Fear Not This Night

August 15, 2012 at 1:43 am | Posted in Guild Wars 2, mmorpg | 15 Comments
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Word on the street is that Arenanet have arranged for Jeremy Soule to produce a song with vocals for Guild Wars 2. Right now it isn’t available but you can check out its page, and a sample, on Amazon.

Fear Not This Night (Guild Wars 2) [feat. Asja]

It goes on sale on the 17th. And according to this tweet by an Arenanet employee, the lyrics are by Ree Soesbee.

What is interesting to some is that the release date is during gamescom, and speculation is rampant that this could mean one final trailer before the release of Guild Wars 2.

On a personal note, the 15 or so seconds you do hear of the song are pretty good. I’d love to see a trailer but I’m not necessarily expecting one. It would make sense considering Arenanet haven’t really gone with a vocalized song before.

Anyway I’m sure whether there is a trailer or not it will be on youtube pretty soon.



  1. Sounds amazing, typical of Jeremy Soule and considering the lyrics are by the Lore-master herself……well, enough said! 🙂

    • I’m interested to know more about this singer personally, never heard of her, can’t find any info.

      • The singer is Asja Kadric 😉

  2. Could this be the most awesome lead up to a game release ever? Ok, calm down, calm down, breath…

    • It’s pretty good.

  3. I’ve been expecting a new trailer to promote the game just before launch, maybe on the 21st? Interesting snippet of song there.

    • If it’s going to happen it’s got to be during gamescom IMO.

      • Ah, good point, I forgot about gamescom, that might be a better time to release a new promo trailer than waiting until next week.

  4. Sounds very Andrew Lloyd Webber to me: Guild Wars 2 the musical anyone?

    • That would be an amazing musical.

  5. Well it available now, and I cant buy it. Fails at check out. Anyone else laid down a buck for it? Intrestintg?

    • OK, Amazons not available in Oz yet (backwater country). I could get it off Itunes however. I think its amazing, love the voices, love the song. Best game voiced song. (full stop).
      Happly add it to my song rotations.
      Sarah Brightman.

      • I have seen the song on youtube, but who knows for how long.

  6. One thing I will say. Anet a bit slow letting me know about some things. Like they let me order the full cd set of music, then afterwords told me I’d get a 5 buck coupon in the collectors edition for it. Like putting this out, oh and, its also on the collectors cd. the art book too (sort of expected that but still).

    • i don’t know when you ordered the cd set but the coupon info has been out for a while now.

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