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It was clear from the beginning that Arenanet didn’t want people hopping servers solely for the purpose of joining a successful WvW team. It’s just too bad they failed to put in place any sort of deterrent. Here we are months later and entire guilds are still free to jump ship and add their weight to already successful worlds.

This is the result of free transfers which I was under the impression would end within weeks of launch. 2 and a half months later the only deterrent seems to be a 7 day wait before you can return to your old server, as if that’s likely.

We’ve already seen large alliances shifting around to the already successful servers. What a difference they make moving 5th place servers up to 3rd place contenders! Meanwhile my own server is absolutely outnumbered by every server we go up against. We lose more and more people every day to other servers. I’ve never been a big fan of the PvP personality type and this is why. We do okay in WvW matches but it only takes one week of losses to set the tears flowing and have guilds migrate elsewhere. Which only leads to even lower morale and worse showings.

One of my main concerns is that servers that are already successful are getting plenty of players to continue that success. Meanwhile my own server will continue to sink in the rankings. All because Arenanet have essentially twiddled their thumbs on this issue even when they knew far in advance it would be a problem.

This all stems to guesting not having come in, but at this point I’d be far more willing to wait on guesting and have a cost associated with moving servers than continue to allow rats to abandon the various sinking ships. If I recall correctly the idea was that full servers would cost more gems while unpopulated servers would cost less. Let’s get on that Arenanet.



    • That seems to be about the gist of it.

  2. That is why I am happy with the Tarnished Coast server. We are not one of the best WvW servers, and we have even been on the wrong side of some horrific losses. However, we have not had mass exoduses by the large guilds. The unofficial RP server tag seems to have brought in a more mature and stable community. Even when we lose people play pretty hard and have fun.

    I do feel bad for the servers that have been devastated by the PvP movements. We have played some of them and I have seen only a small handful of their people.

    • My server was a target for people to go to in the first place because a large wvw alliance was headed here, they transferred out after a week or something and its been an exodus since.

      • PvP people scare me. They are the most fickle and hateful of all MMO players. It seems like they never make a good community, just look at LOL.

        • Yeah, fickle is the polite way of putting it.

  3. It is strange they continue to not do anything, I hope it changes soon. I agreed with someone this week when they suggested that they should be locked out of pvp for a week when they transfer. how hard is that to implement eh? Here’s hoping we see this great content patch with the fix – though I know your not really all that hopeful for it.

    • Ultimately I don’t think being locked out for a week would be much of a deterrent. Seems only slightly better than the current system. A successful server that wins week after week is still an enticing target even if you can’t play for a week.

  4. I agree it needs to be sorted, I am in the UK and on the Gunnars Hold EU server. We do badly at WvWvW this is not going to get better as KISS one of the biggest guilds on the server have just moved to a US one. The only apparent reason I can think of is so they can win over night. On a plus note the rumor is that they wanted to be on a lower tierd server (I dont know how, we’ve never been at the top by the end of the week).

    • Thats exactly the kind of thing I don’t want to see. Lots of european guilds turning up on american servers now too so they can nightcap. It’s kind of bullshit.

      • Apparently its happening both way s too, US guilds moving to EU servers. I know the French servers have a lot of Canadian players. I have been told that one member of KISS originally moved to recruit US players as a night shift and the whole guild bar a few who didnt want to went. Those who dont move are now going to get kicked from the guild and those who did go but prefer PvE are finding zones a bit dead when they play. Serves them right if you ask me.

  5. The sweet point is to be in the middle of the ladder, if you do not mind to be at the top : there, people who want to be at the top have already fled to upper land, and only stays people that are a bit interested in WvW, but only for fun.
    Fort Ranik [FR] our server is quite interesting !

    • We are mid to low in the rankings, doesn’t stop people from leaving here.

  6. I don’t think anyone will argue against what you posted. Im baffled why free transfers are still available, you would think they would have turned that off by now. I was in the same boat as you and transferred last month our of frustration and I would suggest doing the same if you want a good WvW experience.

    • As I said in the post I am not largely invested in WvW, I’m just an occasional player, but it’s annoying to see obvious solutions to growing problems not being implemented.

  7. Almost everyone I know has stopped playing entirely or only gets on now and then to see if guesting has been turned on. And then the most recent news is of harder dungeons? WTH? Turn on guesting ArenaNet, for crying out loud! Lock down server transfers like you should have done the first week or two. GW2 is a fun game (mostly) but after watching MMO after MMO self destruct like this, I’m about done with the whole genre. GW2 is a blast when there are lots of people playing in the same area, but trying to do most of the content solo is not much fun and in some cases impossible: big world bosses, dungeons, some skill points, champions, etc…

    • Okay well I can’t speak to your server but even with WvW doing poorly my server is till quite active with no trouble getting groups for world bosses and the like.

      • We had a mass exodus over a month ago and now seeing anyone in even low level zones (aside from starter ones) is a rare thing, or so it seems sometimes. Doesn’t help I usually play during the day, but still, I saw grand total of 8 other players out in zones last weekend. I haven’t seen a world boss in well over a month. And if I transfer to a different server I lose all the work I’ve put into building up my guild, which is another area I’m not happy with. Clearly ANet didn’t learn anything from their sister Aion division, which totally screwed up handling all the western servers; I guess both studios are clueless. As things stand now, I won’t be spending anything more on GW2 until they turn on guesting and fix the %@#! camera auto zooming when you get near a wall, fence, slightly tall blade of grass… grrrrr.

  8. […] Hunter’s Insight — Still Waiting. “It was clear from the beginning that Arenanet didn’t want people hopping servers solely for the purpose of joining a successful WvW team. It’s just too bad they failed to put in place any sort of deterrent. Here we are months later and entire guilds are still free to jump ship and add their weight to already successful worlds.” […]

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