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I’ve been noticing something about crafted goods in Guild Wars 2. They’re worthless to other people. They don’t sell on the auction house, there is a big supply/low demand, you can play and do well with gear well below your level and people level past items really quickly. There is no profit to be made.

Despite it all, everyone is still crafting.

Tobold seems to dislike all this. To paraphrase him, “what’s wrong with getting rich off crafting?” Well no, there isn’t anything wrong with that, but I’d ask what’s wrong with not getting rich off crafting? Tobold finishes by exclaiming “There simply doesn’t appear to be a point to crafting in Guild Wars 2.”

Yeah, no point at all.

The experience gain off gathering is decent even if you’re just going for the daily achievement. The insignia/inscription items are common enough to make crafting plausible to even the most lazy, and yet those items are also quite profitable on the auction house. Crafting itself provides levels worth of experience. You can quickly catch up to your own level to supply yourself with gear. You can increase your storage space. You can easily make things for friends at little cost to yourself. You can craft items with specific stats for your unique build. You can craft skins that so far I’ve only seen come from crafting. Finally I’d go so far as to say it’s kind of fun, or at least nowhere near as tedious and useless as crafting in some other games.

But there are drawbacks, yes.

You can’t profit from crafting. At least not right now. The economy is just flooded with “cheap mass-produced junk.” Junk that is better than the merchant can provide, can have a variety of helpful stats, can sometimes look damn good, and is better than my old gear.

I expect when people start reaching 80, or when people begin to tire of crafting, those that actually max their crafting level may be able to make a profit on rare items. Guild Wars was the type of game where you didn’t really begin playing until you reached max level. I’m hoping that holds at least partially true in Guild Wars 2 crafting, but I’m not going to be gutted if it’s not.


  1. I’d say that it is possible to profit off of crafting…but it requires a lot of input. If you make stuff using karma recipes, those sell pretty well, as they tend to be better stats and rarer skins than the basic stuff. Still, on the other hand, they’re expensive to make, so unless you get lucky your profits will be pretty slim.

    Luckily, I craft because I like shiny things and I don’t care a huge amount about making money, though selling off my excess jewelry I’ve been making has made me some modest amounts of profit.

    • Maybe you’re making a profit, I haven’t seen anything I’ve been able to make selling for anything but a loss if you factor in the listing fee. Not to mention the cost of gathering equipment, buying thread or tin, that last insignia item…

      Luckily there are plenty of other reasons to craft for me.

  2. Just my 2cp, crafting is fantastic. I crafted 99% of the armor I wore all the way to 80, and am currently working on my exotic set (pricey!). The experience gained from harvesting and crafting is amazing. From my two crafting professions alone I gained ~15 levels; each one is worth 10 levels total, regardless of your level. Each gather gives ~3 kills worth of XP. It adds up really fast. Plus the skins! Some of them are great! Some of them are not though 😉

    • You can’t mention gw2 crafting without mentioning the ridiculous amount of experience you get. It’s crazy.

  3. Is he focused solely on armor and weapons? I do find those somewhat disappointing. It’s not particularly profitable, nor can you even gear yourself – though it may benefit alts later. However, JC is completely free unless you’re impatient. You generally find enough of what you need without grinding, and can keep up with your character levels. Plus jewelry doesn’t drop that I’ve noticed, is rarely awarded, and what is awarded is inferior to what you can make. And cooking really isn’t expensive to level at all, contrary to popular belief. I’ve spent very little karma (and try to do it on my alts as much as possible because my main’s coveted armor skin requires karma.) Plus the experience buff from food alone is reason enough to keep a food buff up at all times. I’m partial to the foods with magic find buffs, as well. Back to armor and weapons, I imagine that apart from experience, the driving factor is skins (most crafted skins seem exclusive to crafting as far as PvE goes) and eventually legendary weapons. It may also be the least spendy/time-consuming means of acquiring exotic armor since getting max stats and not just different skins at 80 is more of a grind than suggested. I suppose it beats being at the mercy of RNG. Still, a bit of a departure from the original.

    • He was jewelrycrafting IIRC. He has a few posts talking about his crafting experience, but it’s pretty apparent that we don’t see eye to eye on just about anything he talks about on his blog.

  4. Personally, I’ve never seen any point in any crafting in any game. It’s just a side game, like the AH. To me it gets in the way of the real game, exploring and having fun. I still do it, cause I feel i have to. In WOW it provides your first set of ok amour/weapons, so I’ve been trained to do it.
    If over time it doesn’t prove to be so here, then I’ll drop it. I doubt it somehow.

    • There is almost always a point to crafting, just maybe not to you.

  5. Being an altaholic, I love the GW2 crafting (have every profession across all my girls) because I can be totally self-sufficient. I gather every node I see and craft everything my girls wear, use, eat, and store theri stuff in. I find it rounds off my game play day nicely – after a long evening of hunting, I spend some time in town making sure all my girls have everything they need 🙂 The experience is insane as well!

    • A lot of people keep it as a point of pride that all their gear is made by them, even refusing crafted items from others.

  6. I am enjoying the crafting in Guild Wars 2, I love that you gain experience from it, I love how it gets faster each time you make the same item in succession. However, I am finding it more difficult to level quickly as it is tricky to find many of the items you need (or at least a high enough amount of them), or you get the items you need by going half way across the world to buy ingredients with karma, only to realise you haven’t bought enough and you have to head back. But I to have noticed, for me anyway at a low level, that it is just a money sink.

    • Finding the insignia items, especially when they start asking for 8 a piece, can get a little nuts and slows you down so that your crafting can’t keep up with your level pace. That part sucks, but, I’m still crafting.

  7. The thing I like about crafting is the gathering trips. I generally don’t buy materials, but instead set aside 15 to 30 minutes to run around a zone gathering. As I can’t resist events, this also means I end up doing 4 or 5 of those, helping out random strangers when needed, temp grouping with others that are also gathering to get to the nodes protected by vets or even a champion, etc. So that usually turns into 1 or 2 hours of just pure fun, especially if I can manage a heart or two as well. With GW2 I usually start with a goal or two in mind, but just let the flow of what is happening around me carry things forward. Fun times! Oh, and you can profit crafting as a jeweler, just have to know what you are doing. 🙂

    • Even if you do profit, nobody is getting rich. I can “profit” off of some of my huntsman or leathercrafting but the time, effort, money put into thread or tin, gathering tools, and other items means profit margins are low.

      • The fact that nobody is getting “rich” means ArenaNet did things right. One of the things that is very broken in many games is being able to get rich quickly and thus the economy is soon a complete mess. And considering you can use in-game money to buy gems (a good thing) I’m pleased to see GW2 (aside from exploits or someone putting the wrong prices in the database) keeping things reasonable. As things are now you can make a reasonable, if not spectacular, profit crafting, there is no corning markets or massive price swings, good availability on most lower level items, etc. In-game money inflation would be a terrible thing at this point and so far I’m happy with how the economy is going. As the player base spreads out and reaches higher levels I think the overall market will also spread out more and offer higher returns for crafting. And low profit margins just means increase sales volume and diversifying if crafting is more interesting to one than other areas.

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