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The Relics of Orr podcast seems like it’s slowly winding up to be on a more regular schedule, which would be great. There are a few quality podcasts out now but RoO remains a favourite.

With the growing amount of activity comes a new face to RoO’s ranks. Shongaqu. And he has created a fairly interesting feature for Relics, a video series that focuses on fan projects. Tapestries of Orr.

While I’m not sure how I feel about the name, the idea is a solid one and I like the execution. There aren’t a whole lot of other video series featuring fan art, blogs, community works etc.

Full disclosure, I’m featured in the first episode and have been known to associate with people from Relics.


  1. Nice start, you have the Summoner Showcase to beat in this area, of course its not GW2 specific but its the same sort of thing. It’s going to be hard to beat Nikasaur (http://competitive.na.leagueoflegends.com/media/video/summoner-showcase-84-its-all-inside)

    I’d also like to see more research done, love the jumping guide, but you can’t not mention Wooden Potatoes, can you? I can see its rather specific to your friends group atm? Are they just going to list everything they find?

    As for Foundation, I can’t help but be a litle suspect of the whole thing. Love the lore side, but you can’t go making something like that outside of Arenanet; can you?

    Good luck to Tapestries of Orr, and more great community stuff…

    • It’s worth noting that summoner showcase is put on by riot games, not fans, so there is a major difference. It’s also the first episode, so I think we can wait a while before we include every single fan project that has ever existed. Not sure what your point about foundation is.

    • Hunter thanks for the linkage!

      @melski Ah nikasaur, I won’t lie I was slightly* influenced by summoners showcase. While I am doing the footwork and scripting for each show my ultimate goal is to have people submit their own work so I can have a wider breadth of content to talk about than what is in my current circle of knowledge.
      I would love to feature wooden potatoes, but until I start getting more views than him I’m going to try and find more fringe content than the guy who is the defacto king of GW2 youtubers 🙂 Thanks for the feedback!

      • No problem.

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