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Arenanet posted about where they’re doing in the next 6 months and I thought I’d just reflect on what they have to say. First of all let me say congratulations on selling 3 million copies, quite an accomplishment for any game.

To start with there is a video. It’s very general and vague, with no real juicy details to get into so I’m not going to post it. Basically they’re going to work on the game focusing on the existing world, learning from what they’ve done, improving it, adding to it, with new features and content. This is no surprise. But lets get to the details from the post.


Getting down to the bare bones of what they’re saying, they’re going to be telling us more stories via events like The Lost Shores or the holiday events. To me, this is a mixed bag. Those events are fun, drive activity and excitement, provide boosts to the economy, have satisfying rewards, and are generally pleasing.

At least while they’re going on. Halloween and Wintersday were both fantastic but they are seasonal events that don’t leave behind lasting content. Similarly The Lost Shores was fun but now, aside from mining nodes, there is little to do there. I suppose one might farm the skelk as some do, and the Pearl Islet jumping puzzle is short and sweet, but there is little other reason to be in that zone. You don’t even need to zone complete it. I always thought Fractals should have been accessible from that zone because at least people would have gone there for it, the lone piece of Lost Shore content people desperately want to do.

They say they’re learning from previous experience so hopefully their future events include lasting content, good rewards, a fulfilling story, and personally I’m hoping it drives us towards a future expansion.


It sounds like we’re getting a rework of our achievements. A rotating set of different daily achievements where you only have to complete 4 of the 6 options. I’m comfortable doing the current types of dailies but options are always good. What I would much prefer are options for monthly achievements. I know a few people who don’t really have the time, inclination, to go get fifty kills in WvW, no matter how easy I tell them it is.

But the big news is the achievement currency. I’m not sure how this will work for people like myself who have large amounts of achievement points. Do I get this currency from my current achievements or will my 4123 achievement points go to waste? I checked the forums.

Colin Johanson said this.

The initial version will only be for daily/monthly achievements (this will not be retroactively rewarded.) Later you’ll see a system in place that rewards more expanded achievements points which will retroactively reward all achievements already earned, yes.

He also goes on to mention how much currency per achievement.

You receive 1 crown per daily, and 10 per monthly.

I approve of many of the things pictured that you can buy with the currency. Obsidian shards from just fractal relics or karma is a huge grind. Glad to see another way to get them. I have to assume the gear boxes are for leveling, not max level characters. Everybody loves minis and tonics, I guess. People will love the unidentified dyes. Their price on the auction house, while profitable for me, is likely higher than Arenanet would like. I’m curious about the advanced harvesting sickle. I really want a 250 use tool set that isn’t expensive to buy and that would be perfect for my achievement point currency. Unfortunately it just looks like a 10 use sickle which likely has a better chance for rare materials.

They also mention titles, skins and other things. Which would be great because PvE players only have around 6 or 7 non-holiday related titles to pursue while WvW and PvP have dozens.



Nothing really new here. They mention they’ll be rolling out new ascended gear in the future. They’ve said that. They also imply that there will be a tier between ascended and legendary but not in 2013. It’s a firm date. My thinking is this is the best indicator yet of when to expect an expansion, not this year.


Content that will allow guilds to go on missions together. Interesting terminology. Missions like in the original Guild Wars? Separate instances maybe? They also mention new tools but I can name the 3 things people want above all else. Raid group functionality. Last seen online/representing. Guild halls. Unfortunately they recently confirmed they are not in any way, shape, or form working on guild halls.

DubVDub and Guesting

Culling. I really hate how people have learned to utilize this flaw in World versus World to their advantage. I would say half my deaths in WvW can be attributed to this one problem. The other half is stealth but that’s a whole other blog post. Anyway, they seem to be close to removing culling.

But guesting, omfg guesting. Finally.

I’m really surprised they held off on implementing a cost for transferring until now. Everyone who reads this blog is likely familiar with my need for guesting, but new problems have arisen as well. As it stands huge guilds take time off of their normal servers to go on holiday to unpopulated servers where they can beat up on other unpopulated servers. This has resulted in some of the lowest ranked servers being pounded on by some of the most experienced WvW players. Fun!

Of course they’re adding other stuff too. Like WvW only abilities. I don’t know what that means but I’m hoping its out of combat speed buffs. Please be out of combat speed buffs.

They also mention visible titles and recognition. Could this be like the 100% map completion star PvE players get? Or are we simply talking about normal titles?

Finally a new motivation beyond the weekly score. Rewards of some type? I’d love to get mystic coins for finishing first, or karma jugs, I’d even be happy with silver. Gold, silver, and bronze participation for weekly World versus World activity?


Basically a lot of the stuff they’ve been mentioning and talking about. Observer mode, match making, leaderboards, private maps, blah blah blah I don’t care about PvP, sorry.

Other Stuff

They also mention a stuff they’re working on but seemingly won’t come about any time soon.

Like “Expanded and re-designed encounters for bosses in dungeons and the open world.” I hope this means they’re rebalancing some of the longer dungeon paths and boss fights to not be such a drag. Nobody does Sorrow’s Embrace path 1 or 2 due to difficulty and length respectively. People stay away from Arah because of the sheer amount of time it takes to do one path. Nobody likes to fight Subject Alpha in Crucible for one specific reason, you can’t res people, and that makes the fight annoying as hell.

Of course they could mean they’re implementing changes that will stop a lot of the content skipping. I can now do Citadel of Flames path 1 in 10 minutes, Ascalonian Catacombs path 2 in 20, Sorrow’s Embrace path 3 in 20, and I heard a friend of mine did Honor of the Waves in 5 a while back.

They’re also continuing to fight bots, but to be honest, the problem is nowhere near what it was. If they can figure out a way for me to report the bots that teleport from node to node, I’ll be thrilled.

And that’s it. A relatively small release for January, with big things coming in February and March. It’s hard to figure out which new features will come when. I get the impression some of the things mentioned are down the line, while others have been mentioned on the forums as being agonizingly close, like guesting.



  1. Not sure how they think they are telling a story anywhere. You say gw2 is superior in everyway but I strongly disagree I really enjoyed the stories at the end of gw1s life. I have no strongly themed or interesting stories in my mind yet… For example I can name only 1 npc and that’s because the poor dude is universally hated.

    I want a story flow, not a week of disconnected content. I live in hope though. The rest of it sounds, a little minimalistic to me. Lucky it’s already an awesome game.

    • I don’t know what your problem is exactly, I think Guild Wars 2 is filled with great lore, cool characters, voice acting, and overall story.

    • Clearly you’ve never met Tybolt (who also inspired my favorite piece of fan art) or you’re made of stone. Even repeating Whispers stories, or having experienced similarly concluded Vigil and Priory stories, I still get teary eyed when entering a certain password.

  2. Guesting. Finally! About time! No mention of a fix or option to turn off the auto camera zoom which drives me crazy anytime I get near a wall, bush or slightly tall blade of grass; which makes jumping puzzles almost unplayable for me. Some people are still having problems even running the game on relatively new computers, but no mention of working on improving the engine. I will say the most recent Nvidia graphics driver returned things to running very smoothly for me, even smoother than the beta I think, after several months of annoying minor stutter and glitches.
    I’d agree on wanting to see more content that isn’t seasonal. While the Halloween stuff was mostly good and the Lost Shores event was fun for those of us that got to do it, the Christmas stuff was a complete waste for me as I couldn’t find a group to do any of it and finally just gave up. And how about using that scaling tech to let us solo the story part of dungeons? Once the guesting is turned on this won’t be such an issue for me, if my friends start playing again. Of course I still think everything should have been open world in the first place, just scale up the dungeon bosses as needed to handle increased numbers of players. If I wanted a dungeon raiding small group oriented MMO I’d be playing WoW. I would have made the story part of dungeons possible to solo from the PvE areas (with NPCs from your story home area) via an instance, but then made all the dungeons an open part of WvW and PvE areas. But that is just me maybe.
    So overall, minor steps forward in general, lots still to do for ArenaNet to live up to all the stuff they said about GW2, but certainly positive movement. And more content for all areas is always good. Very good game, but still waiting on some improvements to make it a truly great one.

    • I don’t know, dungeons are specifically for groups. Why would you bother making the story soloable? Especially considering the cash rewards.

  3. Let me completely change my thoughts about my above post, because I just found out this nice little BS gem from ArenaNet on guesting: Players on North American home worlds cannot guest on European worlds or vice versa.
    WTH! Really nice ArenaNet, so I can’t play with any of my euro-friends? Really? Fine, I don’t need to give you a single cent in the future for pulling this nonsense. I’ll be suggesting everyone stay far away from GW2 until this nonsense is changed. Wow, I can’t believe they’re doing this, really just dropped my opinion of ArenaNet to the lowest levels of studios like… NCWest. Wow. Can’t believe anything ArenaNet says from now on after this stunt.

    • wow that’s a bit mean but ok.

      The fact that you can already dungeon with people on other servers seems to have been a little known factoid…

      Glad to see that guesting (if somewhat short of the perfect mark) is coming. I guess they can work on improving it from there if its such a seriously major feature.

      I personally wonder how long till we get home servers removed for everything but wvw. Like wow does it, just piles people into an instanced version of the map till its filled, irrelevant of which server your on, and then creates a new map once its full for whoever is next… sort of how like GW1 used to do its instanced towns.

      I guess my issue with the story is that it seems done. Once you’ve done your personal story the world is done, completed if you like. It surely isn’t. And like GW Beyond it was a story arch that went through many updates. This is what I want, I want a story that works it way through out the year, something to look forward to. A story that develops over time, that really changes the world as we see it. That’s relevant to our world (our story), not some happy once off event.

    • Relax. They don’t have the tech. https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/game/gw2/Guesting-is-Coming/page/3#post1221430

      If they didn’t have two data centers, then people would be complaining about all the problems from THAT. They also never went into depth on guesting until they were ready to add the functionality so I don’t know why you feel so betrayed.

      Years ago I didn’t have friends in Europe at all, and if I wanted to make one I’d have to get a pen pal. Overreactions like this and unrealistic expectations regarding technology that’s still very young are reasons why the “first world problems” memes came into existence.

    • I’m disappointed that I won’t get to play with my euro friends. I’m more than willing to continue to support Arenanet however.

  4. I would hope the retooled boss encounters is coming sooner than you think if res rushing is being removed. They said in this week’s Q&A that some encounters can’t otherwise be won so that means they’d remain impossible after the change until the fights are redone. That doesn’t seem likely. I mean, everything they have planned will probably span months but at least some of those improvements need to coincide with the upcoming res rush removal. I’ve only just started doing dungeons, and truth be told, the only res rushing I’ve experienced is when group members were trying to bypass content so that change is probably for the best so long as it means broken encounters get fixed.

    • Some bosses such as Subject Alpha, the main boss I think of when I think of res rushing, don’t give you any room to res. If he downs a player you have less than 5 seconds to res or they’re defeated. Often, you also become downed when trying to res, he hits like a truck. So you get a lot of res rushing with him.

  5. […] kind of glossed over the PvE side of things but there are plenty of other people rambling about it here, here, or even […]

  6. I cant wait for The Lost Shores to come out, I think even more people will start playing, especially since MoP didn’t get that all rave reviews

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