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With some emblazoned skin mixed in because I don’t care that much about gloves or boots.

I suppose I’ll update you all on my personal progress, since I haven’t really touched on it.

I finished the storyline. Shocker I know. I didn’t really end up savouring it like I said I would. Sure I read all the heart letters and talked to a lot of NPCs, explored a ton of things. The pressure to move on was pretty intense though, so a zone or two got left behind. I’m currently 2 zones away from world completion, not that I think that means I’ve seen, read, and heard everything there is to experience.

I was very lucky as far as gear is concerned. I got 2 exotic armour pieces from zone completion, Malchor’s and Cursed Shore. I got 2 more from a friend, and I had been keeping up my leatherworker profession so I immediately had a full set of exotic armour. At this point I’ve crafted a set of what I like to call danger pants. Exotic armour with stats specifically for tough dungeons or WvW. I’ve also bought several Superior Runes of the Pirate and one Superior Rune of the Traveler and upgraded my old zone completion armours for farming with magic find. I call those my magic pants set.

I’m using the Duelist skins for my magic pants set which are one of my favourite skins (for men) and can’t seem to settle on a good medium skin for my danger pants. Right now I’m using a Heritage HoM skin which is okay depending on how you dye it.

I’ve also crafted my own exotic pistols. Getting a hold of exotic pistols through the mystic forge, drops, chests, or zone completion looked like a crap shoot at best. There aren’t a lot of known recipes for pistols (but if you want a focus I know a few dozen possibilities you could try…) so I’m stuck with some pearl handcannons. Some people like the skin, some people don’t. I made 2 for my engineer of course, one carrion, the other travelers.

My pearls.

While most of my armour is a mix of Berserkers and Rampagers stats, I needed to offset my damage with some health and defense so I have the occasional Carrion, Valkyrie, or Knight piece. I made a Traveler’s piece or two for my magic pants set, and my Traveler pistol is there just so I’ll always have a little bit of Magic Find.

And magic find is something I truly underestimated. If you go farming and you’re not using Magic Find you are wasting your time. The money spent on omnom berry bars, lemon bars, guild banner magic find increases, is all well worth it. I thought it would be worthless. It isn’t.

These days I’ve begun my Legendary Weapon farming in earnest in Cursed Shore. Every time there is a server reset my guildies and I seek out the Orichalcum and Ancient nodes and temporarily memorize them. Websites have even sprung up to identify their locations, along with the respawn times of the major dragons, though I haven’t identified one that updates for Northern Shiverpeaks. Meanwhile we’ve also been trying to identify the most profitable and least mind numbing farming locations. A quest chain related to the NPC Plinx seems to be the current favourite, but the Grenth Shrine, Penitent/Shelter/Jofast, and maggot farming are all viable options.

I had enough karma for a piece of armour from the various Shrine karma vendors but as I’ve noted I just stuck with crafting.

Aside from that I’ve just been doing dungeons. I’ve completed each on story mode and am slowly working through the explorables. Long term I want to do Caudecus Manor a lot because not only am I considering his skin for a coat, seals of beetletun will be necessary for Quip.

I’ve also finished all the jumping puzzle achievements. Apparently Brisban Wildlands doesn’t have one, and Sparkfly Fen while it does have a very good puzzle and a mini puzzle, do not get achievements.

I’m in World versus World off and on. It’s filled with annoyances and short bursts of fun. I’ll have more to say on it some other time. I will add however that I’ve got all points of interest, vistas, and skill points in WvW maps. At one point we were pitted against servers that didn’t seem at all interested in WvW and for about 2 weeks straight we crushed our opponents. This made it quite easy for people after world completion.

I have not played any structured PvP. I’m just not interested. I am interested in Keg Brawl, it is hellishly fun but I have been busy and haven’t been in much.

My ranger alt is level 38, with my second alt at level 15 or so. I have not spent much time working on them and have much left to say. However, I did find that crafting is a good way to help you skip through all the low level content that you might already be familiar with from various beta weekends or leveling alt. I also named all my pets. At least in my head I did anyway, as you can’t seem to save more than a few names. My bank slots, all 7 of them, are filled to the brim with leatherworking and huntsman items that I made while leveling those professions. I’m saving them for my alts.

Finally I’ve been gambling a lot in the mystic forge. Farming in CS has gained me a lot of greens. Four greens in the mystic forge has a fairly good chance of turning into a gold. I can also have an extremely good chance of salvaging an ecto from level 70 golds and up. As a result I have profited with ectos greatly. An individual green will probably be worth nothing at the Auction House and the merchant will probably only give you 1s50c. I can often get 2 or 3 ectos out of a rare. This was more profitable when ectos were selling for around 20s or higher, but with their price now hovering around 15s I’m considering just selling the greens. A black lion salvage kit is a must if you go down this route.

And that’s about where things stand for me. I’m building up stockpiles of what I’ll need for legendaries all while working on shorter term goals and just seeing what there is to see. The Halloween festival has been announced with some pretty bad ass concept art, so thats the next big Guild Wars 2 thing for me I suppose though there is no way to prepare for such horrendous jokes.



  1. and likewise for malchor’s leap and cursed shore

    • That seems to be specifically for Yak’s Bend. No help to me on Northern Shiverpeaks.

  2. Wow, you’ve spent your time well. I am 150 hours in and I just reached lvl70 last night with the zone completion of Sparkfly Fen. I have no armour that ive thought about for more than 3 seconds, lvl45ish on most professions, and I am nearly out of rabit in spvp. I have not even thought about farming or most of what you have talked about above. Not sure I well, probably just start another alt once I complete my story which is a little bit behind, I think its next bit is recommended lvl of 34ish. Ive been disappointed in the story so far, its the wandering around doing stuff thats been the most fun for me up till now. Good to see a bit of variation coming in the events in this area, not just slowly walking somewhere or killing something. Enjoyed taking that boat out (whats it called ashbringer?).
    I feel the presure now to get to lvl80 and get the story done. The Shadow of the Mad King stuff scares me that lll need to be lvl80 to get 100% out of it. My guild is also running stuff now thats outside my levels. Sigh.

    • The story has good bits and bad bits. It all depends on which you’ve chosen. The whispers and Durmand priory storylines are fantastic because of the characters in them, and a lot of good characters in the charr storylines as well, but I felt the human story was very very generic.

      • Humans are GENERIC…

        That is the problem…

  3. Have you been to Aurora’s Remains in Brisban yet? If so, do you think that will eventually be made into a jumping puzzle? It seems very puzzle-esque at the moment.

    • The first time I was there I thought it was a jumping puzzle, only to find it was a place where you can jump around. It could turn into one but I’d be willing to bet that they’ll create a whole new area instead.

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