Dueling Ideas and Duel Armours

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People often talk about how game companies have skimpy armour for female characters. There is certainly a tendency to have a wide variety of armour for men, while women are clothed in skin tight, revealing g-strings and bustiers.

I was talking with Spirit about the Duelist skin for medium armour and how I really liked it. She commented that the female version was skimpy and not something she’d want to wear.

I was actually surprised at this because the male duelist version is not sexual at all.

I think everything but my gloves are the duelist skin.

Meanwhile the female version looks like this.

Because boobs.

Her reaction to seeing the male version: “Seriously?”

I’m not saying Arenanet is sexist or that this is an outrage, Arenanet is better than a lot of video game companies out there when it comes to this stuff, but what I am saying is that I got the strong impression from Spirit that she’d rather be wearing armour that looks like the male version than armour that looks like the female version.

I’m wearing a full coat pretty much, and Spirit gets a tube top.

And that’s not even the worst example of this in Guild Wars 2.

I just don’t understand why there is such a wide difference between the two versions of the armour set. I mean, I do, but I don’t.



  1. That’s pretty weird. Across that entire armour set, I only see one stylistic similarity between the male and female armour, and that’s the strap around the inner thigh. Everything is completely and utterly different (unless head and shoulders have similarities, since they’re disabled in the male screenshot).

    • Offhand I can tell you right away the masks are nearly identical. Not sure about shoulders.

  2. because in games people always chose skimpy armors for females…In wow after they implemented the remodeling, skimpy armor were the most expensive. I also look for skimpy armor for my female characters..they are female after all 🙂

    • I must be strange, then. When I made a female character in Saints Row: The Third, for example, I opted for trouser suits and turtlenecks over bikinis and hot pants three sizes too small. 😐

    • Sometimes people choose skimpy armours because men can be drooling idiots, but sometimes they choose them because stats are attached, or they have no other good choices. My point is that armour should be similar despite difference in sex.

  3. It’s one of the reasons I’ve tried to resist rolling a female character. A lot of the armours I’m seeing are “MOAR CLEAVAGE! MOAR MIDRIFF! LESS LOGIC!”

    What if I don’t want my char to be flashing off as much skin as possible?

    This coming from the guy that’s storing old Pit Fighter armour for his male warrior for when he has something decent to transmute it onto, of course. >_>

    • I’m sure there are a few normal looking armours, its just the glaring differences between a normal looking male armour and its female counterpart that bother me.

      • Yeap, like in real life. I have a lot of trouble telling between the male and female styles. I don’t see why there should be any here either. Should just have sign “human” in Kmart clothes section instead of “Girl” in the bright pink fairy section, and in the blue spiderman section the needed “Boy” sign.
        My 3 year old girl doesn’t kick up a massive fuss about me making her wear a blue pair of shorts at all, despite me want her to as its just so much easier to do something in. Long flowing skirt to go cycling in, yeah no problem wearing that in her mind.

        Personally, they didn’t put enough good looking armour in there as it was, which is why they had to drop the “yet another long coat” look for the skimpy one. My Mesmer seems to get either a too short skirt or a long skirt, its just a lack of variety thats the killer. I am sorry she didnt get the look she wanted, I can’t say I did either.

      • There’s more than a few “normal” looking armors. That armor is one of two “skimpy” looks, the other being the ridiculous t3 with the under-cleavage. Even sexy assassins in movies don’t do under-cleavage since it’s all too easy to get a knife up and under the ribcage. I happen to like duelist, though. It’s what my thief is wearing. Sadly there’s a lot of other thieves wearing it, along with similar or identical dye jobs *sigh*

        Then there’s one or two medium armors that may have a hint of cleavage but are otherwise identical across races and genders. Everything else is full coverage. That’s at least 80% if not 90% of the armor.

        The majority of heavy armors are also full coverage, although there’s a lot more revealing armors for male characters than medium (and nobody seems to mind the male chests being fully exposed.)

        For scholars, about 1/3 are wholly modest and a range of somewhat revealing to more revealing. People may favor the more revealing armors but that doesn’t mean the other option doesn’t exist.

        I’m not saying people need to like the revealing armors, but it’s disingenuous to act as though they are the rule rather than the exception.

        • Several of my male thief playing friends just take their tops off in pve so they can look thiefy. Whatever. They all get sick of me telling them to repair.

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