Notes on the Stress Test 3

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Lovely bit of testing today as Arenanet continues to work on the game. I mostly screwed around trying to figure out the Thaumanova Reactor jumping puzzle, to no avail. However I did take note of a few things.

There also seems to be some form of email verification system going in, a security feature. I hit it twice early on but recieved no email and started playing anyway. Later on Twitter they asked people to log out and try it again, upon doing so it worked. However my good friend and recent contributor Spirit got disconnected at one point and wasn’t allowed back in. She said she had 17 emails from Arenanet but it refused to verify her.

At least on my end things seemed to improve as time went on. When I was checking the gem store and auction house earlier in the night I was having some lag issues, but later as they were asking people to specifically stress those features I could spam through the pages without much trouble.

There were bugs though. Near Artreium Haven (sp?) I encountered a gate to a small keep that was having troubles with mexican food. It was on a continuous loop but when I invited a friend to see it nothing was wrong on their end.

Don’t stand so close!

I also heard reports that if you logged into one character and then another without checking your mail, when you did finally open your mail the DD and CE digital items would be missing or screwed up in some manner. I received my items with no problems thankfully.

Anyway those are the things that went wrong, what about what went right?

I managed to get my HoM titles working. I quickly started sporting Champion of the Gods around Lion’s Arch. They must have updated it mid-test as I had checked on it earlier in the night. There was no sign of God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals, but it’s good to see progress.

And speaking of the HoM, I heard from @_Ilikepizza on twitter that he had recieved a teleport stone upon creating a new character. It didn’t work but it seemed to suggest we’d be teleporting to the Eye of the North. I had always thought we’d gain our rewards from going to our Home Instance. Anyway I went ahead and made a new character to see for myself.

Could have sworn I had the tooltip open.

Very little information to be had from that screenshot I guess.

Finally the dances were in. It was all anyone talked about. Ravious just tweeted a video of the norn dance which is apparently a version of a lfmao music video.

Anybody else notice new things I missed?



  1. Raid on the Capricorn…PvP with sharks.

    • … and a cannon.
      I was the only one in all the sPvP scenarios i played that ever used it, and it is amazingly strong. (up to 6000 damage each hit in a large area.) I even let people gank me there, just to be able to get all 5 shoot off, as you can reach 2 of the capping points with the canon, and a few shoots there will turn a capping battle to your side.

      • Ah yes, I forgot about this. Someone had mentioned it in vent. I tried out the cannons myself, used water quite a bit to escape, saw the underwater cap. It’s a fun map.

  2. Dunno if it was in earlier and I just missed it, but drunk effects have been added. Also, I noticed one of the puzzle achievements in LA was partially blocked off. You could only go so far before a big rock (a temporary rock as far as I can tell) blocks progress. That’s it for new stuff I noticed.

    As for issues, but I first logged on earlier in the evening, whenever my ranger would use his great sword leap skill it would cause the mob to temporarily disappear on me. But from what I hear I got off lucky as some other leap skills were causing deaths. But those bugs were gone later.

    • Oooh drunk effects, cool. Yeah if we’re talking about sharkmaw caverns it probably just isn’t done yet, it was meant to be blocked off in bwe3 but people found a way in, so they unblocked it completely and maybe they’ve blocked it up again?

  3. The humans have the LMFAO dance, the Norn have Carlton’s dance from the show “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”. Also, notice how more complete the GW2 dance is comparison to it’s WoW counter point? I like that ANet included nearly the whole dance. Now we need to get 50 players together and flash-mob the Black Citadel!

    • The number of dance videos already out is staggering. It’s funny because I have no interest in watching dance videos. And yeah, i did notice how complete arenanet made their dances, in some cases thats good, in others I don’t know.

  4. Trading post was broken for me the whole test, i didn’t get anything HoM related although it was showing the points correctly, and I had a lot more graphical and sound glitches than anytime before. On the up side, my interface sizing was finally working. Finally got around to checking out the charr area again with a new character and they’ve fixed the Flame Legion Shaman event and generally the two first areas seem to be running smoother, if a bit too easy at times, but that is probably a good thing for a starting zone. Speaking of smoother, I thought the actual game mechanics, balance, and scaling have been, well, smoother. The game’s flow, if you will, just seems better. I pretty much forget about leveling and get swept along with events, and it seems like there is always something happening in any area, often two or three things not too far away. The down-scaling also seems more natural, although that might just be the traits and expanded skills. I didn’t feel too weak, nor overpowered either. It was actually fun doing the other racial starting areas with my level 20 character.

    • It worked for me every time I used it, if somewhat slowly at times. Keep in mind it works like a browser, not a menu, so it won’t come up instantly, it has to load pages.

      If it was showing your points correctly you probably just missed the drop down menu in the upper left where you click and select a title.

      I think you’re getting used to the mechanics, overcoming the learning curve.

      • I got GW2 error messages anytime I tried to do anything in the trading post other than open it and searches. Couldn’t select a title either, so that wasn’t working for me. I’m wondering if some of that might have been ISP related as their internet service was down for most of today and has been having problems the last few days. But then I could play the actual game last night just fine, so who knows.

  5. Reblogged this on The War Continues and commented:
    I had no idea Panda’s could dance…

    Is anyone else enjoying the Arenanet/Blizzard ‘war’ as much as I am?

    Makes me think that we will see a massive CGI or Live-Action trailer for GW2 coming (the eye image and that other thing in the water…)

    • I don’t know how much of a war it is, they probably picked the dance emotes around the same time in development. coincidence.

      • It was a figure of speech:)

  6. Hum, yet theres a whole two days to fix it all. Every time they add something they are breaking something. I suspect they should have called headstart, “3 days of final beta” instead.

    Still I don’t care, let me in. I just hate to see what the posts are going to be saying once the “beta” sign is taken off.

    People forget that they also, in just two days, need to wipe everything, reload peoples balances and launch it… I hope they slept in a lot yesterday!

    • That’s the same for every game though. Expecting perfection is a doomed way to go into a game.

  7. I love the sound effect of your avatar grunting while they dance. This is the best feature.

    • I love it. Instead of pure silence, we’re exerting physical force in our dance. It’s natural.

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