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Yesterday Arenanet announced a stress test, and while that was short notice I was able to show up. The servers? Not so much. But that’s fine, that’s what stress tests are for.

Unfortunately that did mean that it took around 45 minutes before I could get to playing the game and that added up to only about 3 hours of playtime. Long story short, I forgot to get screenshots of that Lion’s Arch puzzle.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t start noticing things that had changed immediately.

For one, skilltips now show each skill in a skill chain. This clutters up my screen a bit but I’m happy about the change. Having to stare at the skilltip during combat isn’t exactly convenient. I’m still waiting on Arenanets UI mavens to make their “small” interface size a bit smaller.

Another UI change is the range indicators. You can now immediately tell whether a target is out of range by a red line underneath the skill, or a red circle at the bottom for Area of Effect skills. Personally I’m hoping you’ll be able to turn this off as once you become familiar with your skills you’ll have a good enough feel that you won’t need the extra information.

Continuing with the skillbar there is now a tooltip to tell you how to change a skill to your autoattack. Control and right click on the skill if I’m not mistaken.

Funnily enough I don’t have a lot to say about anything other than the UI.

The only other thing that really seemed to be noteworthy were the graphics problems. I was constantly losing textures, the ground disappearing from beneath me, mountainsides disappearing. It was the only problem I had once I was actually able to log in and it never prevented me from playing, but it was a significant distraction. I wonder if it had anything to do with the stress test or if it was a more significant bug.

Reddit has a string of small changes in this thread.

Guild Wars 2 Guru has a list of trait, achievement, and crafting changes.

“We will be conducting a Stress Test on Friday, August 10 from 4:00 PM PACIFIC Time to 8:00 PM PACIFIC Time.”



  1. i was waiting… then i fell asleep next thing i know it was over. but glad i could avoid the frustration of unable to log-in, tho.

    really wish thing would go smoothly on launch.

    • I’m confident it will go ok. Both bwe2 and bwe3 went really well, along with the previous stress tests.

  2. The servers continuously decided to disconnect me while I was messing around in character creations, which was slightly annoying…but that’s okay.

    When I did manage to finish the Asura ele I was creating, the tutorial area with Zojja fixing the gate, while golems attacked, was bugged. She kept saying to defend her from the golems when everyone had already killed them. So, there was a party of freshly created Asura stuck in the purgatory of the spawn area.

    • I’ve heard of this happening in the sylvari tutorial actually, I’m pretty sure they’re aware of the problem. Hopefully they figure out a solution.

  3. I need to check the interface size options again during the next stress test, as I didn’t see any difference between them. I think I tried various sizes with no change that I could see. I restarted the client each time as well, then played some. Or maybe I’m missing something?
    No problems after I was able to stay logged on. Ran smoothly with no missing textures that I saw. And while I noticed some rage on the beta forums about the problems (idiots, it is a stress test) it was nice that, at least on the server I was on, everyone in map chat seemed to understand that and were just happy to get in some bonus play time while helping ArenaNet improve things.
    Noticed the changes and additions. Were there NPCs that will take you to various locations in the cities before? First I noticed them, thought it was a neat idea, even if the map pretty much has icons for everything.

    • Some cities had the npcs that would take you to a location, others just had direction npcs *I think*. Rata being the former.
      I really would like some smaller menus, particularly hero, inventory, guild, and mail since they take up the entire screen practically.

  4. Guess I was very lucky. First go at the game, logged straight in, no issues at all. The only thing I would say is that it seemed to be more graphics-hungry than I was expecting, considering it’s aimed at mid-range rigs. Seemed to have my fans whirring most of the time – though it was a hot day anyway. It’s going to take over my life for years!

    • There have been a few complaints that the optimization still hasn’t been done for some graphics cards and isn’t using video ram as much as it should. Hopefully they’re still working on it.

  5. > Another UI change is the range indicators. You can now
    > immediately tell whether a target is out of range by a
    > red line underneath the skill

    That’s funny. I noticed these bars but didn’t figure out what they were for. What I did notice is that the “numbers” no longer turn red when you’re out of range… and I reported a bug for that.

    btw: I can’t turn on e-mail notification for comments, only for new posts. Could you enable that? Please?

    • I think I turned that off one day when suddenly that had it so you followed comments by default, which I personally hate. This seems to be fixed so I’ve turned it back on.

      • Thanks!

  6. Other stress test today, 10th august, 4pm PDT to 8 pm PDT

    • Yup, I noted that in the post after a few minutes, since i saw it on the forums/twitter after i published.

  7. Looks like they did a bit of work on ranger pets – now you have to tell your pet to attack and it actually will come back when you tell it to do so. One weird anomaly though is that if you were fighting yellow mobs your pet didn’t identify them as an enemy and wouldn’t attack. So I guess, still a bit of a work in progress.

    • You have to tell your pet to attack? Being able to tell them is nice, but if it’s a requirement I’m unhappy. Oh well, testing.

      • no, if you attack, pet attack same mob than you. but now, if you tell pte “retreat”, it retreats…

      • Well, there’s something still not quite right about pet attacks: Sometimes they do attack your default target sometimes they don’t. Didn’t really have time to test out exactly what the problem was.

        One other thing is that pets seem to be more resilient than previously – again only from limited testing.

        • I still see nothing but dead pets following their master around. It’s a bit sad they never sorted it out – sure as hell looks bad. Graphics looked much better in the stress test, I loved it. They were also slower but as slow as Id expect for how awesome they were – I happy. Only 15 days to go. Wonder when theyll put out both the boxes and the client…

          • I think some of the injured pet thing is perhaps players aren’t swapping out to their second pet. Many probably don’t even have a second pet. With two pets and swapping you can have them active and healthy most of the time, as they heal while swapped out.
            The non-attacking may be people have the pet set to passive. I set mine to passive and it would never attack my targets unless I told it to. I’d send the pet to attack weaker targets while I concentrated on the most dangerous one. I did forget to set it to attack mode so don’t know how that was working, and constantly forgot to use F2 to use its pet skill. Still learning to play ranger.

            • I’m sure that people not swapping is at least part of the answer but they’re still pretty squishy.

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