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Inventory space is a kind of mini-game. It’s designed as a hurdle, a challenge to be overcome in most games. Managing the room you have available with items that come in through drops, deciding what to pick-up, discard, salvage, or sell is a choice designers want you to make. Some people like this, some people don’t. I’m a fan of Bathesda type games where it’s based mostly on weight. You can drop less valuable but heavier items and take back light but profitable items to a merchant.

In Guild Wars 2 it’s based mostly on space. You start with a 20 slot bag, and can start adding 8 slot bags almost immediately by picking up a crafting profession. This adds up to about 52 inventory spaces with little to no cost.

Right now I’m at 88 inventory spaces. I decided early on that the 15 slot bags were the optimal cost to space ratio. They cost about 50 silver to make compared to the 2 gold for 18 slot bags and 10 gold for 20 slot bags. You have to admit that an 8 gold difference for 2 inventory spaces is…. quite a mark-up. I wasn’t about to pay the difference between 15 and 18 either, especially when 80 slots is more than enough space for just about anything you’ll be doing in Guild Wars 2. I can bring along salvage kits, food buffs, my magic find set, gathering tools, cash shop items, and more while still having more than enough room for items I pick up.

There are plenty of reasons you don’t need the 18 or 20 slot bags. You can salvage materials that stack together, throw items up on the auction house, deposit collectibles from anywhere, bring out a cash shop bank or merchant NPC, and drop by any number of in game merchants or heart vendors to sell your inventory.

You don’t need to waste ten to 40 gold on 5 to 20 inventory spaces. Especially when Arenanet is rather generous with a lot of the storage it gives you, particularly with collectible items. Or when it gives out 20 slot bags as it did during The Lost Shores event.

However, I have bought 7 bank panels. This arguably changes my perspective quite a bit compared to other people. I bought them cheap and early while gems were still at a premium for gold in that first month. This gives me 210 more inventory slots than anyone who still has the one panel. It feels luxurious. I’ve got a panel for runes and sigils, one for dungeon tokens, one holding future gear for alts I’m leveling, one for my legendary materials, and more.

Personally I think that 600 gems on bank panels is far more cost effective than the 400 gems for bag slots and won’t be spending a single copper on those. The added cost of finding a bag to put in the slot when I’m already comfortable with amount of space I get with four 15 slot bags just isn’t worth it.

All that being said I did end up buying one 18 slot invisible bag. I needed an invisible bag and I’m sitting on over 150 gold, it was a luxury I didn’t need but I went for it anyway. So now I can deposit all collectibles and keep my mini-pets with me. It was a complete waste of 1.5 gold but I think I’ll be able to live with myself.



  1. 150 Fractal relics = 20 Slot bag.

    • Yeah but I suppose my thinking is that I’d rather spend that on gift of ascension/fractal capicitor/whatever. Seems like a waste just like 10 gold per bag is a waste.

      • Yeah, to a point, my thinking (in buying at least two of them) was that while I was in the lower Fractals, I wasn’t earning enough to reasonably fight for getting an Ascended piece any time soon (It takes ~35 runs of levels 1-10 to get one back piece), while the bags only took 4 full runs (less with the daily bag).

        • Different people are going to have different needs and strategies of course, perhaps I’ll end up getting a 20 slot from fractals at some point but my next immediate goal is the backpiece which i have the gift for but not the rest.

  2. A lot of people that play a lot more than me make a mule (ala gw1), and make their own 1 man guild. This gives you another 200 odd slots for next to nothing except a long period of isolation (since you need to represent on your guild to build up the guild bank).
    Me, I can’t even fathom doing it.

    • I see and hear people suggest this all the time. For me personally it’s a waste of time and character slot. Bank slots are so much more useful and convenient.

  3. Heya Hunter, After reading this article I thought you might find my article on a similar topic interesting.

  4. Nice article. I’m currently running with 2 Karka bags, the XMas 15 bag, and two Fractal bags on my main, with most of my 7 other characters running with hand-me-down 10-15 slot bags that my other characters had while leveling. I only bought one extra bank slot, but also invested in a personal guild that within the first month was able to get a guild bank. I’m still several months away from being able to expand that to the next tier though.

    Overall I do OK, although Fractal runs and long dungeon runs can fill up my free space on my main, and several of my characters are on semi-permanent mule status, only dumping off 20 or so spaces of their inventories when I plan on using them and then taking it back when I’m done. I tend to horde a lot of stuff that I could probably sell off though, like gear I might eventually use on a character 40 levels from being able to.

    • IIRC I gave my second karka bag to my alt as I genuinely do feel, at least for me, that I have more than enough space. As for starting a guild for the bank space, I don’t really need it but its also something I suppose I should have mentioned.

  5. I have recently discovered the Equipment Boxes, Oiled Packs and Craftsman’s Bags. These “sorting” bags really help me find the rare/exotic items quickly in my inventory. I don’t think they are for everyone, but they can be very handy. I tried the sorting bags out on my main character and now I want them for my other characters too. They’re worth a look.

    • I don’t have a ton of use for them but I’m sure a lot of people like these. The only one of that type that I use are the invisible bags, and that was just something i got for literally one purpose, keeping a mini with me.

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