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This post will be readable one time only to the people who happen to be around when it is posted. I’m not going to say why I’m doing this but it will be a big event! If you can’t be around to read my post at the time of posting hopefully you can read it later on youtube. Also reading it on youtube would spoil it for you, so I hope you don’t have to do that but you will since you are spineless nerds. I know some of you can’t be here when I post it but I’m doing this anyway. Yes, this sucks, but trying to accommodate everyone would suck more! I know reading my blog from someones fraps video isn’t quite the same as reading it on my blog but this is necessary to achieve…. some as yet unidentifiable dumb idea I had.

Okay, I ran out of steam at the end there, but this is the same reasoning Arenanet is using to justify why there will be a one time only event, “the pinnacle of the Halloween event (Act 3)”, in Guild Wars 2.

As some of you noticed, we have published the time of the special event which will occur on Sunday, October the 28th at 12:00 PM Pacific Time/19:00 GMT.

On the holiday team, we are fully aware of the fact that not everyone can be logged into the game at specific time. We’re also aware that people live in different time zones, and those times can potentially fall on different calendar days. This is why each act is a phase, or a period of time, rather than a moment in time.

The one major exception is the beginning of Act 3, which is something that I think most people will want to be around to see. The choice of 12:00 PM Pacific Time/19:00 GMT on Sunday was a very informed, calculated decision. It was primarily based on the fact that it’s pretty much the peak of our weekly concurrency, which means it satisfies the highest possible percentage of our users. It also means that it’s the same calendar date whether you’re American or European.

For those of you wondering, having the event at separate times for separate zones is actually one of the worst options. Whatever happens is going to be on livestreams instantly and then on YouTube about five minutes later. At least this way, everyone has a chance to experience it in the game, without having it spoiled by the rapid availability of video on the Internet.

One of the things I don’t like about this is how they don’t really address any of the complaints. They know one time events don’t really work. They know they’re upsetting large numbers of people. They know that timed events worked much better in the past with Guild Wars.

One time only events in MMOs are usually big disappointments. I can’t think of one that was a big success.

I honestly do hope this decision turns out well, I hope it’s a big success, and I know you can’t please all the people all the time, and far be it from me to tell Arenanet what things they can try and can’t try, but yeah, I will not be surprised if this doesn’t turn out well.



  1. Their last paragraph answers nothing and means nothing. They are basically guaranteeing a large portion of their user base will be forced to see it on YouTube. Cop-out answer imo. Brb making video of this post.

    • Making a video of your one time only comment before it’s over!

  2. I’m getting flashbacks to the Gates of Ahn’Quraj event in WoW, where on our server when the gates were opened (leading to a huge event) there were so many people milling around that the lag was incredible and not very fun. I’m imagining there will be a similar mess tomorrow afternoon.

    • I’ve never experienced the kind of lag in GW2 that I did in WoW, unless my laptop came unplugged. Even if our whole server logs on, we’ll be sent to overflow servers.

    • I’m really hoping that lag isn’t an issue but there are a number of things that could go wrong.

    • I remember AQ. WoW and RIFT had very similar one-time-only-content instacrashes. While GW2 was laggy as hell, it at least didn’t crash until at least an hour in. XD

  3. I like the idea of rare one time events. I didn’t know other games even had them, and apparently I missed at least one in WoW. Bummer? That’s probably true of the majority of players, since even that game’s player base is primarily casual.

    Weren’t the BWE finales essentially the same thing? And those were actual activities that you can’t really appreciate any way but live.

    • In Guild Wars the uproar after having only 12 hours of a recurring event sent the devs into damage control and every event afterward lasted longer periods of tmie. This one time only thing? It’s like every dev from back then has moved on from arenanet. So we’ll see.

  4. Having just experienced it, I think people expected it to be more than just some 5-10 second cinematic. Not worth getting bent out of shape over if you missed. That said, I don’t see why ANet wouldn’t just put in an NPC that could give the option of playing back the cinematic..

  5. Well, all I can say is one time only events are just stupid. A good portion of your user base won’t be able to be there due to RL commitments, so will be mad at missing it. Others will have technical problems (like what happened during the event already) and/or things like, I don’t know, massive storms on the east coast of North America knocking out power. Why go to all the effort of making content for an event and then making sure only a limited number of your players will be able to do it? It is nonsense like this that ArenaNet does from time to time that just makes you wonder what is going on up in Seattle. Or maybe the idea comes from Korean HQ at NCSoft; the ones that thought one time only events in Aion would be a great idea (they weren’t)…. *sigh*
    At least the Mad King pops up in LA every now and again for those that missed the video live, and is pretty impressive up close like that. And I think I read they are extending the event due to all the problems with it earlier today.

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