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I wasn’t going to write this post. It’s been sitting in my queue for more than 2 months. The problem was that as time went on it became less interesting and less important. You see, in my guild, a couple of people chose to first acquire magic find gear instead of more powerful gear.

Meanwhile myself and others had chosen to get more powerful gear as we learned how to progress through new dungeons and challenges. There was a very clear difference in mindset. Those of us who wanted power to trailblaze through new content, and those of us who wanted to make money.

It kind of irritated me really. Here I was putting everything I had into the right stats, the right gear, and worrying about whether I was making the right decisions to better help my guild and not be a burden. Here they were deliberately shedding stats for potential personal gain.

You know at first I thought that Magic Find wasn’t a big deal, that it wouldn’t have much of an impact on playstyle or gear choice. My understanding is that with 100% magic find that a 1 in 1000 chance becomes a 2 in 1000 chance. That seems paltry, but practically it is a big difference if you spend any time farming at all. It’s the difference between drops off a few things and drops off of many things. And as such people started making important decisions on whether to get magic find gear or not.

So we would go into dungeons and 2 out of 5 people would have all magic find gear and audibly complain that they were dying too easily or not doing enough damage. Oh, you think?

Eventually they got real gear. Dungeons became easier the more we knew about them. I didn’t have to complain or nag anyone that they were slowing us down, not playing their part, a burden.

There are still people out there doing this however, particularly in Fractals since the drops there seem so much better. I saw this on reddit. A gentleman who admits to burdening PUG groups with his substandard gear. Just another reason to avoid PUGs, if you didn’t have enough already.

I’ve worn my own magic find gear in dungeons a couple of times. Dungeons that we knew really well with competent teammates who’ve all got the run down to a science. I didn’t exactly make a fortune but things didn’t go horribly either.

In the end it all comes down to altruism or selfishness. Make money or pull your own weight. All in all I’d rather people wore their best gear when they’re with a group and go farm on their own time. That’s what I plan to do.



  1. This isn’t selfishness vs altruism, it’s self-righteousness vs efficiency.

    • Interestingly, with self-righteousness vs. efficiency, I could assign the terms to either choice.

    • We could throw a dozen descriptive words in there, I’ll stick with the ones I used.

  2. I don’t know why ArenaNet didn’t follow Blizzard’s lead from Diablo 3. Magic-find in groups = average of each players’ MF %. So if you want to wear MF gear in a dungeon, you’ll benefit from other players killing things more effectively, and they’ll benefit from sharing your MF %. Nobody is exploiting anybody.

    • This would have made the most sense and it’s too bad it’s not in the game. But I think as long as you’re playing with the right people its not a big deal.

  3. I only did that the first few weeks! I have since gotten good gear, I swear!

    • Sure sure, I believe you.

  4. Within my very small guild, I’ve asked people to avoid it, at least for dungeon runs, as things get a little touch and go with usually only two of us at 80. On the other hand, I tell those still leveling to just take whatever they find that gives more defense, whatever the bonuses may be.

    Which probably doesn’t help with dungeons, but we’ll be in better shape as the other three hit 80.

    • Yeah if you’re still leveling it doesn’t matter much, you discard old gear all the time anyway and you won’t randomly have all magic find just on leveling gear.

  5. It is a bad mechanic to have in the game.

    • I won’t universally condemn it as being a bad mechanic, just one you have to watch out for. I like having magic find, I have a full set of magic find gear myself.

    • The mechanic isn’t inherently bad, it’s the implementation.

      Magic find banners = good, everyone can benefit, nobody suffers.

      Magic find on armor = bad in dungeons, one person benefits (and only if gains make up for fewer kills over time), everyone suffers; non-factor in other PvE content since everything dies so quickly in farmer heavy zones as it is.

      • Well put, the only place it matters is in dungeons.

  6. I roll in MF Gear.. As an dagger Ele.. Never had trouble in the Dungeons.. I always see the heavy armor dudes falling.

    • With That being said, they need to just get rid of MF to begin with. I would like to run regular gear but since this MF junk is in game and I DO get good results from it, I will continue to use it and rely on my own skill to survive… Currently estimated only running 175% with food buff..On a Glass Cannon ele lol 30/30/0/10/0

      • Well maybe the only reason those other guys are going down is because you aren’t holding up your end of the fight.

        • Perhaps or not… In AC the guardian was doing the kiting on the spike trap section while the rest of us pulled the spring traps, guardian kept failing/dying, no one wanted to volunteer so I volunteered to do the kiting even though I never did the kiting before, and we ended up winning cuz I managed to survive it. I guess it boils down to who knows how to play (survive/evade) vs those who don’t. Keep in mind the build I run right now has no defense, strictly offense, and even top it off being a squishy class(ele). Who knows maybe everyone was in MF gear since it was a PUG.

  7. Speaking of Dungeons this is “mad skills” –

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