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Kind of a grandiose title for such a small content patch but nobody ever accused game companies of under selling their product. As it is such a small content patch I don’t have a whole lot to say about it. There are some good fixes, nice changes, and things to work towards. I guess I can’t really ask for more.

The story so far is understandably thin but I suppose I knew to expect a small update. Still it is a bit underwhelming. A few NPCs slowly walking in a general direction is not particularly stimulating but it is early days yet. Hopefully this goes somewhere. The events so far are equally unimpressive. I appreciate the additions of new events, the Modus Sceleris and Skritt Burglar events are by and large pretty good (I just wish Arenanet hadn’t hyped them as “40 new events!” because 4 new events in 40 different places doesn’t really qualify in my mind) but so far its just a few versions of the same event.

Getting to the things I actually like, I love the new laurel system. I do my dailies every day because the mystic coins and karma make it worth it. With the addition of laurels it’s just icing on the cake. I have two so far and I’m thrilled to point out that with just two of these things I can get 250 use harvesting tools. Woot. I’m happy about that.

But because I’m incredibly anal I’ll be putting off the immediate gratification of harvesting tools for the long term goal of gaining an ascended amulet with laurels. Currently the only way to obtain them. I’m actually quite pleased at the price, I thought it might end up being astronomical, but in my opinion it seems mostly reasonable. I’ll only need to work on it for about 20 days if I complete my monthly as well.

There’s a host of fixes and improvements I’m digging as well. I finally fought the Shadow Behemoth, for the first time since September. My final boss achievement. I’ve already taken advantage of the Fractals now allowing people of different levels to play together and my guild is now doing this dungeon more often. Their rebalancing of down-scaling is definitely making lower level content slightly more challenging, it’s subtle but there. And I felt the wing beneath my wings as I traveled around a couple of areas in Cursed Shore where the number of mobs was severely reduced. It was like a karka hatchling off my shoulders.

I also liked the changes to various dungeons and temples. Throwing new skills that require new strategies into old content is something I’m hoping happens regularly. Anything that increases challenge where there wasn’t any before pleases me. I don’t know why but some people have even complained that they can’t get their daily dodger achievement. Seriously folks? If you’re playing correctly you should be getting this achievement within a half hour of when you started playing.

There are some things I don’t like.

I don’t like the orrian jewelry boxes. I guess it’s a great way to get people to gamble and waste their karma and worthless junk, so good job on that front, but, I’m not a fan of random number generators. It’s the worst thing to come with this patch.

I liked the old attribute panel, or maybe it’s that I don’t like either the new or the old panel. I just think I shouldn’t have to hover my mouse around to find the stat I’m looking for. The less mouse hovering the better for something like that.

The cooldown on guesting. Don’t get me wrong, fricking YAY guesting, but why is there a need for a cooldown? I don’t imagine it will get in my way often, I can only think of one server I’ll end up guesting on, Jade Quarry to hang with my TwitGuild, but it just seems like there are others who are definitely going to be blocked by this.

No waypoints while in combat. Definitely not as irritating as I was guessing but certainly inconvenient a lot of the time. It’s early days yet but I can see this being extremely painful especially since some of the encounters they were promising to tone down definitely don’t seem all that toned down to me. I’ll have to wait to see how it goes in some of the harder dungeons to be sure however. I remain convinced that simply balancing a few encounters would have been the better solution.

Anyway they have certainly come through on these monthly patches and according to them their metrics have even gone up post launch which surprises the hell out of me, so keep em coming Arenanet it seems to be working.



  1. As far as the cooldown on guesting, considering the behavior I have seen from some players so far, some folks would jump as a guest to every server they could in a day just to farm crafting nodes over and over.

    • I tried farming ori nodes on JQ after just having finished them on NSP and wasn’t able to find an ori node that someone had waypointed for me. Now obviously not all nodes are equal, some nodes have shorter respawn times, but I was under the impression that guesting wouldn’t help much with gathering.

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