Guild Wars 2, Come Out To Play

August 24, 2012 at 4:34 am | Posted in Guild Wars 2, mmorpg | 7 Comments
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Quaggan likes parties.

How can I put into words how long I’ve been awaiting this game, how much I’ve anticipated it? I’ve put a lot of work into this blog, coming up on almost 1000 posts and 500k views.

It all comes down to this.

That said I honestly don’t know how much I’m going to be blogging the next few days. Just saying.



  1. Same here – don’t know how many blogs I’ll be reading over the next week or so! Thanks for the time and effort you have put in, helps to make this launch all the better!

  2. I’m so excited!

  3. Wooooohoooooooo

  4. I’m in the strange position of wanting to play my MMOs more than I want to write about them.

    Hope to see you in-game!

  5. Already caffienating myself so I can stay awake till it opens up!

  6. Pretty sure I won’t be reading any blogs (or much else) until sometime next week. 🙂 Finally, after years of speculation, waiting, hoping, and wondering… it is finally (almost) here!

    • Or maybe some of us will read it just in case someone has a work around to get on. 3 hours no luck so far. Hope your all having fun, nn.

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