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So I tried out this new game recently and I think I’ll tell you a little bit about it. It’s really good! I might ramble a bit.

I’ve been taking my time leveling, as I said I would. Yet my engineer is level 28, and my ranger is level 12. I’m sure there are people who are out there power leveling like crazy, but I swear I’ve just been bumbling around, exploring, crafting, gathering, playing with friends who had no particular goal in mind.

I have gotten quite a few things done though.

For instance with crafting. I was wearing my own leather gear pretty much from the start and it’s a nice skin too. The Seeker skins are nice and I should have taken a screenshot, to compare to the god awful leather skins that come in at level 75 of Leathercrafting.

This is the Outlaw set.

Admittedly my colour choices aren’t great but what would look good?

I’ve been working a bit on Hunstman as well and I found that none of the crafting materials overlap aside from the insignia items. As a result, until the crunch for items gets a bit tighter I should be able to do both crafting professions simultaneously.

As for actual engineering stuff, I’ve really started to like the utility skill Personal Battering Ram. The animation alone is worth checking out but I find the knockback is a real life saver at times. Lots of fun.

On my ranger I went around collecting as many pets as I could and giving them names that make me happy. I named my stalker Cringer. Nobody gets it. I named my fern hound Ficus, my spider Spiderman, my bear Fuzzy Wuzzy, my raven Poe, my armoured fish Nautilus, my pig Hamstorm, and my arctodus Naga.

Yes I know you can only really name 4 pets at once or it resets… don’t argue with me. This is what they’re named.

I’m doing pretty well with dyes, I’ve picked up somewhere between 15 and 20 on multiple characters. So many brown colours.

Studded leather gloves have to be the worst skin for gloves I’ve ever seen in any video game ever. I commend the artist for coming up with some truly reprehensible low level attire. They can’t all be winners and you need some motivation to get new skins right? Well this is it.

I guess this is where the bad stuff comes in.

I haven’t felt motivated to go to WvW much, but then I wouldn’t have been able to anyway. The queues on this server are hours long. That’s fine though, it’s to be expected.

I was also expecting to miss guesting and my god am I missing guesting. I have managed a workaround by using the “Join in” option after rightclicking on party members. If they happen to be on an overflow there is no problem partying with people from other servers. When I get a network error, I just ask them to join in with me. As a result I haven’t had much problems, but unfortunately this only applies to the region you’re in. You can’t party up with people on another continent this way.

Trying to play with people on different servers by transfering has been a bit painful. Servers have definitely been full a lot, though I hear they upped the server caps. Once when I transferred to Jade Quarry to play with I Can Outtweet A Centaur I got stuck there for hours.

But I think I got off light considering the number of problems other people seem to be having. I keep hearing Europe in particular has login problems up the wazoo. Thankfully Arenanet is seriously pumping out the tweets to keep people informed.

I’ve also had next to no lag, which is surprising.

I think the one major negative for most people at this point is the auction house. The auction house has been out of commission since day 2 of the headstart or so. I haven’t even bought or sold anything on it yet. This has also turned chat channels into selling forums. Not a fan of this development.

Aside from that, the most interesting thing that has happened over the past few days is the blow up from people on the guru forums and reddit complaining that they had been banned over nothing, that they hadn’t done anything wrong. Arenanet went straight to the source and outlined why people had been banned by quoting their awful behaviour in a reddit thread. I think what really surprised me was the number of people who had been hacked to sell gold.

Which reminds me of my own problems. Someone out there is trying to reset my password. Three times in four days. I’m guessing this leads back to when someone hacked my gmail a while back from china. I’ve got pretty damn strong passwords now so I’m only slightly concerned.

But back to happy thoughts, I created a norn necromancer. He is as tall and as fat as I could make him. His name? Necronomnomnomicon.

Finally I never thought I’d like vistas as much as I do. Obviously after the first once or twice they can be pretty boring but there is nothing quite like watching one for the first time or climbing up to it via a mini-jumping puzzle or the like.

Oh and obviously I’m still thinking about my jumping puzzle guide for those who don’t like spoilers, but until I level up to the higher zones I won’t be able to get screenshots and frankly my priority for the moment is just playing. Plenty of puzzles in the lower level zones anyway.



  1. No one got Cringer? That was He-Man’s cat before it turned into Battle-Cat, right!?

    Not enough children of the 80’s, clearly.

    • Clearly!

  2. Apparently someone reached level 80 in 32 hours which seemed a bit mental to me.

    • From the reddit thread they said he made it to level 60 normally and then another 20 levels through sheer crafting.

      • I suppose if you keep everything dropped until level 60 crafting goes pretty quick.

        • I should mention that it was said he had help from his guild with crafting materials.

          • Ah ok, I don’t follow reddit at all.

  3. After all my pre-release plans, beta events, and playing all professions and races; after thinking warrior would be at the bottom of my list, with charr and norn tied for least interesting races…. I’m having the most fun playing a rifle toting charr warrior of the blood legion. Something just clicked (or snapped?) when I was creating him, his all white fur with just a touch of black, the red eyes, the deadly horns, plus the scale armor. Go figure! Most other charr look like house cats compared to him. 🙂

    • For some reason the rifle warrior really clicks with people. Something about how the melee doesn’t work for some but ranged works really well overall.

    • I went Warrior for my main, primarily rolling Hammer and Rifle as my two weapon choices. Although I’ve also had a lot of fun with Axe+Axe and Longbow.

      • Warrior hammer is really fun, great for crowd control, might need a bit more damage but still good.

        • My Charr sounds identical, sans red eyes- went for orange. Have to agree that rifle warrior just feels awesome, especially when you can switch to an ungodly large two-hander when things get in melee. Very satisfying.

    • Totally agree with you! I made a warrior charr and i play either axe+axe, longbow, or rifle. It’s just so much fun!

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