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I love Guild Wars 2. I love it so much I’ve hardly needed to blog since the very first time I played it, so long ago now. Nothing in life is perfect however and that includes Guild Wars 2. But what would I do to bring the game just that much closer to perfection? What would I change about the game? Well, I’d fix a few things.


    If I were an Arenanet god the first thing I’d do is take the random number generators out of the cash shop. The Black Lion Chests don’t bother me all that much to be honest but the festival items? Give me a break. I know Arenanet has to make money but there have to be better ways than essentially exploiting peoples willingness to take a chance on getting something good. Gambling. Festivals shouldn’t be about this kind of crap. It should be about getting a bunch of free goodies and buying some even better stuff straight from the cash shop. Those rare minis that only came out of the mystery box? The insane rarity of permanent choir bells? Why weren’t they insanely rare from presents but available to buy from the shop? Maybe account bound ones? How come that doesn’t make sense to Arenanet? Instead I see the richest players in the game buying hundreds of thousands of presents and confirming the drop rates for choir bells and unending tonics at something like .003%. Everyone should have a chance at this stuff, not just the super rich.

    Shadow Behemoth

    In beta this was my favouritist event evers. I have not seen it since launch on my server. We should get this thing up and running maybe? Just a thought.

    Town Clothes

    I’m not sure the current implementation of town clothes works. I never use them, never think of them, never want them. Costume Brawl isn’t my thing. I’d think about it a lot more if maybe I could wear them in battle or something. Right now it just feels like I’ll never have any need to buy town clothes.

    Dungeon Tokens

    I have a lot of dungeon tokens. I’m getting to the point where I just spend them to free up space. Arenanet seem to be moving towards being able to deposit them (if you right click them there is a greyed out option to deposit them) but this won’t help me if I can only depsoit 250 at a time. You’re usually saving up 250 to 330 for various pieces of gear anyway. Token storage needs to have room for at least 500 to 750 tokens.

    Champions and Chests

    I could write an essay on rewards in Guild Wars 2 and how generally speaking it’s been the worst aspect of the game so far. Certainly Arenanet has made progress on this front, the Fractals dungeon has the best drop ratios of anywhere in the game I’ve seen and other dungeons have improved as well with wondrous bags. However, champions and chests still drop virtually nothing. In my guild 2 things are announced with such regularity that it is slowly driving me insane. Black Lion Chest drops and blues from champions or chests. My guild thinks it’s important to sarcastically inform me how irritated they are with their most common and recent disappointments. For the sake of my sanity Arenanet, please adjust the drop rates off champions or chests.


    No, not the guild recruiters spamming chat, I’m talking about gathering tools and salvage kits. I just want tools and kits with 250 uses. I don’t want to jump through hoops or spend way too much to get them. Just put them on a merchant and mark up the price a respectable amount. Now before the glaringly obvious comments about Lyns or Mystic Kits come in, yes, I know, I play the game too.

    World vs World Buffs

    My guild doesn’t claim keeps or fortifications. We play in small numbers and aren’t typically focusing on getting to claim something first. What I’d like to see is buffs for WvW that work without having to claim a keep. The nature of WvW is a fair amount of chaos anyway, so why not give the members of a guild a special WvW only buff of some kind that is outside the scope of the fortification buffs?

    Build Wars

    I’d really like to experiment with my builds, and more importantly switch to builds that would be effective depending on what I’m doing. Specific builds for specific situations, dungeons, WvW, farming or whatever. A quick easy way to switch between these builds would be fantastic, and yes, go ahead and charge me the ridiculous respec fee if that is what you truly feel is necessary, just don’t make me go to an NPC. I’m pretty rich at this point, I can take the cost, but not the busy work.


    I don’t even have to say what my gripe is with blueprints. Anyone reading this, anyone who has played World vs World in Guild Wars 2 and seen blueprints knows what the problem is. Why in hell are they Soulbound? They quite obviously and most assuredly need to be Account Bound.

    Long Standing Racial Biases It Would Seem

    Some of the very first feedback Arenanet got years ago was concern over repeated and annoying dialogue. Now that’s a combo. People didn’t want to hear the one-liners and zingers that were heard in the first elementalist video. Death, good! They were afraid they’d be repeated too often, get old and boring, and generally weren’t impressed. I’ll pass this along to the Pale Tree. Arenanet claimed we’d have the ability to turn them off. Outhouses? We don’t have outhouses. A few months after launch I think we can say they completely ignored that feedback. I hear repeated dialogue everywhere I go. I have every single conversation near the bank memorized. Your face is funny, all squished and weird. No your face is funny, it’s like a little raisin.


    Sigh. Guesting. I feel like Arenanet isn’t paying any attention to this issue. I think I understand why it’s not in. Something to do with gathering nodes on multiple servers. Can you imagine what bots would do with that? Or maybe it’s some other reason, I don’t know. What I do know is this is keeping me from playing with people I know. It’s caused irreparable harm to WvW. It’s probably even putting a dent in Arenanet’s wallet considering gems were supposed to be spent on server transfers. So why in god’s name is this so hard to implement? You’d think it would be a priority. I guess not.


    Some classes have extremely long swiftness skills. Ranger and thief have 25% speed boosts as long as they have a signet equipped for crying out loud. So what would be so bad about giving me a mount. Everybody loves mounts. It’s the one thing I’d be thrilled to throw money at if Guild Wars 2 had them. But no, I’m stuck on one of the few classes without a decent running option.


    You can talk all you want about how PvP in GW2 needs a spectator mode or more maps, but if you ask me it needs far better stat keeping. For me, especially in WvW. Leaderboards, kill/death ratios, kill streaks, stuff you can brag about or compare with friends.

As the game stands now, that’s what I’d most want to see. I’m not necessarily promoting giant new features or content but fixes to already existing things. Well, aside from mounts maybe. I know most people probably have many suggestions of their own but for the most part I’m happy with my list. Obviously there are a few big missing things like better class balance and bug fixes but that is a whole other post I could go on and on about, I’m an engineer people.



  1. I play Engy too and have perma 33% run speed. (yes it takes 2 slots and a trait, but the 2 slots are medkit and elixir B so I’d have them anyway)

    • Yeah, that’s the thing, I can’t devote that much in my skill bar and traits to this. I know I probably should be using medkit by default as well but I kind of hate it.

  2. There are lots of little additions and fixes needed, I think they have become a little overwhelmed with it all.

    Personal I would be happy if they stopped the event content and moved the resources onto more important areas.. I’m biased so that would be pvp

    • There are plenty of things that PvP needs but I’m biased, so I’d prefer more important PvE fixes.

  3. Dungeon Tokens: I can’t get enough of them, collect them, buy 4 weapons of the same type, forge them and hope for a precursor, at worst you end up with an unbound weapon that goes on the TP.

    • Also, Runes of the Centaur work really well with Med Kit, especially in groups.

    • That’s essentially what I’m doing now when I’m not saving for alts or whatever.

  4. Technically if you move the “dialogue” volume down to 0 you will have “turned off” the various quips and looping lines. So that feature is there. Kinda.

    • Absolutely and I should have mentioned that, however, I would like to not have to turn off the dialogue completely, just turn down the repetition

  5. The only one I see as a real problem is the RNG, it’s (to me) essentially gambling and thus the lowest form of money making ever – equal to the devil. They need to be taken to court and sued for billions. After that though, I am afraid I don’t see why every class needs to go the same speed. Hardly different if they all have perma speed, especially since you could have it… reduces the effectiveness of the rest of your post really.

    Build wars should come I am sure soon, so people can start talking about builds, and sharing them – helps with the competitive scene.

    Dungeon tokens, you all play way more than me, I think I’ve managed to get 130 of one, and have still yet to see most dungeons. You certainly special here, wish I had your problem!

    Mounts, no thanks, totally wrong.

    I want my persistence back from GW1. Sorry, but I loved my persisted areas, I was expecting more of them in the story mode, and I was expecting to see my areas change as I played in them. As it stands I can’t go back to them let alone change them on top of what I did before.

    I’d like to see more coordinated pve world play. Give me a land mass the requires 5 man cooperation to get anywhere… like GW1.

    I want my gods back too, I want to clean up Orr. That’s all I want to do. None of the rest of the story has any hope for me personally. Where do you want the story to go? To the next dragon? Seems like a waste. Personally, the world seems very flat, story-less and unaffected by me so far. Complete opposite to what expected, given this is GW. This is what effects me the most in PVE land, and its a serious enough flaw for me to say good bye to the world if something more cool comes my way. I want my story, I want it to flow, and go somewhere. I want to look forward to another pve update. Something every update so far has lacked, who cared about Karka? Hell, I be happy with restoring Owl or something. I hated how ungod like xmas was, still had fun I just didn’t care about the story at all.

    So far I’ve cared more about Gwens resting place than anything else I’ve seen so far. I was disappointed by not having gwen pop up when I knelt and having a talk with her. I imagine she’d not be a happy little flute player if she saw what I had seen…

  6. […] Hunter’s Insight — Little Fixes. “I love Guild Wars 2. I love it so much I’ve hardly needed to blog since the very first time I played it, so long ago now. Nothing in life is perfect however and that includes Guild Wars 2. But what would I do to bring the game just that much closer to perfection? What would I change about the game? Well, I’d fix a few things.” […]

  7. I agree with most everything on the list except easy spec changes. My reasoning is partially selfish. I like the stability of sticking with a build that works for me, and also not having to worry about being asked to make any drastic changes from one piece of content to another.

    The second piece of that isn’t wholly selfish. I think it would have a negative impact on the community at large if players were being asked to change their builds from one dungeon fight to another as an example, and it would also allow encounters to become more easily trivialized (a frequent complaint in PvP that led to build locking.) Now if build locking occurred in PvE once you zoned in like in the original that would be fine. Maybe that’s what you already had in mind anyway.

    Guesting as you probably know by the time you read the latest blog is finally coming in the near future.

    • I don’t deny that people might begin demanding specific specs…. in pugs. But if you have a decent guild it isn’t a problem.

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