Notes on the Stress Test 2

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Obviously between the stress test Thursday and the stress test Friday there weren’t going to be any big developments. So I just sort of flitted around from one thing to the next fooling around.

I finally remembered to take some screen shots for the jumping puzzle guide and discovered that there are now going to be at least 3 official jumping puzzles in Lion’s Arch alone. One of which had been deemed as scenic in my guide, the other two to be added shortly.

Another thing I noted in Lion’s Arch, which has probably been there for a while but went unnoticed by me, is a moa race of some sort. I figure this to be a Lion’s Arch activity. There is an NPC moa (named “green moa – racer” IIRC) sitting by 3 side-by-side gates in a similar manner to a horse race. There is also a path that leads to a horseshoe boardwalk that sends you back the way you just came from. Indicative of a racetrack.

Why do I not take screenshots?

Aside from that it was very difficult to get anything done due to the massive rubber banding I was experiencing. Here’s what they had to say about it.

We’re having an issue with one of the Internet connections in our North American data center. Anyone connecting to us through that link is experiencing bad lag right now.

I did try to get the Shadow Behemoth to spawn. It was night when I logged in and happened to be right there, so I fought the Rotting Oakheart, talked to the NPCs by the heart that spawn the portal to the underworld, and I read the journal at the shack that also spawns a portal to the underworld. I closed a couple of the portals that spawn for the heart by chance and did a couple of the events by the monastery. No luck whatsoever.

I asked in map chat if anybody had any suggestions and was told to “do the quest chain”. Sigh.

The missing texture issue I experienced on Thursday didn’t recur much for me but I saw plenty of people talking about it as well. Too little time for it to have been fixed obviously but I’m sure they’re on top of it.

And I think that’s about it for me. How was it for you guys?



  1. They’re making some progress I think. I reported the texture issue in the first stress, but didn’t check it out yesterday. Also, they were better able to handle the volumes in the second test and my frame rate had shot up by about 20fps and graphics were very stable. Don’t think they need to make any apologies about the graphics engine, as it’s now the best I’ve seen in an MMO.

    • If we compare the most recent stress test to the first bwe and then start comparing to the more stable weekends, I don’t know if we’ll have any problems at launch or not but I’m optimistic.

  2. The rubberbanding got better/worse depending on where you were. I started an Asura, and the starting area was pretty laggy on my server. When I hopped into a single player instance to do my quest, it got to the point where it was unplayable. Things cleared right up when I got to the human area, where my friends told me there was hardly any lag/rubberbanding at all. Glad to see Anet’s seriously stressing their servers.

    • Yeah i definitely noticed the texture problem seemed centered on sylvari and asura areas, didn’t see any problems with it outside metrica or caledon.

  3. Not sure about mising textures, I had the plants on the ground near me flicker constantly, but that was only in a few places.

    I still dislike the highlighting, I find it very distracting – such is life I’ll get used to it i guess.

    The inability to get your AH items immediatly is very painful. They should remove the need to walk to the AH. It ruins an otherwise superior AH to other games I’ve played (sorry WOW).

    I am finding my mesmer a little frustrating. Having to shatter my illusions to get decent damage also screws over my damage till i can get 3 up again. My elle has a constantly high dps, yet my elle can seemingly do anything it wants to. Whatever I guess. Seems a little odd.

    • I don’t think players would come together enough if they never had reasons to congregate at the same spots, so I’m happy to have a location you have to go to.

  4. “I asked in map chat if anybody had any suggestions and was told to “do the quest chain”. Sigh.”
    This is, in a nutshell, why I dislike Map chat. It’s yet another anonymous/pseudonymous chat channel where people can be jerks. For whatever reason, I noticed people being much nicer in local chat (/say.)

    • This is interesting to me because I’ve found map chat super useful for the most part. Yeah people can be annoying, but I’ve carried on some interesting and thought provoking conversations in map chat about game balance and mechanics. It has also been super helpful for getting groups together for big events, and I’ve even made friends from map chat in a BWE that I’m still in contact with. I do think that it will eventually degrade into local chat in Guild Wars…and we’ve all accidentally had local enabled and wandered into Shing Jea or Great Temple of Balthazar. I’m sad to hear its already on that decline.

      • My experience has been more along the same lines as you, i don’t think anything is degrading as such, maybe it will, maybe it won’t. we’ll see soon enough.

      • I guess I’ll try and have more faith in it. It did look helpful sometimes, but I noticed just the same old unhelpful/mean/whiny stuff more often.

    • I didn’t notice people being mean or anything, I was mostly sighing because the terminology was weak, they were vague, and it wasn’t helpful on any level.

      • Personally, there’s a lot of topics that can start flaming wars atm in GW2. So long as its outside that I’ve found chat to be nice and helpful. Of course, I live in my own little world, and I like to make my world a nice place so I keep on being nice to everyone. At least in my little world, which perhaps others might like to join in, chat channels are still helpful and friendly.

  5. Had minor rubber banding early on, some UI problems where it just stopped updating for about 10 minutes, even after a client restart. Also had a sylvari personal story instance not work right, but did it again and it worked just fine.
    Map chat was actually pretty useful during the stress test for me. I started chatting with several people just before the scheduled end time and thanks to ArenaNet giving us an extra 25 minutes (server didn’t kick us until 11:25pm Eastern), we had a nice talk about professions, crafting, emotes, and several other topics, all very positive and friendly.

    • Apparently the one hour stress test went pretty flawlessly so hopefully they worked out whatever they were working on.

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