewards are just the tip of the iceberg, I haven’t seen much mentioned about more personal rewards, so I’ll be looking forward to that.


  1. Call me strange I just want the content, I’ve still not run most dungeons, nor done world completion, most jumping puzzles, but I have completed my story and I want more. I want characters I know, I want history to be made, and I want to be part of it. The rest isn’t interesting to me, not unfun in anyway but I want it a bit deeper. I don’t want loot, rewards, or titles that’s for the grinders. Anyway…

    They’ve mentioned they want to add new fractals… what are they going to do when everyone’s sick of the fractals except the new one(s)? I hope they have fractal dungeon number 2 or something or there’s going to be a lot of whinging about people restarting the fractal run over and over hoping to see the new one.

    Here’s hoping they’ve put the effort into the guild missions to at least relate it to something in the world rather than some random place and random purpose. I am still waiting to really get into this world, get a side to go for and an enemy to at least dislike a bit… at the moment the only thing I dislike a little bit is that mage dude at the top of the stairs outside Arah. Bloody boomerang skill downs me on the way out and kills me on the way back.

    Here’s to the guild missions though, I do look forward to running around with the guild.

    • People already restart fractals to get a guarenteed short run on at least the first fractal, if they add more, I don’t foresee new complaints.

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